Descendants of the Sun Episode 2 Recap

Descendants of the Sun feels like Kim Eun Sook is making refinement and tweaks to her usual playbook and style, enough to make things better but not so much as to render the drama unrecognizable to her stamp. I continue to love it after the second episode, the whole thing moves faster than a freight train on acid but without shoving anything wholly unbelievable down the throat aside from acceptable levels of drama coincidence. Leads Shi Jin and Mo Yeon behave like particularly sane, well-adjusted, and sexually sophisticated adults. Their banter is witty and uber flirty off the bat without falling into the trap of overly bickering.

The interest is instantaneous but this time the romance feels paced thanks to external situations that are interesting as well. Shi Jin’s a top notch military officer and the drama makes no bones about his alpha male status or commitment to his calling. Same goes for Mo Yeon, she might even be the female Shi Jin in a medical setting. I love how neither takes any crap and does whatever is needed to get the job done. Episode 2 introduced a ton of supporting characters so less Dae Young and no Myung Joo, but I hope those two reunite in Urk as quickly as Shi Jin and Mo Yeon have. It’s no fun being stuck in a disaster war zone if there is no hottie to flirt with.

Episode 2 recap:

Duty calls Shi Jin away before his date with Mo Yeon, arriving in the form of a helicopter whirring through Seoul just to pick him up. Damn you, patriotic duty! Shi Jin promises to come back and asks for a date with Mo Yeon in a week. This time not at the hospital and to watch a movie, but Mo Yeon doesn’t make him promise that he won’t bail on her again. If she were a lawyer rather than a doctor she would have extracted that rather pertinent promise since he’s prone to fly away just like that.

Mo Yeon watches the helicopter carrying her attraction at first sight lover boy away, presumably to shoot some shit up somewhere. She looks slightly crestfallen, not overly so to make this some sort of earth shattering separation since she just met Shi Jin, but the appropriate amount of mild disappointment at a smexy dude just eluding her grasp.

Her sunbae Dr. Song Sang Hyun walks up to Mo Yeon asking why she’s up here on the roof? He wonders why Mo Yeon keeps looking skyward (he’s not coming back, girl, at least not tonight) and asks Dr. Hyun if special forces soldiers in Korea have their own helicopter pickups and also gunshot wounds. Dr. Hyun scoffs at that, SK soldiers at most endure rain and snow, andven have to clean up said rain and snow afterwards. Mo Yeon says her guy flew off and Dr. Song advises Mo Yeon that he likely had a good reason.

The good reason is in Afghanistan as Shi Jin’s squad is sent in paired with a team of US commandos for a rescue mission. Two UN envoys have been kidnapped by ISIS and the joint task force is to stage a rescue mission.

The first mission goes awry as one of Shi Jin’s subordinates steps on a trip wire, but it turns out to be a mock exercise. That pisses off the US commander who insults the South Koreans with a flying knife warning and some choice insults to go home and play with mama. Shi Jin doesn’t take kindly to that and sends the same knife flying back at the US commander right between his legs.

The two men go at it in a mana-a-mano drag out fight, with Dae Young stopping the juniors from interfering in the fight since the two squad leaders are also testing each other’s ability to know how much to trust the other during the real mission. The fight is super intense and ends when Shi Jin does a taken down maneuver of his opponent. A superior officer comes running in and orders the men to stand down and get back to business.

Mo Yeon has finished her interview for the medical professor position and feels good about it, especially since this is her third time applying. A younger Dr. Kim Eun Ji walks in, so inappropriately dressed as a doctor, and reveals that she just had an interview for the same position. She wanders off to go to surgery while Mo Yeon’s friend Dr. Pyo Ji Soo is upset on Mo Yeon’s behalf since it took Dr. Kim multiple times to pass her exams and shouldn’t even be considered for this professor position.

Mo Yeon is surprised to see skanky Dr. Kim in surgery with her, made worse with Dr. Kim claims the department chair told her to do the surgery. The surgery begins and the scene is intercut with Shi Jin and his squad on the rescue mission. Dr. Kim makes a boo boo on the operating table and nicks the patient causing massive blood loss. Mo Yeon moves in to save the day since Surgery Jesus isn’t around. Back in Afghanistan, the joint rescue team encounters the terrorist kidnappers and exchange gunfire. The scene continues to intercut Mo Yeon’s surgery with Shi Jin’s rescue mission.

