Drama Airing Schedule Changes for Wed April 13th Due to Korean Election Coverage

Politics remains a hot topic in South Korea even as Hallyu and entertainment is big business these days. Whenever there is a big election things either grind to a halt or the drama broadcast looks annoyingly marred with election results. Both are happening this Wednesday April 13th as the election for National Assembly candidates takes place in Korea. On KBS, Descendants of the Sun will air as scheduled and the results will be seen via a scrolling ticker on the bottom of the drama. SBS will preempt the penultimate episode of Please Come Back Ahjusshi and MBC will do the same for Goodbye Mr. Black. Ahjusshi’s last two episodes will air back-to-back on Thursday April 14th starting at 9 pm through 11 pm while Mr. Black’s two episodes will air that Thursday but from 10 pm to 12 pm. 

This is a good chance to check in with viewers of all three Wed-Thurs dramas – folks still watching Mr. Black and/or Ahjusshi have any updated opinions or thoughts to share. I still feel awful seeing how low ratings are for those two dramas, and much as I love DotS it’s certainly not well-written fare to the point as to merit record breaking ratings. I find the acting and confident execution of DotS to be its main selling point, so does Mr. Black or Ahjusshi have a good story to be worth a marathon afterwards?


Drama Airing Schedule Changes for Wed April 13th Due to Korean Election Coverage — 33 Comments

  1. can’t say anything for GMB but CBM is really good. ofc you’re going to find people who didn’t enjoy it but i think it’s one of my fave kdramas this year (or ever really), especially when it comes to oh yeon seo and rain’s synergy. not too much of a fan of rain’s character’s story but when i watched the original japanese drama i also favoured the other ahjussi’s plot more so that wasn’t a shock. anyway long story short CBM is definitely worth marathoning for anyone who didn’t get a chance to watch it while it was airing live!

    • I also am enjoying CBM and hope people give it a go when it completes its run. It isn’t perfect but, well, what drama is? I knew CBA was based on a Japanese novel but didn’t realize they’d made a drama out of it already as well. CBM has been able to become a drama with comedy and heart and the actors have done a great job.

  2. You should definitely marathon Please Come Back, Mister. The show is mostly hilarious. Goodbye Mr. Black is good too…so far, that is. Funny thing is, I am one of the very few people that have not watched Descendants of the Sun, and was planning to marathon that once it is done. I have heard DOTS as either really good or boring…so I have been hesitating on watching it. Is it that good?

    • DOTS started out to be kind of a crack drama with me but I got to a point where I enjoyed it but that excitement that I had initially kind of faded. I definitely think it is worth a go, especially for the Song/Song couple, but it is definitely about the romance.

    • I’m with you Leah. I haven’t watch DOTS, instead I been live watching Come Back,Mister. I personally have enjoy CBM a lot.

    • I am also with the minority… tried DotS few weeks ago and am still stuck in EP4 now. Not sure why, but somehow this drama is just not my cup of tea. Will try to pick it up again once it’s over and I hope I could really finish it someday. Only following GMB now, I like it so far as the story is quite unpredictable, especially when all of us thought that Black would hide his real identity throughout the show but in fact not. Just like most comments, there are flaws in this drama (anyway, which drama wouldn’t have?) and I think some parts on the revenge plan were not executed well enough. I enjoy most of Black’s fighting scenes though. I hope GMB would not disappoint us. I really like Lee Jin Wook’s acting, but I noticed he’s not been getting any good script lately.

  3. I’ve only followed these two dramas by recaps. I’d pick Ahjusshi as my first choice.
    Mr. Black, I feel like the story has been told a million times before, although the cast is really good.

  4. Goodbye Mr black….I dropped it last episode. I couldn’t take the level of stupidity anymore, several things happened and then that very inappropriate kiss became the last straw…coupled with the fact that I am firmly SLS shipping…Song jae rim is just too cute in this role while lee jin work as Mr Black is too bland. The revenge is not well thought out, black and his team members barely know what they are doing or looking for and he outed himself far too early – he is a wanted criminal but thinks that wearing black suits and changing his name will not make people recognise him, really? You guys see what I mean? Too many flaws. This could have been a good show but the storyline and directing let it down big time.

  5. GBMB is pretty bad tbh. A waste of LJW and MCW 100%. SJR is saving the drama with his small scenes.
    CBA despite being a “fav” of drama sites and I’tnl fans isn’t that good either. It lost the spark for me after episode 5.

