Goodbye Mr. Black and Please Come Back Ahjusshi Slaughtered in Ratings by Descendants of the Sun

Oh ouch, this one’s gotta hurt, and not sure if the hurt is lessened by having another fellow fallen comrade. The ratings are out for this Wednesday’s prime time dramas and all eyes are on newcomer Goodbye Mr. Black with Moon Chae Won and Lee Jin Wook to see if it can make a dent in runaway rating’s leader Descendants of the Sun. In the last three weeks, same day premiered Please Come Back Ahjusshi has seen its single digit premiere ratings continue to drop while DotS made leaps and bounds upward from its mid teens rating premiere to close to breaking 30% now.

The results are out and it doesn’t look pretty – Goodbye Mr. Black’s first episode got 3.9% AGB ratings nationwide and Please Come Back Ahjusshi continued to drop 1.4% to 4% AGB nationwide for today’s episode 7. Perhaps the only sliver of consolation is that DotS didn’t break 30% ratings and set a record, it recorded only 28.3% AGB nationwide ratings for episode 7, a slight decrease of 0.2%. The domestic viewers have spoken and there is no increased pie size yielding more viewers returning to television to spread the wealth, or rather the DotS effect is solely limited to that drama only and I don’t see Mr. Black or Ahjusshi making any significant headway during the remainder of the DotS run.

I’ve gotten used to Please Come Back Ahjusshi’s low ratings but to drop even further from last week is shocking, and even more shocking is Mr. Black’s super duper low premiere ratings in the 3% range. Really?!?! Bummer for the other two casts and production, I enjoy Ahjusshi for Oh Yeon Seo and the interesting concept story line and still plan to watch Mr. Black, but the two big name casts getting such low ratings is still hard to wrap my mind.


Goodbye Mr. Black and Please Come Back Ahjusshi Slaughtered in Ratings by Descendants of the Sun — 56 Comments

  1. Although I don’t follow any of these shows…Salute to DotS.
    I wanted them to do very well, even for the mere reason of pre-production.
    It’ll be a good sign and will benefit the actors, writers, directors, producers and hopefully it sends a good message to the TV networks.

    • I don’t agreed with this article. Even DOTS is so good and have a very high rating, the main fact that’s why GoodBye Mr Black and Please Come back mister have low rating is especially because they are not good. Don’t forget that DOTS get 28% of rating so there is yet a probability to keep the remain 72%. But NO, these 2 dramas are so bad that they just got 3% and 4% . Have you reall Watch the drama with Rain ? it’s a joke for all Drama addicts. 2 ghosts in love aghhhhhhhh . And for GoodBye Mr Black, it’s too low as start , a bit annoying

      • “so there is yet a probability to keep the remain 72%” lol i laugh so hard at this XD
        please look up more about korean TV rating mechanism before reply things

  2. Expected numbers. I see GMB getting to 2nd place but DOTs doesn’t seem like it will slow down at all. Episode 7 was very good and Episode 8’s preview looks even better.

  3. DOTs is unbeatable at this point. It hit 30.1% in Seoul and the tNMS ratings went up.
    The GMB 1st episode was a bit off for me….KWK is acing it but can’t say the same for LJW and MCW for that matter. Let us see!

  4. Probably they should do rerun on a different time slot. I know that’s gonna happen for GMB since the pervious drama (OMHE) didn’t have a good rating either. I felt so sorry for PCBA since they have these famous actors in it, and not to mention I heard it’s pretty good too!

  5. Poor Mr. Black. It had so much trouble getting on air too. Kim Kang-woo was the only good thing about it so far, and he can’t win against the power of KES and SongSong. One a drama reaches these types of ratings it’s the drama everyone watches.

  6. DOTS is everywhere at this point…..topping music charts foreign countries ratings etc.
    Today’s episode was A+++++ though. Low on romance high on emotions

  7. Today’s DOTS episode was really quite nice <3 SHK owned the episode today 100%. Tomorrow's episode looks more Romantic than today's but today's was necessary to show the darkness of the world it takes place in

  8. I guess Ahjussi will fall again. I wont be shocked if it even fall to 2% of ratings. I like and enjoy this drama, but my instinct say that SK people wont give chance this kind of drama. DotS is too good anyway. I haven’t watch Mr. Black yet. I’m waiting VIU to release it.