Mo Yeon succeeds in saving the patient’s life as Shi Jin also succeeds in rescuing the kidnapped UN envoys right before they are beheaded on camera. He even keeps the US soldiers from tripping a bomb wire. Shi Jin radios in that the hostages are safe as Mo Yeom completes the surgery and orders Dr. Kim to finish up.

Mo Yeon angrily leaves the OR and can’t believe the incompetent nerve of Dr. Kim. A younger Dr. Jang Hee Eun calms Mo Yeon down while Mo Yeon worries about the baby Dr. Jang is carrying as a single mom. Dr. Jang flashes a ring and says she won’t be a single mom as he’s proposed.

The he is Dr. Lee Chi Hoon who walks over and gestures to Mo Yeon to speak privately. Turns out he lost his wedding ring and needs to divert Dr. Jang away so he can search the bin with the dirty scrubs. Luckily he finds the ring in his scrub pocket and angry fiancée disaster averted. He even avoids getting a smackdown from Mo Yeon by flashing a million watt smile.

Mo Yeon hangs with her friend Dr. Pyo who asks her about that man who was interested in Mo Yeon. He hasn’t called and Mo Yeon doesn’t think he’s the telephone type. She’s clearly interested and pulls up Shi Jin’s x-ray to stare at her only picture of him. Dr. Pyo rightly called her a crazy girl as Mo Yeon stares moon eyed at the x-ray.

It’s date night for Shi Jin and Mo Yeon, who orders junior Dr. Lee to not call her tonight. She’s post-call and a mess, ready to head home to shower and change. Shi Jin is early and waiting for Mo Yeon outside the hospital. When Mo Yeon spots Shi Jin, she immediately covers herself because she’s not wearing makeup. Shi Jin admits he’s early and likes the feeling of waiting, wondering why Mo Yeon keeps her face from him.

Mo Yeon explains she’s a mess but Shi Jin compliments her on being pretty as is. Mo Yeon suggests they go out like this since he is into inner beauty and Shi Jin quickly offers to take her home to shower and change, lol. Mo Yeon wrinkles her nose at Shi Jin’s shallowness.

Mo Yeon tells Shi Jin to wait for her as she showers and gets ready. She takes charge, asking if they can eat in since she’s really hungry, turning down Shi Jin’s offer to take her out for a nice meal. She places an order for cheap stone pot rice which makes Shi Jin take note of Mo Yeon’s easy going ways. He places the delivery order, then checks out the pictures on her fridge door and also a note that water is being turned off today at 4 pm for repair.

The water dies on Mo Yeon mid shampoo and she pretends to Shi Jin that she took a nice hot shower. Shi Jin shows Mo Yeon the notice about the water being turned off so Mo Yeon grabs a few bottles of water from the fridge and runs back into the bathroom to rinse off her hair.

Mo Yeon and Shi Jin sit in the living room eating and Shi Jin wants to ask Mo Yeon something. She cuts him off thinking he’s going to mock her for this afternoon but he really just wanted to ask if she thought of him. Mo Yeon admits she did and asks him the same question back. Shi Jin also admits he thought of her, the way a man would. Nice you two. There is a sofa right there behind you. Mo Yeon wants to finish up and go to the movies. Oh you silly girl – sofa, there, use it!

Mo Yeon and Shi Jin sip iced coffee while waiting for the movie to start. Mo Yeon brings up how the most exciting part of the movie is right before it starts. For Shi Jin, he teases back that the most exciting moment of his life is right now, waiting for the movie to start with a pretty woman and the lights about to dim. Mo Yeon brings up how she is the elderly one in his group instead of the pretty so Shi Jin suggests that in the dim lights of the theater he can’t see properly.

Shi Jin wants to know their ages since Mo Yeon must have read his chart. Mo Yeon calls him “oppa” which makes Shi Jin all happy until she reveals that she’s really older than him and his noona. Their teasing is interrupted by a call to Shi Jin which summons him back to the base. Yet again. Shi Jin apologizes to Mo Yeon who correctly points out that he’s ditching her mid date again. Shi Jin promises to watch this movie with her next time but Mo Yeon dismisses him, telling him to go as she plans to stay and watch the movie. Shi Jin heads off and Mo Yeon gets a call that has her rushing back to the hospital.

