Ariel Lin Impresses with Her English Interview of Coach Head Designer at NY Fashion Show

Ariel Lin continues to be a shining star for Taiwan entertainment, embodying plenty of positive traits from talented actress to charming star and now she can add budding fashion interviewer to the resume. Ariel was in NYC this previous September for the Coach Spring 2016 Fashion Show, herself a Coach spokesmodel in Taiwan as the brand continues to make inroads in the Asian markets. She attended the fashion show staged at the High Line running parallel to the West Side Highway, with the show paying tribute to the locale and the eclectic fashion soul of New York. She’s getting lots of press for interviewing Coach head designer Stuart Vevers and doing so in English, even though it’s her third language after Mandarin Chinese and being a Korean major in college at National Chenchi University. Consider me impressed, not by how fluent she was in English, but by her willingness to put herself out there and always with such a positive attitude.

Ariel Lin Interviews Coach Head Designer Stuart Vevers:


Ariel Lin Impresses with Her English Interview of Coach Head Designer at NY Fashion Show — 15 Comments

  1. TBH, I don’t think there’s not much to write about her English in the video above as she only conveyed a few short questions. (Unlike Takeshi Kaneshiro or Michelle Chen who held some full interviews in English). She went to a drama school in England, so understandably she speaks with English/generic European accent.

    I would actually want to see interviews Mainland/HK/TW actors who claim to speak multiple languages. Ken Chang supposedly speaks Portuguese and Spanish (since he grew up in Brazil), and Lu Yi is also said to speak Russian. I’d love to see them converse in those languages.

  2. The interview was okay, but the guy did most of the talking. I don’t know how long she’s been learning English, but her enunciation needs a little more work.

  3. She looks fabulous! The coach fashion on the High Line catwalk is gorgeous. High Line is definitely worth a visit, one of the most fantastic points of interest in NYC for sightseeing and tour fun.

    Folks! Even she only talked a little and the interview was mainly dominated by the responses from the designer, her pronunciation is good given that she’s not raised nor educated in an English-speaking country. (Am I correct about her education? I remember she only briefly stayed in Britain for one year or so. But many Asians celebrities did that after they got famous.) Actually, her English reminds me of English in K dramas where actors/actresses’ spoken English is nothing but a disaster. It’s actually a laughing stock when those characters in the K drama were supposed to be someone who had done schooling abroad for years. In general, I found out C- or T- actors/actresses have more decent English than K actors/actresses.

  4. Go, Fighting, Jia You Ariel!!! Besides the boots she’s wearing….she’s always classy and I love it! I’m sure her husband and Chinese-American in law fam bam will help her with her pronunciation! She got through the interview confidently….which is always her forte! Confidence and class!

  5. Considering this is her 3rd language and not one she converses in on a daily basis or weekly or monthly basis its very good.

    I know she studied in England but she flew back so regularly for all her engagements that I thought it’ll be much worst.

  6. I can never find a fault in her except for her fashion choices which is also my problem with Bolin but I love them both still! She has always been amazing so nothing new here <3 I find her appearance in a Korean awards ceremony last year (with Bolin) to be more impressive when she gave her acceptance speech in 3 languages so confidently!

  7. Her interview appears to be on the spot versus scripted, which is probably why I’ve been more impressed with her (practiced) short speeches in English. Her English in this video is okay (understandable, just not fully correct grammatically), given that she hasn’t really studied the English language directly. I hope she keeps up with her Korean, though (since that was her college major), and continues to work on her English.
    Looks like she had fun doing the interview, and even if her grammar’s not perfect, she did use some decent vocabulary (just saying… I don’t know “stunning venue” in any languages other than English).

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