Competing Neuro-medical Dramas: Beautiful Mind with Jang Hyuk and Lee Hee Joon Up Against Doctors with Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won

Casting matters a big deal not just in assembling certain audience favorites onscreen, but it also makes a big difference in setting the mood for the drama or movie. For example, the exact same storyboard may suddenly look different if idols are cast as leads versus critically lauded acting talent. KBS is still trying to get medical drama Beautiful Mind off the ground, and if the title sounds unfamiliar then the original title of Dr. Frankenstein might better job the memory.

It’s the drama that has been in the works for a year and a half, and way back when it was courting Kim Soo Hyun as the titular male lead. In the year since Kim Soo Hyun did Producer and Lee Jong Seok and Yoo Ah In were further chatted up for the drama with nothing coming of it. Picking young Hallyu stars like Kim Soo Hyun or Lee Jong Seok for this drama means a trendier vibe for me, which has now gotten tossed out the window as Beautiful Mind is trying to lock down the two male leads of Jang Hyuk and Lee Hee Joon.

I love Jang Hyuk and his involvement in any drama or movie is never a bad thing. He’s such a prolific actor that he’s already played a doctor before in the excellent Lee Kyung Hee penned drama Thank You. In that drama he suffered from crippling guilt and heart break but in Beautiful Mind he’ll be a genius brain doctor who is actually a text book psychopath in that he can’t feel any emotion due to a traumatic frontal brain injury. He then has to regain his emotional core to clear his name when a series of patient deaths start to happen which implicates him.

SBS is already doing neurosurgeons drama in Doctors and that’s also airing on Mon-Tues this June making for a double dose of competing brain docs on the small screen. Doctors sounds more like hospital setting character driven dramas like Golden Time or Surgeon Dong Dal Hae, wheres BM has a thriller investigative element to it. I was looking forward to Doctors since it’s been awhile that a medical drama lured me in, but having two medical dramas on deck may be one too many. I might end up going for the one with the more gripping story and in this case Beautiful Mind will be penned by the screenwriter of Sungkyunkwan Scandal while Doctors is written by the writer of One Warm Word, High Society, and Can We Get Married.


Competing Neuro-medical Dramas: Beautiful Mind with Jang Hyuk and Lee Hee Joon Up Against Doctors with Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won — 34 Comments

  1. Okay. From writer of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I’ll definitely watch Beautiful Mind. Can’t say that about Doctors’ writer.

  2. This will be a tough competition with Monster will be half way ahead
    Janghyuk has good rating record too.
    Good luck Shinhye and Kim Raewon

  3. Aw Jang Hyuk. I love this actor and miss him. He’s good in all of his projects. I’m glad Koala mentioned Thank You. That’s one of the most memorable K dramas I’ve watched and it turned me into a fan of him and Gong Hyo Jin. Even in the underwhelming K adaptation of Fated to Love You, I was more impressed by him than the Taiwanese male lead.

    Although Kim Rae Won would be a formidable rival of Jang Hyuk, I’m not so positive about Park Shin Hyeu though. Will root for Beautiful Mind given SS writer and Jang Hyuk.

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      • Well written advice. Drama2016 just keeps saying the same things again and again. I swear this hatred for Shin Hye isn’t healthy but hey-ho. Let him/her be. Shin Hye’s life doesn’t evolve around one commentator.

      • Hey kid, I think you generalize too much with unrealistic imagination about me from a merely simple comment. LOL…I don’t like PSH’s acting. That’s it. There’re many other K actresses I like a lot who also co-stared with my favorite K actors. Me jealous of PSH? Hahahahahahahaha…This must be #1 joke I’ve heard about in 2016. LOL…K drama is just my entertainment that happens to be a very small part of my life. There’s nothing in any celebrities I admire. I watch drama to relax my over-worked brain. That’s it. LOL…I’ve got a good life with top 1 job ranked by Wall Street Journal for many years. There’re no reasons to get jelly of an Asian entertainer. You’re so comical.

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    • I loved Fated to Love You but found his weird laugh awkward. I felt embarrassed for him. He is a good actor but I wouldn’t hold his latest works up to KRW works. I will try to watch both to see which holds my interest more.

  4. Hahahaha….were you talking about his laugh in Fated to Love You. LOL…Those hilarious and exaggerating blasts.

  5. Between KRW and JH, I find the Kim Rae Won’s acting more compelling. There are instances of awkardness to Jang Hyuk sometimes. Especially as Doctors has Park shin Hye who is my all-time favorite. and I trust her decision take on this drama. So Doctors for me all the way.

    • hi! 🙂
      Yes. Between the two KRW has more range of expressions. Like both and seen many of their dramas. But, with Shinhye being in Doctors…’s decided for me. Anything of hers is a must for me. June come soon 🙂

  6. Literally tired of this doctor related stories why korean making most of dramas around doctor stories the plot with this topic really sound old why korean not explore other story lines. lets hope these drama show something different but i and few of my friends are not much interested in both or any doctor related dramas. korean writers bring something different.

  7. WOW this sound interesting and JH is one of best actor. He not only have looks also act so well. I hope some good actress get lead role.

  8. Between Jang Hyuk and Kim Rae-Woon, I will watch Kim Rae-Won for sure. There is a depth to his acting I do not find in Jang Hyuk’s acting. I do wish they were not competing with each other on the same day, though… Actually, the more I hear about Doctors, the more I look forward to it.

  9. JH is an outstanding actor and handsome as well he is becoming marvelous with time. His acting skills made me watch korean dramas with love and story of this drama sound good. sure will watch it

    • Yes he is. He’s such a charismatic actor of his generation. I won’t miss any of his dramas unless his leading lady is extremely unbearable to watch.

  10. Jang Hyuk is such a great actor… he is the character he portrays.. If Jang Hyuk is in it, I am definitely watching it!

  11. if i have to choose between Jang Hyuk and Kim Rae-Woon, I will defiantly for JH. No doubt both actors are very good in acting but JH who make his character alive for me and make me fall in love with it and he is way to handsome heheh and i trust writer of JH drama more than KRW and story really sound interesting its not just medical drama its also have mystery touch. SO hell yeah to JH drama

  12. Between KRW and JH i have more faith in JH as his previous dramas speaks themself and JH drama writer are more trust worthy than KRW drama.

  13. Am I the only one that wants Jang Nara to sign on Beautiful Mind now? Like, even if the drama turns out to be a hot mess, I’d watch it just to see Jang-Jang couple in action again.

    Man can dream, right?

  14. Do people posting here not realize they can change the name they are using but their avatar stays the same? And everyone knows it?

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