Mo Yeon storms into the office of the hospital director and demands to know why she was passed over for professorship again, and the less qualified Dr. Kim got it. The director tells Mo Yeon to try again for the fourth time but Mo Yeon points out that it’s pointless if she’s always going to be passed up for people who are well connected such as Dr. Kim.

Dr. Kim walks in and the hospital director dismisses Mo Yeon and tells Dr. Kim to come along with dinner with the hospital bigwigs. Dr. Kim doesn’t feel sheepish in the least to have won this position over Mo Yeon, and orders Mo Yeon to tape a television show for her tomorrow. She claims to be out drinking tonight with hospital top brass so she can’t do the show tomorrow morning.

Mo Yeon throws the program on the ground and refuses to do as Dr. Kim asks, calling her a shameless terrible woman. Mo Yeon pities the patients that Dr. Kim sees which riles Dr. Kim up and she grabs Mo Yeon’s hair. Mo Yeon is no pushover and grabs Dr. Kim’s hair back and the two get into an awesome bitchfest which is broken up by the other doctors.

Mo Yeon sits alone in the hospital corridor later that night trying to memorize her answers for tomorrow’s medical show taping but she’s sobbing so hard she can’t. Poor baby.

Shi Jin and his squad are checking their packs to ready for deployment when their superior officer General Yoon walks in. He thanks Alpha Team for their hard work in recent special forces tasks and gives them a long vacation, which Shi Jin later explains is actually being sent overseas to be stationed somewhere. At least it doesn’t involve being sent on dangerous special missions. General Yoon tells them to spend time with their family before leaving in two weeks for the long deployment.

Shi Jin goes to the hospital to look for Mo Yeon and is told that she’s currently on TV. He watches her do the television show and she’s quite a natural being onscreen. When Mo Yeon comes home later that night she finds Shi Jin waiting for her outside her house and the mood turns solemn with none of the banter of earlier.

Mo Yeon and Shi Jin sit down at a coffee shop to have a DTR moment (defining the relationship). Shi Jin apologizes for ditching her yet again last time but Mo Yeon wants answers from him, which he can’t give because it’s all classified. Mo Yeon reveals that she had a rough day and still thought about him. She wondered where the man who interested her went, and what he is doing? Shi Jin can only apologize and vaguely confirm that he’s in some sort of special armed squad.

Mo Yeon brings up his gun shot wound, that means he encountered being shot at, and likely shot at others. He is around death while her job is spending all day saving lives. Her fight is to keep people alive while Shi Jin uses death to protect lives. Shi Jin declares that he’s a soldier and needs to follow orders. But his idea of doing good is to successfully complete his mission. In recent missions he’s lost three comrades but what they do is to keep people they love safe. His motivation is to keep the world of his loved ones safe and free.

Mo Yeon counters that life is more important above all else and that’s something Shi Jin can’t and doesn’t want to argue with. Mo Yeon believes her meeting with Shi Jin isn’t what either thought it would lead so she takes her leave. Shi Jin understands and is glad to have met her. Mo Yeon leaves and that’s that.

Shi Jin goes back to the base to take a brooding shower, which isn’t all that brooding since he merely sorta broke up with a girl he just met. Dae Young takes another shower stall and Shi Jin wonders why he’s back so soon. Isn’t he saying goodbye to Myung Joo since this deployment will be very long. Dae Young doesn’t answer and changes to the topic to all the pretty local girls in Urk.

It’s eight months later and Shi Jin has been stationed in Urk along with his squad. The men do their drills topless since it’s so hot and all.

Shi Jin’s squad is tasked with peacekeeping, which also includes disarming land mines. They find one armed land mine and Shi Jin makes the call to disarm it without reporting up through the official channels.

The Korean superior officer Colonel Park chews Shi Jin and Dae Young out for disarming the explosive without going through the proper protocol. Shi Jin acts like Dae Young should have stopped him, since Dae Young loves filling out official paperwork, calling him Writing God Dae Young.

