Ratings Competition Evens Out For Three Equally Solid Spring 2016 Mon-Tues K-dramas

The second week of new Mon-Tues dramas have made this time slot more interesting ratings wise than the slaughterhouse of Wed-Thurs. First week leader Jackpot (The Royal Gambler or Daebak) on SBS decreased a tiny bit to 11.6% AGB nationwide, with second place KBS‘s Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul Ho (My Neighbor, Mr. Jo) staying steady at 10.9%, but it’s third place Monster (Tyrant) on MBC that’s making the competition fun as it rose 2.5% to 9.5% AGB nationwide.

This trend means the difference between all three dramas is narrowing, which makes sense because all three are qualitatively really good yet offer very different viewing enjoyment. This news makes me super happy especially since there is love to pass around for my faves Kang Ji Hwan and Jang Geun Seok, as well as Kang Sora picking a good drama after her last misstep.

As an international drama viewers the domestic ratings battle never feels like a zero sum game to me, even if I’m cheering for a particular drama I still wish the pie grows all around to reward the hard work of the cast and crew of all airing projects. With that said, qualitatively bad dramas, whether in wonky casting, bad writing, or inept directing, needs to tank just as a painful lesson to networks when planning future dramas. Jackpot is a nice return to form as a sleek riveting sageuk with a tight narrative, Monster is starting off makjang and slow but has a steady hand, and Neighborhood Lawyer is unexpectedly snazzy and a tense level of sophistication.


Ratings Competition Evens Out For Three Equally Solid Spring 2016 Mon-Tues K-dramas — 11 Comments

  1. From my limited experience in dramas, I’ve come to realise that, when “the pie grows all around”, the productions seem to become more solid and we, the viewers, watch the best possible shows. The last time three shows competed with each other, I personally had a wonderful time watching them all: IOIL, Joseon Gunman and Fated to Love You; that was one of the best seasons, since there was really something for everyone in Kdramaland.
    Live-shooting system is practically a living hell for all casts and crews and the war of ratings makes it even worse. However, when dramas are neck and neck in terms of numbers, everyone tries harder. Too high or too low ratings seem to have the exact same effect of laziness in kdramas, a phenomenon that still amazes me.

    • I do agree.
      When there is a neck-to-neck rating competition, everybody like fired up and chasing more viewers until the end.

      i think its kinda the same with real-life.

    • “the pie grows all around” …I’d never heard this before; I like it! Yes, I watched and enjoyed all three that you mentioned. Something for everyone. There are many times when low ratings doesn’t correlate to a bad drama or high ratings to a good one, but as an international fan it doesn’t overly concern me except to feel a bit sorry for the hard work of the production. I’ve also learned sometimes things go on overseas that affect ratings, and I only learn about it via blogs or articles.

  2. I agree with kalel and Asterido that healthy competition does bring out the best in the production cast and crew, raising the level of quality of the programme and the talents of the actors. It’s good news that these 3 quality dramas are getting the attention of viewers. I am enjoying 2 of the 3 currently and intending to eventually watch all 3.

  3. I can’t deny that I’m a fan of Beast. BUT, I’ve always been aware that Kikwang has very limited acting skills. He’s not convincing and he tends to carry a weird tone which makes it soung like he’s being aegyo instead of acting. For me, Yoon Doo Joon and even Yong Junhyung were better than him actingwise. But, for the first time ever, Kikwang was was pretty convincing as a jaded prickly blind jerk. I do think the wave he’s created about the good reviews in his portrayal positively affected the ratings for Monster. I kind of wish that his part would get extended for a bit. I’m not sure if I’ll keep watching considering it’s a 50-episode drama. But, it definitely has an interesting premise and has the making of a great makjang.

    • totally agree that Kikwang did justice in setting the tone.

      Haven’t seen him much in other shows but i was kinda hooked and getting pissed in his blind, arrogant character portrayal in the first two episodes.

      two thumbs up!

  4. Currently enjoying Neighbourhood Lawyer, it’s fun & touching at the same time. Love the actress acting as PSY’s secretary, who is also the Most’s editor from SWP.

  5. Jo Deul Ho went first last night, Daebak second, and Monster still third. But I’m sure Daebak will be at the bottom next week, thanks to their younger actors, they can’t compared to Choi Min Soo & co.

    • The younger actors are doing great it’s the exception of the female lead. She’s terrible – wooden delivery and the same expression on her face. Her angry face was the same as her seductive face.

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