The Leads of Please Come Back Ahjusshi Dive Into Filming After Script Reading and Prayer Ceremony

On paper this drama looks like a stellar arrangement from the leads to the supporting cast, made all the more pressing since there are quite a bit of unknowns on the line. Male lead Rain is making his first television return since the anemic My Lovely Girl, and here’s hoping Please Come Back Ahjusshi finds him returning to suitable form as a leading man with reassuring warmth and a twinkle in his eye. Female lead Oh Yeon Seo is riding a wave of varying drama successes, from hit weekend drama Come Jang Bori! to well received sageuk Shine or Go Crazy.

The two will be playing the characters in the drama inhabited by the souls of veterans Kim Soo Ro and Kim In Kwon, which gives Oh Yeon Seo a chance to stretch her acting wings playing a dude’s soul in a woman’s body, while Rain will find his good outing outer shell at odds with the soul of a schlebby middle manager. Rain needs a hit after too many years without any real memorable role or drama, and playing his romantic interest here is Lee Min Jung who can also use a hit under her belt, making a drama comeback after two years during which she got married to Lee Byung Hun and had a baby together.


The Leads of Please Come Back Ahjusshi Dive Into Filming After Script Reading and Prayer Ceremony — 17 Comments

  1. I’ve no idea why I am not interested in watching this drama.. With all the good casts why I feel like not interested at all? I guess I’ll wait for the comments, recap or something just to boost me to watch. I still can’t move on from R88 eventhough I already watched two dramas after that.. 🙁

  2. I hate that they brought in Lee Min-Jung to this drama. And give her a love line with two gorgeous guys, while she looks like a middle aged unattractive woman; and a lousy actress at that. She is still only going forward by her husband’s coat-tails. She’s got nothing to offer on her own.

    • I am agreeing with Shade here. You came off as rude. I understand this is your opinion, but I do want to point out that Lee Min Jung is a middle age woman. Her looking middle aged is already a given. Also, she had a baby. Motherhood can worn people out. As for how attraction she is, that’s subjective for each individual. In terms of acting, that’s subjective as well because the commentors here are not acting experts by any means and neither is Mrs. Koala.
      As for what she has offering, she has been given lead roles before she married Lee Byung Hun. Sure, you wouldn’t considered them major successes, but she has been given roles before. The entertainment industry does see some value in her before her marriage. As for your hate opinion, I respect that since we all have differing opinions.

    • While your opinion on her acting is entirely, well, yours, I really don’t think you had to bring down her appearance. Considering she’s 33 and it’s been less than a year from when she gave birth, her appearance is fine.

    • Wow.. I don’t like her acting as well but no need to insult her appearance. I’ve to admit that she is one of Korean top beauty..
      It’s just that her acting kept on declining since she did so well in Smile You.

    • She honestly looks perfectly fine and along the same age as all the other ladies in the drama. What is up with the rude af comments in this site lately??

    • LOL. I seem to be the odd one out here but I actually genuinely like Lee Min Jung. I can name other far more terrible K-actresses. And beauty is, like they say, in the eye of the beholder, but there’s no way Lee Min Jung and “unattractive” can be in the same sentence no matter how much you dislike her acting.

    • Well I am sure once you get to being middle-aged (if you are not already) we can discount you and throw you out in the Cheap Bargain Bin at the local supermarket.

  3. I can’t wait for this because of Oh Yeon Seo. She is super gorgeous and i hope this will be a good come back for Rain as well.
    lee min jung is another beauty as well.. I just hope she improves her acting and her nasally voice.

  4. Barely anyone is mentioning him (from translated articles I’ve read), but I’m so excited for Lee Tae Hwan (handsome inspector from Pride and Prejudice). I’m hoping this drama can make his name sound louder to the general viewers. Good looks, charm, height, he has that. but most of all, he’s got acting chops that can potentially bring him Lead status.

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