K-advertisers Name Most Valuable 2016 Entertainment Brands in Korea

Brand awareness and strength is a critical assessment element in the marketing industry, and stars have long since joined in the pool of companies and products which consumers connect with. The Korean advertising association released a data set this week naming the most valuable individual entertainment brands across the spectrum of industries and the results are mostly as expected. The most valuable Korean entertainment brands are as follows: Yoo Jae Suk (variety MC), Psy (singer), Kim Yuna (sports), Hwang Jung Min (film), Jo Seung Woo (theater), EXO (idol), Kim Soo Hyun (drama). I feel like the competition was likely the most intense among the film group since there are a handful of super A-list movie stars that are Hwang Jung Min level and just as beloved, but for 2015 it was certainly Hwang Jung Min with four straight mega hits in Ode to My Father, Veteran, Himalayas, and A Violent Prosecutor. Kim Soo Hyun’s string of super ratings drama hits slowed down last year with Producer but it was enough to keep him on top.


K-advertisers Name Most Valuable 2016 Entertainment Brands in Korea — 11 Comments

  1. Well, The Producers still ended with a huge high and was extremely popular in SK so I’m not surprised about KSH. He always stars in those ridiculously big hits even if they aren’t particularly the greatest in quality. Can’t believe he is yet to flop in any of his lead roles, like WTF. Anyway, it’s his star power so good on him! Really happy for HJM, he’s my favourite Chungmuro actor and he’s fantastic at picking his movies. Hope this year is as great for him.

  2. Don’t know most of these K commercial-favored celebrities. But Running Man is a really successful variety show in S. Korea and it’s also fun for me as a foreigner to watch. So it’s not surprising RM MC, Yoo Jae Suk, is popular.

    • Rm isnt that popular in korea. Yoo jae suk is super popular with his national variety infinite challenge. Rm is more popular overseas than in korea

    • agree with Haeki. RM’s rating is kinda lower nowadays, but yes, in the past, it was the winner. now its competitors get better rating in S.Korea. But it’s super popular in other countries. YJS is very popular too. he’s still the most lovable guy in S.Korea 😀

      wow exo, wow psy. no suzy?????suzy of miss A.

  3. Kim Soo Hyun looks sooo handsome in that gray suit. He’s too skinny nowadays.

    Congrats to all the winners, all well deserved.

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