  9. Im so happy for DOTS and i agree that today is not much on romance department but it has a deeper sense and meaning… The romance is still there on the smile, the lingering looks, the unsaid words…. You can still feel it! The emotions are high and i bet today’s episode will leave an epic cliff hanger to sort of keep us on our toes waiting for the next week! Fighting dots!!!

  10. I don’t care anymore.. My two lovable actresses Moon Chae Won and Oh Yeon Seo.
    Since GMB is
    A revenge themed drama, it can beat out CBM.
    Feels like Koreans prefer that kind of genre more. CBM is full or slapstick comedies which are fun but may not be everyone taste

    • GMB might be a revenge drama, but the first episode sucked and quality is much more important than genre when it comes to popularity. I really feel sorry for the actors, but both directing and editing are a mess.

  11. Could someone tell me the complete rating (tNMS, AGB, Seoul, nationwide version)? It seems that dots rating for episode 7 is not that clear.

  12. Loving DotS but SHK is driving me nuts!!! Ugh to the point where a actually want to throw something at her. Is this writer stupid!!? They better not pull that crap at the end she’ll be crying a river! UGH!!!

    • I don’t even know what you are talking about. MY owned this episode and the last one too, as an independent woman who works hard and has her own thoughts and not just the male lead’s love interest.

    • KMY is becoming one of my most favorite female leads. She is strong by herself and doesn’t need YSJ really. She can live on by herself. She is a great leader and thinks for herself. Not all female leads need to jump into a guy’s arms immediately….plus YSJ and KMY have tons of issues to sort out.

  13. I lOVE the 2nd lead couple. They are my everything! I genuinely wished they could have their own drama. Like when Thai Lankorns have part 2 that focus on the 2nd leads story.
    I think i may actually love the 2nd lead couple more than the lead couple because the Dr drives me crazy sometimes. I love SHK and am biased of her but her character in DOS is a female i would hope to stay away from. I cant even point out what it is that rubs me the wrong way about her character. Is she selfish? indecisive? sheltered? Insecure but hides it well? i dont know what it is but its something.

    • She doesn’t run into the arms of a man just because he wants her seems to be people’s issue with her. It’s pretty interesting that these same people love MJ, who is nothing but an extension of her love story with DY. Without her love for DY she’s not even a character in her own right.

      • The reason KMY rubs me the wrong way is not that she isnt running into SJK’s character. I have never been close to an army base or war zone and i know the risks a soldier must take and understand that he has to take those actions to protect the innocent. There are time she says things that makes it seem like she is judging his job that i cannot stand. It is a given that a soldier is put in a kill or be killed situation. I kind of feel like as a Doctor she should know that. unless if she has been sheltered somehow? Im fine with her not wanting to date a UN soldier. What im not fine with is her thoughts on a soldier’s duty.

      • I also have to disagree about MJ. She is not just an extension of her love story. She embodies female empowerment just as much as KMY does or maybe does it better.
        2. She doesn’t let her father/superior make her personal life choices.
        3. She fights for what she wants
        4. She calls people out on their B.S

      • No, she doesn’t. At all. Her character is based completely on chasing DY. She’s a product of nepotism as the last episode showed. She’s not much of a doctor at all. She’s the one who should know how to make the tough choices and in non-ideal location, but she had to get MY to tell her to actually do something with her patient.

        2, 3 and 4 are all things related to DY.

      • I’m also not saying the IDEA of MJ is not interesting, but as she’s played and what she’s given she’s a young girl in love who spend the majority of the time thinking of her boyfriend and chasing him around. Female empowerment my ass.

    • it because she doesn’t accept the captain when all people scream and feel she should, but that’s the things I liked about her,
      if a man as fine as song jong ki/yoo shi jin with the death baggage came to me, I’ll be okay or not forever, it gonna takes me long time to accept him but if I did, I’ll never let him go

  14. Now I’m curious and gonna watch Goodbye Mr. Black. I already watched a few episodes of Come Back Mister but the cheap exaggerating slapstick totally turned me off. So I’m out. Given Moon Chae Won in GMB, I did expect the ratings would be higher. Feel sorry for her. Such a bad timing. DotS is just a bomb!

