New Couple Alert as Krystal and EXO’s Kai Confirm Dating Relationship

A big shocker of a new K-ent dating relationship ends the work week on a buzzy note – yet another pair of SM Entertainment’s own pretties have hooked up! EXO‘s Kai and Krystal of f(x) have confirmed they are dating after being Dispatched (I’m making this a verb now) by the notorious tabloid. With the usual grainy parking garage pictures, this high cheek boned couple were forced to go public and now comes the potential fallout from their respective fan bases. I’m happy for them and wish them all the best to go forth and frolic together between recording sessions, handshake events, CF shoots, stage performances, and the occasional drama filming. They sorta resemble each other if you ask me, both prone to serious non-smiling stares, but being similar is a good thing in the dating world as it can evidence natural compatibility in styles. Congrats to the young lovebirds and have fun hitting up the world as a couple heading into spring and summer.


New Couple Alert as Krystal and EXO’s Kai Confirm Dating Relationship — 16 Comments

  1. They’re so ugly in some of these pictures!!!! They’re both nobodies outside of their tween fanbase anyway so who cares?

    • guess without the heavy makeup, they are just regular people on the street… Dispatch – leave them alone and let them enjoy their time together

    • Amen! Specifically it’s not a secret to Kpop fans that SM is well known as a PS pusher for their artists. Most of their idols had gone under knives at some points.

      • Lol Korea and Kpop especially is known for goin under the knife. Most entertainers did something here and there, SM ist just known for having really good docs ;] . Dunno about them doing something but she was like 15 when she debuted, is doing beauty operations even allowed on someone so young?

        Anyway good luck and enjoy dating

    • theyre obviously important to enough people to be news everywhere. im not even a big fan of them but i know theyre real people and down to earth than most other celebrities. you should probably care a little less and not post such rude comments.

  2. Best thing that happened to celebrities in Korea is the paparazzi who outs them. This forces the fan bases to deal because it’s happening every few weeks now. These people can and do date as normal people in their 20s are doing around the world.

  3. I’m eating to hear HOW LONG THEY’VE BEEN COUPLE! Lol
    because this ones is no surprise to their fans so it should go smoothly

  4. What K-entertainment is up to? Is Krystal going to be pair in a drama with a popular actor with crazy fans. Antibulling strategy.

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