K-actress Kim Ha Neul and Businessman Fiancee Get Married in Seoul

Congratulations are in order for the beautiful Kim Ha Neul and her new husband as the two wedded before family and friends in Seoul this weekend. At 38 years old (39 in Korean years), Kim Ha Neul is certainly getting married at a later age than many of her near age colleagues but what’s a few years if it means waiting for the right person. Her new husband is a businessman not in the entertainment industry, hence pictures of his back only in the scenes above from the ceremony, and he’s also a few years younger than her.

As an actress Kim Ha Neul is someone I am so indifferent to, neither good nor bad but she’s never delivered a performance that really connected with me. But she’s undeniably beautiful and classy and has built up a successful A-list career in her nearly twenty years in the industry. The wedding was closed to media and in attendance were family and friends, the latter included many of K-ents biggest stars who are friends with the bride in real life. Kim Ha Neul has indicated that she plans to continue her acting career after marriage so once again a big congrats to the happy couple!


K-actress Kim Ha Neul and Businessman Fiancee Get Married in Seoul — 6 Comments

  1. Congratz…hope she has a happy marriage.

    I’m like you and could never really connect with her acting though I watched so many. Was first introduced to her in Ditto. It was a film I rnjoyed immensely but was more attracted to Ha Ji Won’s character with her devilish smile.

    Ah Ha Ji Won…another unnie of the same age and not yet married.

  2. She is an awesome actress, one of the best. Congratulations to her n hubby. Hope she is blessed with a blissful marriage and everlasting happiness.

  3. Congratulations to Haneul! She’s always delivered solid performance in her dramas and movies but my fave are Happy Together, Too Beautiful to Lie, On Air, My Girlfriend is an Agent and Blind. Can’t wait to see her movie with Jung Woo Sung. Hope also to see her back with a good tv drama.
    Wishing the couple a happy married life.

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