Cha Seung Won Leads Bevy of K-stars Saddled with Fashion Wack at Gucci Event in Seoul

I’ll take it if the type of negative news from K-ent is merely a collective grenade of ugly fashion exploding in Seoul. It beats the real stomach churning stories in recent weeks and the entertaining part from fashion fails is how collective it happens with K-stars. At the Gucci event this past weekend, Cha Seung Won led a contingent of young and established stars for the brand’s soiree in Seoul and everyone wore Gucci attire in the worst possible way. There is not a single item or combination that should ever see the light of day other than walking down a catwalk or intentionally to garner attention. From Kai‘s man purse to Kim Seo Hyung wearing socks with her loafers, the accessorizing elevating the fashion fail even more than the genuinely unattractive outfits. At least Gucci got publicity, I guess…… Continue reading