Kim Ji Won and Yoo Yeon Seok Deny Rumors of Reported Dating Relationship

The timing is about right for more dating scandal from the cast of Descendants of the Sun, with a drama this popular the ingredients are in place for viewers to dream of reel to real or for fans to spot relationships thanks to the heightened scrutiny. With the rumors from three weeks ago that leads Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo were spotted in New York City and are dating, which both sides swiftly denied, now it’s Kim Ji Won‘s turn in the tabloid ringer. The only DotS lead who is safe from dating speculation is the married with a kid Jin Goo.

Back to Kim Ji Won, she’s been basking in this rise to fame and now an old dating rumor is back on the front pages thanks to a reported new sighting. Kim Ji Won is reportedly dating K-actor Yoo Yeon Seok, and this relationship has been pegged at a long standing four year duration. Both sides have denied it but this isn’t the first time they have been linked or reportedly spotted out together. If they are dating since that long ago, back then both were struggling young actors so if they dated it wouldn’t get any attention. Since then Yoo Yeon Seok hit it big first with Answer Me 1994 and now Kim Ji Won is the same level with DotS. 

For whatever odd reason these two seem like a very suitable couple, from age to aura to even their matching acting career trajectories. If they aren’t dating then being linked together now isn’t a bad way to get some additional press.


Kim Ji Won and Yoo Yeon Seok Deny Rumors of Reported Dating Relationship — 22 Comments

    • I like yys, but the fact they got together when she was nineteen or twenty when he was well into his late twenties is super side eye worthy. also, before anyone comes for me saying “oh but technically she was legal so it’s okay” or “my parents have a twenty year age gap, age has nothing to do with love”

      i. dont. care. it’s still sleazy on his part.

      • Unbelievable. Why? LMH is being with Suzy since she was underage, in Western world, with same age difference. They were caught going into a hotel. To sing “pat-cake”? Comments were : he is cute , find his love, won’t be alone, hot couple, and other s* comments, instead of sleazy, irresponsible, since they( LMH and Suzy)have many teens and preteens that look upon and follow them as role models. Even, giving their fans advices!! I do not care for however reason they did it. It was irresponsible, selfish, senseless, that show no moral values, cheap and poor publicity, that send wrong message to tons of underage followers as well as parents. I am based this comments on what was published by the media, and the pictures of them hiding like criminals, going into a hotel. So, Just be fair to all. They were at a restaurant eating, with theirs managers, and she go into his car, did not try to cover up.
        I am a fan of their work of all of them, without exception, but facts are facts, and fairness is fairness. Do not try to tarnish their image,KJW and YYS,with senseless and malicious comments, because they have done nothing to deserve this. Normal people socialize.

  1. Age is not a problem to love. Some people are lucky to find their true love at a young age and keep it. I don’t see why anyone would wanna break up with YYS. He seems the considerate and caring type. Plus he is very nature loving, makes his own furniture and products and is a total catch. She definitely got lucky there ^^

    • Yeah I agree, YYS would be the most caring boyfriend, I think she is really lucky. And YYS is really lucky too because she seems so down to earth.

  2. They’re going to look stupid as hell when they eventually get caught with photos the next time around, but Dispatch probably has more important fish to fry. They should have just admitted it, if you can read Korean and use DC all of his kfans have known for years about this lmao.

    Anyway, they’re both irrelevant, so it’s not like they’ll be negatively affected. The only people that will actually care are his faction of kfans that stayed with him after his Reply hype faded and while he’s been flopping with basically all his films, and that ratings train wreck of a drama with kang sora.

    • It’s more for her career than his. He’s over 30. Shes’s young and upcoming. OR she might be if her next drama doesn’t flop.

    • Wow… whats with all that venom. Do you know him personally or her for the matter, whats with the judgementalism? I think they’re both doing well and definitely relevant enough for you to waste 2 minutes of your time spitting out your tomyum juice at them. I saw his recent movie with Moon Chae Won and really like it. Peace out!

  3. why would they admit it if there’s no picture proof to begin with? if lee jong suk and park shin hye could deny their dating rumours despite all the evidence from dispatch why would these two admit to being in a relationship regardless of everyone low key knowing about it?
    in regards to their relevancy its odd that the dating rumours surrounding two irrelevant celebrities managed to stay as one of the higher ranked trending articles on naver for a good part of today.
    not denying his lack of success after reply 1994. he hasn’t managed to score a project with that amount of success despite doing numerous movies/that one drama that won’t be named since its conclusion

    • I guess you’re not that aware of how celeb dating news is treated in Korea. Literally any dating news between two celebs will end up trending, sometimes even the most irrelevant celebs end up trending for hours or a whole day if it involves dating or a juicy enough scandal. ifans literally have no idea what goes on unless they only get the cherry picked articles that kpop/drama sites decide to translate lmaoooo.

      As for the other couple that denied, they’ll also look really bad if they get caught again, but whatever that’s on them lol. Look, I actually like yys more than a lot of the trendy actors out there right now, but his career post reply has been terrible. He’s a good actor, and i’m not saying his films are shit, he just can’t deliver hits. that’s it.

  4. Is it only me that find it strange that some comment here called them irrelevant people? When koala alr said above why this couple gaining interest again right now. ?

  5. Celebrities dating-depends on agency agenda. If they feel a need to promote, they will allow the media to release the news. But many tried to make the teenagers believe their oppas and actresses pure and virgin. YYS is from King Kong, well known agency who tried to shield or promote that their actors are pure, clean and virgin even most of people know their actors like Lee Dong Wook had a string of girlfriends, enough for trophy collection. Lee Kwang Soo, has many rumor too about his private life too.

  6. I watched the mood of day and enjoyed it. Thought their bed scene was disappointing… the movie was about a one night stand, and they don’t show it? xD

  7. They’re irrelevant bla bla but somehow the ones claiming this are the ones talking the most about them. Stop embarrassing yourselves kids and go to bed before your mommy cuts off your internet supply.

    Having said that, I think this is, like Koala said, a good way of gaining additional press, especially for him. She gets enough as it is with her drama, photoshoots and string of CF deals…as much as it hurts some people.

  8. Hi i come from the future. I’m still waiting for Yoo Yeonseok & Kim Jiwon dating confirmation. Idk whether they have been dating each other or not before this. But I’m 75% confirm that they’re dating each others now or actually getting back. Now that Jiwon is 27 and Yeonseok is 38, I think they’re ready to go public, just waiting for the right time. How did I know, it’s my delusional mind & my stupid detective skill. People gonna comes at me, bye xx

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