Colonel Park sends the insubordinate Shi Jin and Dae Young to go run laps in full military gear. Their junior soldiers adorably pretend that they will join in the punishment but it’s just an act.

Back in Seoul, eight months later Mo Yeon is flying high now. She’s a permanent fixture on the medical talk show and so popular that she’s become the face of the hospital, plastered all over the billboards and displays. She’s even become a professor thanks to her popularity, which is such irony since she couldn’t get it doing surgeries all day long and got it through her fame. She now sees only VIP patients, the types who ask for Viagra to keep up with young girlfriends or asks her to run DNA tests on suspect progeny.

A purely PPL trip to Subway later, Mo Yeon delivers sandwiches to her staff to thank them for working extra thanks to the additional patients she’s bringing in. Mo Yeon can’t imagine how her life turned around so unexpectedly, a failure turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Dr. Kim wanders by and makes her usual bitch faces, deriding Mo Yeon for claiming to be a doctor when she’s not doing surgeries. Mo Yeon tosses it right back, calling Dr. Kim not a doctor either since she sucks at surgeries. Mo Yeon doesn’t feel bad becoming famous thanks to the chance. Dr. Kim handed her, she just used it to take back what was supposed to be hers. You go girl!

Mo Yeon heads up to the roof to reminisce about Shi Jin. Girl, you totally let that man go so don’t be moping about it now. Turns out their date night included Mo Yeon lighting a candle to create the right mood and to show herself in the best candlelight. She notices the cut on his eye and asks if he got it horsing around in the army again. He teases that he did, it was a low probability but he did it.

Shi Jin points out that Mo Yeon is so busy that she doesn’t even have time to wash her hair. Mo Yeon is busy but she’s also known to be super sexy in the OR, even with an surgical mask on she’s sexy. Shi Jin sighs that he wishes he was on a date with that sexy girl. Mo Yeon finishes her flashback and sighs that she hasn’t had reason to be sexy since then. See girlfriend, this is why you shouldn’t have jumped the gun on future blocking soldier boy!

Young thief Ki Bum is now a member of Shi Jin’s squad and stationed in Urk. Shi Jin tries to school him on digging ditches but cuts himself on a shovel. He mutters that he really did get hurt horsing around in the army. Ki Bum hears that and writes it on Shi Jin’s arm. Dae Young comes by and Shi Jin yells at him for bringing this idiot overseas with them but Dae Young thinks he’s cute to have around.

Shi Jin and Dae Young head to a bar to get some wine and butter for a birthday meal tonight for one of their squad members. They see a Korean girl buying a gun from the bartender and the girl suddenly points it at them. Shi Jin ducks before grabbing the gun and pointing it back at her. He dismantles the gun and tells her not to treat it as a toy. The girl mutters that she’s buying it for protection and grumbles at them before leaving. Shi Jin and Dae Young want information about this girl but the bartender doesn’t sell information.

The doctors at the hospital talk about how some are being sent overseas to Urk on a medical mission. None want to go other than Dr. Lee who is volunteering, and his pregnant wife Dr. Jang is allowing him to go before the baby comes. The hospital Manager Director Han walks up and orders Mo Yeon to have dinner with him tonight. The crew decides to strategize about getting Mo Yeon married off to Director Han who is divorced.

Mo Yeon isn’t adverse to the idea until she finds herself standing in the entrance to Director Han’s hotel suite. He has no intention to dine out since he’s the impatient type and wants to cut to the chase. He orders her to shower first or he can shower first. Ugh, I need to shower off the grime from his sleaze. Mo Yeon can’t believe how brazen he is and lacking in manners, but Director Han isn’t even embarrassed at all. Mo Yeon walks up and whacks him with her bag right then and there. Awesome!

Mo Yeon tells her friend Dr. Pyo about what happened, figuring she can’t get fired since she’s the face of the hospital, but doesn’t know how to face Director Han at the upcoming meeting.

Supreme asshole Director Han informs the hospital staff about the upcoming medical mission to Urk, and announces that he’s naming as medical team leader the face of the hospital Dr. Kang Mo Yeon. All Mo Yeon can do is glare daggers at him.