    • exactly.
      i feel the same about CBM. while for GMB, i watched ep 1 and i didnt like it. but reading recap on db, i guess, im gonna give it one more chance. gonna watch ep 2 tonight, sooo… i’ll decide after ep 2, haha

    • This drama with rain is just a joke !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ridiculous history ever in Drama World. I’m ashamed if i was SBS to let this drama airing on their station TV . Better critic for GoodBye Mr Black but it’s not also a memorable drama. Not a joke for sure but just too simple even Chae Won participation . So, thanks God and KBS for DOTS

  15. Dots is too cringey and cheesy for me so i prefer CBA and maybe Mr.Balck too. OYS acting is crazy! Although the drama has low rating but she has been receiving praises for her acting. I wish someone would cast her as female lead again

    • second this.
      I never knew who OYS was until this drama. She is the sole reason I keep watching it. She is pretty, sexy, and badass. Hope she has good roles in the future

  16. it’s funny because the 3 leads dramas have a connected with the hits drama with Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won on Nice Guy (KBS drama before SJK served the military) and also Rain and Song Hye Kyo on Full House (KBS) and now KBS biggest hits drama Descendants of the Sun, I feel sorry for MBC and SBS.
    and for SBS it their own mistake didn’t want to buy the broadcast of Dots mainly because it doesn’t contains a lot of PPL -_-

      • Actually they weren’t rejected it. The production house need big budget to produce it, and SBS can’t provide it. So they went to KBS, which is ready with backup money from Chinese investor.

  17. Seriously dots will average over 20% in ratings over its entire run. Wow – even though I said I am not surprised at how good dots is doing, I am a little surprised that the other dramas are so lowly rated.

    Preproduction – I feel that either way pre produced or not, dots was set out to be a rating hit with just the KeS writing and the star power and skills of the main actors. great job!!! Kdramas need a hit like this … I have been pretty bored overall with kdramas lately. I still watch but not really all that interested or invested

  18. Well,I don’t think they’ll regret for too long since YWCFTS writer is coming back with a new drama with LMH.also,punch writer also has an upcoming project.

  19. Happy for DOTS though I am totally enjoying CBA as well. I will admit that I actually thought the last episode of DOTS was just okay. I saw the same medical scenario that was on DOTS on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy about 5 years ago…I mean exactly the same bizarro medical scenario so maybe that’s why I couldn’t get into it.

  20. Dots is good but Ahjusshi is really good. The only good thing about Mr. Black is Kim Kang Woo. Mister Black, the execution is meh. I was totally disappointed since I was waiting this drama from the beginning.

  21. It’s really a shame about GMB. I’m enjoying it quite a bit so far. I’m definitely in the mood for a revenge thriller right now and when you add in the partner-in-crime romantic set-up between Moon Chae-won and Lee Jin-wook you pretty much have a must watch for me. It’s the show I’m personally most excited for, but I’m happy that DotS is doing well.

  22. congratulation DOTS. It even beat My Love from Another Star.
    I love CBM too. The drama may seem crazy but it’s funny and new. I love the acting of crazy female lead too. She is a decent actress
    As for GMB, i love my baby Moon Chae Won but the first ep is disappointing

  23. I feel like CBA suffer from over complicated plot, it easy to said whatt happen but actually too much things happen and doesn’t get explained, they aimed to shot too high but ended up confusing the viewer,
    if I am live viewer, why bother when Dots has much easier flow and better cinematography, beside there’s a re-run and Dots can make us relax better than mystery we don’t even know exist in CBA

  24. not surprise CBM&MR.BLACK. both have sux actor lead. people not going to turn in to watch this two. DOTS will have no drama to complete with.
    they will kick butt so hard. when it all say and done.
    will not surprise. if CBM fall to 1%. making OYS a guy in the drama was the PD biggest mistake. well At lease OYS shin in her acting so it all cool. she should get a award for her acting in the drama. not her fault the PD make her char a guy in the drama.

  25. After watching 2nd ep of GMB. It’s really breathtaking episode… I found my heart racing as the episode go on. The episode is much better than 1st ep.
    I remember someone said that GMB is more like movie and I think it’s true. In the last scene of 2nd ep, I found myself in deniable moment because it’s just ended. even though the execution is not good enough like movie, I just feel like watching movie. Both actor did a great job and I love Khaya. Actually I want to watch DoTS after watching GMB, but my heart still beating hard and fast… I have to relaxing my heart. This is the first time since a long time… Thanks GMB… you gave me soul of Drama that I miss so much…

  26. I think OYS is slaying her role and unfortunately she’s up against SJK’s comeback drama. Still I feel she’s the best actress out of all the actresses in the Wed nite dramas.

  27. think if the pd make OYS a woman in the drama. the rating might be better then this but then we wont get to see OYS great acting in CBM.

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