A Violent Prosecutor with Hwang Jung Min and Kang Dong Won Breaks 1 Million Ticket Sales in First Two Days

In all my recent barrage of posts about Kang Dong Won‘s scene-stealing fashions while promoting the K-movie A Violent Prosecutor, I actually never discussed the movie even though I figured it would do well at the box office since the other male lead Hwang Jung Min has been on a slaying roll the last two years with wins. The movie opened this past Wednesday in Korea on February 3rd and not only did well it was a roaring success. In two days alone, and it’s weekdays we’re talking about here namely Wednesday and Thursday, the box office receipts already surpassed one million tickets sold. Dayum.

Wednesday sold 520,000 tickets and Thursday added another 460,000. Compare that to 2015’s top two box office hit K-movies, number 1 was Hwang Jung Min and Yoo Ah In‘s Veteran which took in 410,000 tickets on the first day while the number two movie in Ha Jung Woo, Jeon Ji Hyun, and Lee Jung Jae‘s Assassination sold 470,000 in first day sales. I initially thought AVP was a dark serious movie but in watching the movie trailer turns out to be a rollicking revenge tale with intricate set up executed by the unlikely bromance of falsely incarcerated prosecutor Hwang Jung Min and the cocky slick conman he befriends in prison played by Kang Dong Won. Looks like this will be the K-movie to beat for all comers in 2016

Trailer for A Violent Prosecutor:


A Violent Prosecutor with Hwang Jung Min and Kang Dong Won Breaks 1 Million Ticket Sales in First Two Days — 6 Comments

  1. They’ll be close to 5 million tickets sold before the Lunar New Year is done, this movie is definitely a hit.

    It’s interesting how Kang Dong Won, since coming back from the army, has focused on such diverse parts and not done a single romance despite his classic flower boy looks. That’s good strategy to be taken seriously as an actor.

  2. Oh Wow! This Kang Dong Won looks totally different from the typical chic chaebol he played in 1% of Everything. No idea he could be such a big thing in K ent when I watched his drama. The movie trailer looks fun. Anyone knows where to watch this movie online with English sub?

  3. A great year for Hwanj Jung Min, same time last year, his movie “odd to my father” became the second most watched Korean movie, and then Veteran the 3rd most watched, and then with Himalaya having over 8M goers, now this. #respect!

  4. And HJM is still as humble as before… daebak.. how come he manages to be the top star in korea movies yet being so nice and humble.

    i read that he asked kang dong won to get him bigbang concert ticket. cuz the tickets already sold out, lols. he’s such a loyal fanboy!

    fighting.. hope you guys get more and more viewers! 10M fighting!

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