Dae Young shows Shi Jin the list of the medical personnel coming to Urk from Seoul, and on it is Mo Yeon’s name as the team leader. Shi Jin already saw it and doesn’t seem all that thrilled. Dae Young thinks this shows the fate is not over between Shi Jin and Mo Yeon, but Shi Jin thinks they are fated but not destined to end up together. Don’t be such a debbie downer, Shi Jin!

The medical team arrives in Urk and waits on the tarmac for their UN peacekeeping transport. Dr. Song gets a call from Director Han asking to speak with Mo Yeon. He offers to bring her back if she changes her mind now. Mo Yeon not only isn’t cowed, she tells Director Han to basically F-Off after what he propositioned her in the hotel room. After she gets back from Urk, she will quit her job at the hospital and take her fame and VIP patients with her. The other team members finally know what happened to have Mo Yeon sent here.

The military helicopter lands and the wind carries Mo Yeon’s hair scarf flying down the tarmac. She goes to chase after it but pauses when the soldiers walk off the plane led by Shi Jin.

It’s all macho and slo-mo goodness, with Shi Jin striding towards Mo Yeon and walking past without acknowledging her, all the while she can’t take her eyes off him. We hear Shi Jin’s voiceover that maybe they were fated to meet but not destined to end up together.

Thoughts of Mine:

The plot continues to move briskly with no filler, which helps temper the overuse of music which is also becoming a Kim Eun Sook thing. When the storyline is whizzing by the music doesn’t feel as overbearing since the next moment is another scene. The drama is working so well for me that the little flaws rise to the level to hamper my enjoyment. I’ve been writing about dramas for so long the folks I used to watch dramas with have somewhat dissipated, not to mention I’ve lived through so many cycles. It’s hard to gauge what dramas I like based on recent writing since the recent fare has been so different from the classics or even the second wave. That is especially true of screenwriter Kim Eun Sook, to this day I want to laugh anytime I’m accused of not liking her work. If any City Haller is around then this assertion is patently absurd, but even now six years later it’s still not true. Kim Eun Sook’s City Hall is my favorite K-drama of all time. Like – total complete and number 1 favorite drama. Has been since the moment I finished it and nothing since has dethroned it, so it’s only with disappointment that I’ve not loved Kim Eun Sook’s dramas since CH, Secret Garden had too many vital flaws, A Gentleman’s Dignity was anemic and frustrating, and Heirs was a weird experiment of hers that yielded more fun mock watching it than seriously watching it.

That’s why my visceral reaction to DotS feels so much more meaning for me, because it brings back all my City Hall feels, my love for Mi Rae and Jo Gook as individual characters as well as a couple is the very thing I am getting once again in DotS. I already loved Shi Jin since the moment he popped onscreen but episode 2 made me love Mo Yeon as well. I love her personality, smart but acknowledging and using her looks, refusing to compromise or accept shitty behavior around her, and prone to spot reactions but unafraid to reconsider. She feels real to me, and in episode 2 Song Hye Kyo’s acting really blossomed as Mo Yeon’s life took more center stage. Her career achievements matter to me as it does her because we see that she deserves it, and are happy when she gets it even through a different route. I appreciate that the story doesn’t dwell on any sappy moment, it pauses a bit to let it sink in and then moves on to getting it resolved. Having Mo Yeon sent to Urk feels unfair but part of me thinks she needs this time away. Soon the television fame will begin to wear on her I think, and her past doing volunteer work in Africa shows that she isn’t meant for the limelight long term. This will be yet another unfortunate start with fortunate results for her.

Getting Shi Jin to Urk felt more random than Mo Yeon beng sent there as the leader of the medical mission. One minute Shi Jin’s squad is the Alpha secret forces of the South Korean army, sent to assist in hostage extractions, and the next they are basically babysitting somewhere in the Mediterranean. I wonder if General Yoon is doing it to send Dae Young further away from his daughter Myung Joo, or did Shi Jin piss someone off and is getting this forced vacation, since neither Dae Young nor Shi Jin seem happy about it. I also wonder if Shi Jin didn’t fight for a second chance with Mo Yeon because he was leaving, or did he really think their ideology was so insurmountable. Mo Yeon’s grand speech about her life saving versus Shi Jin’s life taking seemed really random at that moment, like she was making a mountain out of a mole hill since they barely started. But I think she was either pissed at him for standing her up twice, not to mention having a terrible time due to losing the professorship, either way she seemed intent on nipping the tentative relationship in the bud so she did. That’s fine by me because methinks the lady is going to sorely regret her decision (probably did 5 seconds ago) but thanks to K-drama fates will get her second chance with her officer and gentleman.

