Kang Dong Won’s Fashion Sense Chills Out in New Pictorial

In a short span of a month I’ve become a connoisseur of Kang Dong Won. Not a fan exactly but harbor a legit appreciation for the star that combines both his aura and acting talent. His movie A Violent Prosecutor with Hwang Jung Min is now the pacesetter for the 2016 Korean box office, already past the 6 million ticket sales mark after 8 day in theaters, making it just a day behind Korea’s number one of all time domestic movie The Admiral: Roaring Currents, which sold over 6 million tickets in 7 days.

Kang Dong Won has provided me countless moments of appreciative mirth at his fashion displays during the promotional circuit for AVP, but it’s nice that he’s got success and skill to back up the flash and glitz, not to mention the coolest cat confidence I’ve seen in awhile. That’s probably what I love the most and would slay for a smidge of the same fun attitude. Have his latest fashion pictorial where all he has to do is sit there and let the clothes drape like chill club buddies.


Kang Dong Won’s Fashion Sense Chills Out in New Pictorial — 6 Comments

  1. For once I have something to criticize – the white shoes don’t look good with the blue suit. Otherwise he looks amazing though.

  2. He looks too good to be true.

    He is seriously stunning and this is really something for me. Because this is the first time i used stunning to a man.

  3. I just saw his movie “The Violent Prosecutor” in a theater in the U.S. Fabulous. He is a master of acting. In this movie – for me, he stole the show. I have never seen him in a role like this where he is sexy and comic.. Beyond awesome performance.

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