  6. +1, Among all the fans raving about CBA, I finally found someone on the same page as I. It’s most likely the genre with too much exaggerating farce is not my cup of tea. I watched about 3 episodes and eventually dropped it. Personally, I cringed at the character Rain plays in CBA. The female lead is also overacting from my standard.

  7. I love PCMA however they over do it sometimes just for the sake of being comedic. Also after the first two episodes it became unrelatable. There are a some ridiculous things that happen in DOS that make me think “huh?” but PCBA is over the top. Still I love Oh Yeon Seo and her only which is a surprise because im a crazy Rain fan and i think he chose a bad role. It showed that he has gotten slightly better at acting but he always have to show over the top expressions that i sometimes question the growth of his acting. Please choose a better role next time I beg of you.

  8. I like Come Back Ajusshi! It’s hilarious and touching all at the same time. The transitions between funny and emotional are so smooth, they just hit you. I’d be laughing one scene and suddenly I feel the pain be characters feel. I guess because many people have some regrets in life and given a chance to come back, they would change some things maybe. But what I really like is that they never forget who the “orginal” men are, and remind the audience that Rain and Oh Yeon Seo’s characters are just their new bodies. At poignant scenes they would have a shot with the “original” men who passed away in place of Rain and Oh Yeon Seo’s characters.

    Like what most people say, Rain’s character gets annoying and sometimes you want to give him a good shake and yell at him to wake up his idea and stop being so petty, but maybe that’s the point? 🙂

  9. I find all three boring. I skip this and go straight to Marriage Contract and Mrs Temper. I’m just not feeling the action/revenge genre this season.

    CBM is just not doing it for me for some reason, even though I like the leads enough.

  10. it’s a good thing I din plan to watch PCMA and CBA as I knew they’re going to suck. but I will marathon marriage contract. too many ravings about that drama piqued me.

  11. I love DOTS, watch it raw n subbed, after i watch it raw, ussually i gave spoiler on my sns account. I’m such a spoiler pooper?????? CBM is a good drama, it’s worth marathoning if u want but i find GMB story line is bit everywhere, eventhough i watch it just because of SONG JAE RIM. My wed-thurs is fully booked ?????????

  12. I love Comeback Ahjusshi for Oh Yeon Seo alone. Her chemistry with Rain is out off chart. And her love story with Honey Lee also very interesting. This drama gives me a lot of laughs.

    Too many revenge makes Godbye Mr. Black is just a so-so drama. And the highlight of this series actually Song Jae Rim. Not impress with Lee Jin Wook. I always think he’s very bland. Kim Kang Woo is much better. Moon Chae Won also not as good as before.

      • Moon chae won’s character is the highlight to the show ?? sure the drama has its flaws but as someone said before which drama doesn’t?

  13. i didnt enjoy watching CBM nor GMB. since i watched dramas with high rating, i came to understand why CBM and GMB werent doing good in Korea. it’s just not the taste of korean viewers.

    ps : i rarely watched drama with low rating soooo, my taste is korean taste, hehe.. no offense to other dramas especially CBM and GMB fans 😀

    • I’ve never heard before of a i-fan who shares the exact same taste with local audiences. Do you watch weekend and daily dramas as well? They almost always have the highest ratings of the week on SK television, so I presume you do watch them.

  14. Come back mister is not bad but Lee min jung is just not possible. Her actings are always the same: same expression on her face, same gestures. Dots, I dropped on episode 3, SJK is handsome and good actor, yet the storyline is so boring. GMB, I have read so many good reviews from koreans, so I am waiting all the 20 episodes airing to watch it in a go

  15. Please come back mister is over the top at times but also hilarious with a lot of heart. Dots has good acting but has a terrible plot. Gmb plot is so uneven. Marriage Contract has a cliched plot but something about it makes me enjoy watching it a lot. Memory is very good too but just gets more heartbreaking with each episode.

  16. Goodbye Mr Black…still enjoying it. MCW & LJW great chemistry- Dots, I dropped on episode 8..probably catch up again when the show finish.

  17. My favorite Drama so far is Goodbye MR BLACK.. This drama gives me alot of enjoyment especially watching Mr Black and Swanny interaction :)) Awesome chemistry!

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