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Descendants of the Sun Episode 2 Recap — 32 Comments

  1. At last.shk is being acknowledge for her acting here after all the bad talk about her joing this drama opposite sjk. I’m watching this mainly for shk and I don’t like her since years because all those crying and scryinh scene but I like her change her acting. I love this drama is is sad because I can’t marathon this one,its so addicted and I have to wait one week for new dose.

  2. I didn’t enjoy episode 1 but episode 2 made up for it. The pace was right and I’m starting to understand the personality of the main leads. Oh I would love to see more of the second leads story to see what happened to those relationship and if they even have chemistry. I really love the cheesy scenes when song hye kyo moons over Soong ki’s x-ray?. The talk they had about saving life vs killing to protect was so random that after she walks out, I was like ” what the hell happened?” But overall, I love how both character have courage to fight and be straight forward about what they want or not. Both knows who they are and if it doesn’t work out, they walk away. ( Although I DT know if that’s a good or bad thing). But still, super excited about next week episodes!

  3. That ‘talk’ had me rolling my eyes non-stop. I understand she was stood up twice but it’s not like she won’t do the same to him too. They’re both pretty much on-call the whole time anyway. It just felt forced IMO. But other than that, I love this drama to pieces, both the 1st and the 2nd episode. The supporting characters are doing well too so far and I love how MY has her own Scooby gang of some sort. The b/g music was more tolerable this time around though I wonder why they couldn’t have gone with instrumental pieces than using actual songs. I guess the writer has the final say to everything, huh?
    Anyway, thanks ms koala for recapping this. Can’t believe I missed your recap for the 1st episode. Til next Wednesday (palli~palli!)

    • Actually i get the talk.
      It was ok for me and I think it’s quite fitting to their characters that the talk came early
      Both obviously have no time to date and have fun only – heck they can’t even sit through a movie together.
      When ur work consumes everything, u wanna know whether this person is worth ur time. If there’s no future and matching values is an impt fit, you wouldn’t waste time starting the conversation.
      It’s purposely set up so, I think cleverly by KES
      For SJK I believe it won’t be the first girl that cuts him off due to his job. If not abt the secrecy and killing, it would be the “always on standby and never there for you” that will kill any relationship. So when he sees someone that attracts him, he pursue almost immediately
      “I have no time. Do u like (it) or not?” – that’s his mode of action and I think similar to hers
      She has no time to even wash her hair!
      Based on the above – perfectly reasonable to have that talk early and call off before being emotionally invested.

      But that’s the heads talking
      The hearts obviously is a different matter.
      When you missed the man so much that you are looking at his X-ray – hmm, heart over head yep?

  4. i can see how a doctor might have issues with getting involved with a soldier – i thought it was reasonable that she broke it off with him before getting more emotionally invested

    • I was on the fence and at first thought it came out of the left field. However, she has had time to reflect and guess what he is and does (all without much elaboration from him). So she filled in the blanks. After sitting on it, I agree with her. It was a mature conversation. think when one gets to a certain age and see a potential person for dating; you’ll know what the deal breakers are. And instead of getting emotionally invested ahead of the game, it’s best to tackle it head on so no time is wasted. Esp since both are so busy and don’t have time to waste.

      I am a fan of this drama. I hope it will continue to be strong so that it will be a win win for both the audience and the participants.

      • I totally agree with your analysis on the “talk.” LOL. I don’t think it was random and I think it achieved its purpose in giving us a glimpse into how they both were thinking. I don’t fault Moyeon for breaking things off. I think when you get to a certain life point, you realize your deal breakers and what you will and will not put up with. She’s awesome for putting it out there that she wants the explanation and not the apology and makes it clear that she won’t accept any less. And of course you’d feel some regret afterwards because you know how awesome it could be, but you’d rather not risk the pain or the time. It was a mature and open scene that I appreciated. Of course, I know we still had 14 episodes to fill, so we knew they were going to fate-meet again, but they didn’t know that. Honestly, I probably would have done the same thing as she did. As for Shijin, I appreciated that he heard her out, understood where she was coming from, and then accepted it. He didn’t force himself on to her like some drama heroes do.

