Once Promised with Huang Xiaoming, Victoria Song, Sheng Yi Lun, and Xu Lu Gets New Chinese Title and Starts Filming

A name change for a novel to drama adaptation is so common these days, and increasingly the character names are changed as well and only the story outline remains the same. It’s likely to avoid Chinese censors if the story fictionalizes the lives of real life historical or cultural figures. Upcoming fantasy period drama adaptation of Tong Hua novel Once Promised (曾许诺 Ceng Shu Nuo) will now have a Chinese title of 上古情歌 (Ancient Times Love Song), but I’ll still call it Once Promised for the time being.

The main cast is now finalized after leads Huang Xiaoming and Victoria Song were announced a few weeks ago and filming also just started. Rising C-actor Sheng Yi Lun of Go Princess Go fame (or infamy lol) is the second male lead and Xu Lu is the second female lead. Huang Xiaoming plays the General Qi Yo (Chi You) character, Victoria is Princess Xuan Yuan Ba (Xi Ling Heng), Sheng Yi Lun is Prince Shao Hao (future Grand Emperor), and Xu Lu is Princess Sheng Nong Yun Xang. I really dig this casting,


Once Promised with Huang Xiaoming, Victoria Song, Sheng Yi Lun, and Xu Lu Gets New Chinese Title and Starts Filming — 6 Comments

  1. Victoria’s been on fire recently. She’s in so many drama news. I haven’t watched her in anything else beside one movie so can’t really judge her acting.

    This drama sounds similar to Ariel Lin’s drama.

  2. ooh I like the casting, Qi Sheng of Qi Sheng, you’ve come to the mainstream, hahah . . and still be emperor,
    I hope the drama did good

  3. Really anticipating this drama. Even though I know it will be aired by next year the fastest at least. Hopefully this drama and lost you forever will be produced by the same company so it will be connected (cameo) when the sequel rolled. Not like da mo yao ang yun zhong ge. I will cross my fingers so both drama will be good. Please drama god make it happen…

  4. I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!! I reread the books and cried like shit everytime when it came to wars. Anyway I am so excited for this production!!!! hope the cast do not disappoint and give me the tragedy that was Song in the clouds lol. cannot wait for the costumes to be out!

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