Descendants of the Sun Aired in China Gets Additional Digitally Added PPL


Leave it to the Chinese broadcast to further milk the success of Descendants of the Sun, but in this case it’s actually not all that offensive. Eagle-eyed Chinese viewers of the drama, and there are many many loving it in there, spotted additional PPL in the version streamed in China versus the version aired in Korea. Despite being broadcast simultaneously, the Chinese version had digitally added drinks to certain scenes, most notably the one from the recent episode 12 when Mo Yeon and Shi Jin bantered with each other on the steps of the army base at night. The drink is on the smaller side but clearly a Chinese beverage brand, which makes it wholly unlikely to be in Urk on a Korean army base but realism hasn’t been this drama’s focus to begin with. I’m going to let this one slide as it’s rather ingenious to do so after the Chinese broadcaster has officially acquired the rights to the drama.


Descendants of the Sun Aired in China Gets Additional Digitally Added PPL — 22 Comments

  1. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day! I love it. Also, I’m glad I’m watching the Korean version, ha.

  2. Guys, speaking of DotS and the Song-Song couple, have you all seen the instagram updates of Song Hye Kyo? 4 pics of her and Joong Ki! Haha! Awesome!! 🙂

      • Agree! And lol, it didn’t help that they looked really happy and comfortable during the HK presscon. Maybe they are just basking in the success of DotS and their new friendship hehe.

    • Wow…it looks suspicious. They looked like they’re really dating as rumored. I may be wrong. But they really looked pretty good together in the pics. I just feel the vibe way different from SJK/MCW in Nice Guy. Again, I’m probably very wrong.

      • Yes, a bit different. And after weeks of being deprived of pics of them (even from the recent DotS party), BAM, we got loads in one day! The fistbump, cheeky, Song-Song! I guess they knew the fans got excited over those from the presscon lol.

  3. Hats off to the ingenuity of the Chinese broadcaster, though those packet drinks look really out of place. Maybe mineral water ppl would look more realistic?

    Crossing my fingers that they won’t digitally add packet drink ppl to BBJX Ryeo…

  4. I don’t know the context of that last scene (not watching it), but it looks like SHK left her juice on the steps. Someone ditching your product is probably… not a good way to advertise, lol.

  5. They looked like they’re really dating as rumoured.

    +1,agree.They give me that vibe,dunno why.
    They were so cute in the press conference. Their body language screamed dating to me.And the fact that he doesn’t call her hye kyo noona but hye kyo ssi which is also formal amazes me.

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