        I’m loving this drama so far! I can’t wait for next week’s episodes!!!

    • Both you and Cat are correct about her wanting to break things off before being emotionally attached but how the scene was set up to me felt forced down my throat. I know they had to be separated before realising just how much they, especially she, miss each other but it could’ve been done in a better way. I don’t think it’s fair for people to judge each other, esp the nature of one’s job when you have no idea what they have to go through. But hey, I’m no writer and plus that was pretty much the only scene I hated in ep 2. And it’ll be a good setup for the sexual tension in later episodes. So I’m game and all set for the remaining fourteen episodes (hope I don’t speak too soon!)


  5. SJK is such an eye candy I’d not even be bothered with the plot.Surgical scenes are shitty but I kinda expected that coming kdramas which has been to known to have shitty surgical scenes…**cough yongpal cough** but I can live with that. Awaiting the 2nd leads interaction coz I can’t stand SHK, sorry.

  6. maybe it’s just me, I think this drama is boring… what’s with the background music? and lol so hard @ the “mission”. I’m more interested in jin goo’s character and his love story.

    • You are not alone. Ep 2 went downhill very fast for me. It is formulaic thin story writing. There are a lot of grand scenes (helicopter shuttle! Fist fights!) to cover the fact up that there is no original plot. Pretty much every move in this ep was predictable. *SPOILERS* The stupid girl in short skirts getting the job through connections, the sexually exploiting chef and, best of all, removing the whole team of doctors and nurses into some foreign country like they couldn’t do anything against it (!) and like it wouldn’t harm the hospital back home (!).
      I knew, I had to leave my brain behind, but this is asking for a little bit too much.
      (Who is willing to bet, that expecting dad is going to be the first dead person in this show?)

      Come on, show, surprise me!

  7. To all the viewers who think Mo Yeon bringing up their difference in ideology and work in general was random, please let me share my two cents. I think her personality is one who doesn’t dillydally. With how she was portrayed, she seems like someone who is straightforward and someone who knows what she wants. Maybe for her, it’s important to know already if their ideologies matched. Knowing that must have been priority especially since she’s already at an age where she should be married (She’s already a doctor for crying out loud). Doctors don’t really date just to flirt around, we’re not at that age where we just play the field. Peace 🙂

    • Totally agree with you.

      She made a rational decision based on her values and believes. Why is she so starstruck then upon seeing him again? He, of course, is an arrogant a** when they meet again. Formulaic, as I said above.

  8. Idk why, I just like this drama for the simplicity
    it’s flow easily for me, and they working, like they have a life that quite normal for their job,
    even MY random talk strict me since ep 1 when she really hard to deal on phone ownership.
    She overthink anything to the worst possibility and that mindset can go well with soldier mindset, doctor need to fixed things but soldier knew they’ll always find the worst to happen and they need trust more than anything.
    I feel like they build an easy approach drama and it’s charming on its own.
    Actually this has some of Jdrama feel in it

  9. Oh, I am definitely watching it to the end. Yes, it has its cheesy elements but this is just a fun, popcorn drama. I actually like the female character; she is strong but not overboard. She actually seems like someone I could grab lunch with and consider a friend.

    They obviously had to find a reason for an end in Korea so they can get a 2nd chance overseas and the whole, “I’m a doctor and you kill people” is a bit cringe worthy for me coming from someone in a country that stares down a wackadoo to their north all the time. But since they went that way, I actually thought it was done well…nice, civil, not overly dramatic. I could have done without the jerk US soldier but whatever.

    It’s flawed but fun. I just don’t want SJK’s character to be too much of a rebel always thwarting authority. I feel like that’s been done to death in too many US movies.

