Lee Bo Young and Kim Jae Won Lead the Stars of Will Entertainment to Send Adorable Lunar New Greeting


The adorable celebratory collage from the stars of Will Entertainment is the sweet and simple way to ring in the lunar new year of the monkey. Seeing the entire melange of actors and actresses signed under the label, these are some of the most low key and pleasant to watch bunch in K-ent. There’s Lee Bo Young, Kim Jae Won, Kim Ok Bin, Oh Joo Wan, Kang Sora, Lee Jin Wook, Choi Kang Hee, and many more. Will is skewed towards being an actor’s studio much like fellow agency Namoo Actors. It’s nice of the label to gather all its stars and take the time to do such a creative but not overly polished fan service greeting. To everyone out there, a very happy Year of the Monkey, with prosperity, health, and happiness to each.


Lee Bo Young and Kim Jae Won Lead the Stars of Will Entertainment to Send Adorable Lunar New Greeting — 7 Comments

  1. I look through these pictures but I can’t find Lee Bo Young anywhere, we’re talking about IHYV and My Daughter is Seo Young’s heroine here right? Or maybe it was a picture with an angle that doesn’t look like her?

    Anyways, this company have so many likeable actors/actresses under their house, CUTE.

  2. Cute but LBY is where?

    And this will be rude but a lot seem really unnatural to me. Takes some away from the cute factor.

    • The collective amount of plastic surgery among the actresses in this picture is on another level. I don’t think I would be able to differentiate them in a line-up. Same chins, noses, etc.

  3. Lee Bo Young hasn’t been with Will Ent. since last year. And it looks like Lee Jin Wook probably won’t be resigning with them based off of the Allkpop article from a few days ago.

    I wonder if most drama watchers (in and out of Korea) know who 95 percent of these people are, because I’m drawing a serious blank – but, then again, I haven’t been watching/impressed with dramas for awhile now. Will Ent. reminds me of King Kong Ent. in that regard – they have ok actors, yet can’t get them significant roles or dramas except for a chosen few lol.

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