Mirror of the Witch Reveals Yoon Si Yoon as Heo Jun and Kim Sae Ron as the Princess Witch

My enthusiasm for jTBC fantasy sageuk drama Mirror of the Witch has been on a roller coaster ride since it was announced but has stabilized just in time to appreciate the first peeks at the drama. A well made fantasy sageuk is a rare find such as Joseon X-Files, or can be a hot mess like Records of the Night Watchman, but either way it’s a must watch for me because Yoon Si Yoon is headlining as the male lead in his first post military discharge acting project. So excited I can’t even!

My waffling on the drama comes from exceptionally talented but still oh so young actress Kim Sae Ron being cast as his leading lady, the age gap might be fine in five years when she’s at least twenty years old but she’s 15 going on 16 years old this year (or 17 in Korea years). Since it’s the story of famed doctor Heo Jun as played by Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Sae Ron plays a princess at birth cursed to become a witch, perhaps the romance will be back-burnered to the mystery and intrigue much like in Painter of the Wind. The first stills of the two leads along with script reading pictures all look so so pretty right off the bat.

In addition to Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Sae Ron, Mirror of the Witch stars Yeom Jung Ah, Lee Sung Jae, Kwak Shi Yang, and Jang Hee Jin, and the secondary excitement comes from the excellent PD Jo Hyung Tak who directed Maids, Who Are You,Β Daemul, and Harvest Villa. Mirror of the Witch airs in late May after Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi.


Mirror of the Witch Reveals Yoon Si Yoon as Heo Jun and Kim Sae Ron as the Princess Witch — 18 Comments

  1. Gosh KSR looks much older than she is. She doesn’t really look like a 15 years old turning 16. I don’t mind the age gap as this happened a lot in the Western filming industry. What is the age of the heroine princess in the drama? In ancient time, mid-teens were indeed considered of the right age for courtship and marriage. Besides, I agree she’s a true acting talent. Without her, I wouldn’t have kept watching High School Love On even I started off for the sake of my Kpop bias INFINITE.

    • In what Western films do you have a 16/17 year old lead actress with a 29/30 year old actor. It may have happened but I did not watch it. It’s off putting especially of it is a romance because they are so many older actresses with great acting ability. Didn’t they try this with the other former child actress to not so great results.

    • @Drama I agree with you I don’t mind about their age gap. Specialy because this is a Sageuk and as you point out back then 16 year old was an acceptable age for marriage and most married older men.I’m surprise the production went there with such a young actress but I’m totally open to see where they will go with it.
      Both Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Sae Ron are talented actors I’m sure they will do a great job with their characters.

  2. ‘this happened a lot in the Western filming industry’

    No it doesn’t, no western film producer would make a 15 year old the love interest of a 30 year old actor unless they want to be called a paedophile by their audience.

    • I wasn’t referring to “the minor” thingy, but “age gap”, meaning it’s common to have much older male lead co-star with a young actress. Also as a matter of fact, there were western romantic movies in which the female lead were teens as young as 13 years old although I do feel inappropriate.

    • First I like to point out that unless I have miss something nowhere is been said that YSY and KSR are each other love interest just that they are the leads on the drama. I have yet to see the drama synopsis, without knowing much about the story I think people are making much ado about nothing just suppositions.

      Second I disagree with you about film PD’s haven’t put young female actress opposite older men to co-star in a some what of a love line. And most of this films where either award winning or criticality acclaim.

      Jodei Foster Taxi Driver (1976) she was 14yrs her co-star Robert De Niro 33yrs

      Brooke Shields Pretty Baby (1978) she was
      13yrs her co-star 29yrs

      Natalie Portman LeΓ³n:The Professional (1994) she was 13yrs her co-star Jean Reno 46yrs

      Tatum O’Neal Paper Moon (1973) 10yrs
      Little Darlings(1980) 16yrs

      Dakota Fanning The Runaways (2010) 16yrs

      • I did said “some what of a loveline” but let’s agree to disagree your viewing experience of this movies might be different from mine. We might grasp the thematics differently because of backgrounds and other circumstances.

        All I can said is that from my point of view at the very least this young actress sold the chemistry with their older co-stars.
        For me an actor is an actor regardless of their age. If they have the ability and skill set to interpreted a character that required them to play older or against older actors so be it. Why limit an actress like KSR just because she is 15 years old. I don’t understand why is OK for 20something year olds to play younger 15-16 but not the other way.

  3. I sure hope there’s no romance between the two in the drama! Regardless, I will still be watching. YSY is enough for me to board the ship.

  4. Nothing could keep me away from this drama. But I can’t believe YSY’s come back drama will not have him doing any of signature hot kisses.

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