  10. I think the timing of “the talk” was slightly random but they needed to move on to the next country in fast paced so I really didn’t mind it.
    I don’t know why people think it’s cheesy I’m really curious if someone can point that out to me. I’ve been really trying to look for signs of cheesiness besides the obvious music.
    I LOOOOVED THE TRANSITIONING OF SCENES between the surgery and the rescue mission. Very slick and well done. I’m completely impressed.
    I love the fact there are no too much random coincidences except the being assigned to the same country. Besides that it all feel so real and slice of life like. When you first meet a guy you really like but he’s too busy with work. The doctor looking a hot mess after a shift. The Alpha male who is arrogant without being a super jerk. No over-exaggerated OTP hates each other for a small reaso for the first 6-8 episodes only to end up kissing by the 9-10 episode.
    The product placement is subtle but obvious I LOL the ordering movie tickets the phone, the bottled water, the razor, the subways was not subtle. Idk if I missed others. But considering it was a big budget drama I guess it’s unavoidable.

  11. Thank you Ms Koala for your excellent account of an excellent episode. The first episode is for SJK to shine and the second is for SHK. They are both doing great job and having great chemistry. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  12. After watching ep2, I think we can safely declare its another hit under her belt.

    I’m hooked on, completely bought over by KES. I think she found the right premise for her usually immature alpha male and witty banter
    I love that the OTP click almost immediately and flirt incessantly. Some of the dialogue is hilarious but believable because both have chemistry and charm to pull it off

    Her female leads tend to start strong and then falter later so I’m hoping we don’t get that same pattern because I’m really liking SHG take on the role. And for me it’s rare to like her as she’s always come off very cold for me. Here shes taking on the role nicely, I feel for her and I want to continue liking her pls! Pls show, do good!

    As SJK, he’s got in on. It’s going to be a successful role for him- u realize all KES male lead has this mould – the alpha male intensity.
    Some parts I dig, some not but usually the whole package sells
    She’s has it pat down for this character.

    Even storyline which has never been her strength – I’m interested to know what comes next
    The world they are in has endless possibilities, it’s rich and fun!

    Both second leads are a blast. I’m liking Jin gu a lot here! He’s spot on for this character.

    Everyone seemed perfectly cast, cinematography is beautiful and the music, I dare say did tone down A LOT in ep 2. I hope it tones down more! Sometimes KES should let the viewers feel “the moment” We don’t need music blaring in our ears to tell us “hey it’s a moment”
    But that said, I kinda like his slow mo swag sunglasses walk in the end. Hahaha shallow much

  13. The army scenes seem less blockbuster and more high school production. Seriously, they’re embarrassingly awkward Lol. But the chemistry was better in the second episode. There were a few nice moments, and the interactions between the leads are quite natural. Even though an improvement from the first episode, still pretty boring and empty in my opinion…nothing here really, at least for me…maybe it’ll get better, still hoping.
    The whole issue over soldiers killing…that’s deep KES…real deep. It took doc lady a really long time to connect the dots. Soldier-gun; gun-shoot; people-maybe die. She knew he was a soldier before she started dating him. What did she think soldiers do…throw flowers in the field? But since they’re gonna end up together anyway, I guess by then killing is gonna be no problem. 2 shirtless scenes down, 14 to go…

    • “The whole issue over soldiers killing…that’s deep KES…real deep. It took doc lady a really long time to connect the dots. Soldier-gun; gun-shoot; people-maybe die.”

      I literally laughed out loud because of this. Thanks!

  14. OK, on the talk.
    I didn’t feel it forced, actually I was screening Reschedule because honestly what kind of outcome would you expect after such a shitty day.
    I know that if I liked the guy I would otherwise it would have spelt doom like in the drama.
    And I’m really loving SHG more than ever, hope she remain like that to the end.
    Yes i’m looking at you Secret Garden.

  15. Ironically, City Hall is one Drama I could not stand after 6 Episodes, I gave it up totally. Secret Garden is my one of my all time favourite dramas, whereas City Hall would not even appear in my top 100 dramas of all time.

  16. I’ve finally found time to watch both episodes and, yes, I’m hooked on!
    The guys are great, no complaining whatsoever.
    Yet, the heroine has to win more ‘pros’ in my notebook. I don’t buy her argument against Big Boss’s occupation. She was probably just tired that evening or not in the mood. To accept her statement as some kind of philosophy (‘life is above anything’, ‘I heal, you kill’) would be ridiculous (btw, she’s not even a vegetarian). Let’s say she was just not in the spirit, but later on she’ll mature (hopefully).

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