Descendants of the Sun Leads off High Profile KBS 2016 Wed-Thurs Lineup


I’m probably most interested and curious in the KBS Wed-Thurs lineup in the new year of 2016 K-dramas. I don’t necessarily think it’s the strongest works in the making, nor have hopes that ratings will be good since that’s totally beyond prediction, but there are four dramas in succession that appears primed for buzz. Arriving on February 24th is Descendants of the Sun, which needs no introduction as any K-drama watcher is aware of this Kim Eun Sook penned drama starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo.

After that is God of Noodles airing in middle of spring, an adaptation of a manhwa which still remains to be cast, then summertime comes the high profile melodrama Arbitrarily Fond with Kim Woo Bin and Suzy. That takes the network into fall with sagaeuk Hwarang starring Park Seo Joon, Go Ara, and Park Hyung Sik. If anything, KBS is really spreading out the genres for its 2016 Wed-Thur offerings, and setting aside any personal interest in any of the dramas, it’ll be interesting to see if any, and which, of these dramas ends up clicking with the audience.




Descendants of the Sun Leads off High Profile KBS 2016 Wed-Thurs Lineup — 17 Comments

  1. Anyone knows what God Of Noodles is about and who they might be courting? I’ve never heard of the drama but the name makes it seem like it would be a comedy. Or is that some metaphor? I’m curious!

  2. Unless KBS somehow REALLY messes up promotions or something out of the ordinary happens, I definitely see DOtS and UF doing well ratings-wise (although, at the end of the day, things like this will always be hard to predict because you just don’t know what will stick with audiences).

    Personally, I don’t like the writers for both these dramas and won’t be watching – plus I really don’t need to sit through months of SJK, KWB, and SZ fans creaming themselves over these dramas – no matter how good or bad they may be.

    The hype and media play is real for both and I can already tell that both these drama fandumbs (nope, that’s not a typo) are going to reach Healer fans’ level of annoying and obnoxious.

    As for God of Noodles – can’t say much without a cast, and I’m not here for any drama saeguks so Hwarang is of no interest, imo.

    • DotS is going up against Moon Chae Won’s “Good bye Mr. Black” and Rain’s “Please come back, Mister”. The first one definitely has the biggest hype, budget and expectations, but I wouldn’t disregard the other two, like you said we never know what will stick with the audience.

      • Goodbye Mr. Black will start when DotS is already halfway down the road, so if DotS has high ratings, they won’t suddenly drop when the other drama premieres. Once the public is hooked on something they don’t abandon it, they will stick to see the end. So that leaves Rain’s drama, but idk how much buzz this one created in Korea.

  3. I want give any comments before I see at least first two episodes. I like Rain, Song Joong Ki, song Hye Kyo, Moon Chae Won equally. But I don’t really like Lee Jin Wook and Song Jae Rim. However I like Kim Kang Woo. So, I’m waiting for all: DotS, Goodbye Mr.Black and please Back my Ahjussi.

  4. I really anticipated DoS because Onew is there,
    also The Hwarang, because I love Seon Deok and I really want to see it, beside the cast is so pretty, Park Seo Joon, Go ara and hyung shik

      • Was Secret Love a ratings hit? Average was 13.7% and tops 18.9%.

        Depends on what is your benchmark for ratings hit. If I use today’s standard which seems to be 20% for highest rated episode, then KBS Wed & Thurs should be Bridal Mask in 2012.

        They might just get lucky with Descendants. I see the same formula as Heirs – pretty boys, pretty girls and KES type of romance which is crap but fans will suck it up, no less. I see it starting with double digits and hitting 20%.

      • Secret Love started off with bad ratings, and picked up toward the middle/end. So it wasn’t some super hit. Good Doctor was pretty consistent tho. Also, dramas just aren’t getting the type of ratings they used to be 3-5 years back. I think She Was Pretty and the Reply series are exceptions, not the rule.

        I think KES will get another hit with DOtS in both Korea, and probs China, but I really doubt DOtS will be as big (or even close as a big tbh) to Heirs or even YWCFTS, domestically or internationally. YWCFTS had Kim Soo Hyun and Heirs had LMH and PSH with their Hallyu power, especially in regard to younger audiences.

        SJK isn’t anywhere near either of those three Hallyu wise, and SHG is trying realllll hard to get her name out their in China LOL – but I really have doubts as to her actual relevancy.

        Plus, DOtS is a military/medical drama, Heirs was a teen/chaebol/textbook hallyu hit love story – people eat that shit up. Medical/military dramas tho – not so much.

  5. only reason the drama will fail at rating is. if korean viwer is still
    mad at SHK for her tax scandal. is going to sux at rating.the lead guy last drama flop so that going to turn lot of viwer off.
    we all know BI drama going to flop. i think DOTS can hit 20%.

  6. If you follow all 4 and assuming Noodles is a comedy we are doing…

    Action – comedy – melodrama – ancient conspiracy

    Thats indeed a good selection.

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