Reunion and Feels Abound at the Bali Wedding of Bu Bu Jing Xin Costars Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu

The star-studded Bali destination wedding of C-actress Liu Shi Shi and TW-actor Nicky Wu went off without a hitch this weekend and went an overflow of feels. Every single person there, bride and groom leading the way, looked bursting with joy and contentment. The happy couple met on the set of C-drama Bu Bu Jing Xin over six years ago when it filmed, and the drama turned into an unexpected pan-Asia hit that revitalized Nicky’s career and launched Shi Shi’s entrance into the A-list.

Not every BBJX cast member was able to attend the wedding but from the reunion pictures above it appears there was at least a quorum – celebrating Nicky 4th Prince’s nuptial to Ruo Xi Shi Shi was Yuan Hong 13th Prince, Ye Zhu Xin 10th Prince, Damian Lau Emperor Kangxi, Annie Liu Ruo Lan, Ye Qin Yu Tan, and Gai Xiao Ting as Princess Min Min. Also accompanying Nicky every step of the way as members of his groomsman party were his idol groupmates Alec Su and Julian Chen in The Little Tigers. Congrats to the legally wedded since last year couple for finally having the wedding ceremony of their planning with their family and friends.


Reunion and Feels Abound at the Bali Wedding of Bu Bu Jing Xin Costars Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu — 16 Comments

  1. I think Liu Shi Shi is a really beautiful woman. And from her fashion choices I’ve seen in photos of her on this website, she/her stylist has really good taste. Beautiful, elegant, and classy! My style.

    I wish them both happiness.

    • Thank you for saying what I wanted to say about LSS’ taste of fashion. Big congrats to this lovely couple. Did you see pictures of LSS’ mom? She is so pretty and & elegant also. No wonder LSS is so beautiful. She is even taller than LSS.

  2. This is such a beautiful wedding. I am happy to see lss look so happy. She looks so beautiful. To think about it this is the most intermediate ,beautiful, normail high profile wedding I’ve seen.

  3. The pictures taken at the wedding are so filled with happiness T_T Not to mention the song they released too lol…so happy for them!!!

  4. The wedding inspired me to re-watch BBJX with an industrial sized box of Kleenex. I’m ready for the tears this time! What’s nice is I don’t have to re-watch that iffy second season to see a happy ending ?

  5. This is the cutest wedding I ever seen in entertainment business… So sweet and heartwarming…. Sweet to see BBJX reunion … Love it

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