Pretty New Official BTS Stills Provide Slow Withdrawal for Fans of Descendants of the Sun

It’s been nearly two weeks since the finale of Descendants of the Sun, and I’ll have to ask fans to chime in on whether the fervor has died down. Or maybe it was never all that hyped, as time will tell whether this drama will stack up well or burn brightly and fade quickly. One of the reasons I enjoyed it, among the various lures, was the visual glory of the cast and location shoots. The pretty penny spent to film overseas, and hire big names like Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki, was successfully captured for all posterity on film.

This is one drama that dazzled me with its pretty when I watched, helping to smooth over the narrative gaps and lapses. There are new behind the scene official pictures released this week and are too pretty not to share. Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo on the abandoned ship in Zakynthos Island is a photographer’s dream, especially in matching white tops. Below are two pictures of the leads filming the desert reunion scene that still rankles for how preposterous it is, but then seeing the beauty of Song Hye Kyo glowing in the desert sun after twenty years in the industry is probably just as preposterous.

For those still missing the Song-Song couple, print this pretty new pictures out to sleep with under your pillow. I’ve moved on to see what each brings in future projects but this drama was a complete win and┬árichly deserved. for two very hard working actors.


Pretty New Official BTS Stills Provide Slow Withdrawal for Fans of Descendants of the Sun — 29 Comments

  1. I honestly perhaps like the photography director the most among all the production crew. According to SJK, the still of him tying SJK’s shoelaces was a spontaneous work by the photographer and the visual ended up so spectacular that it became the signature still of DotS.

    Has the buzz about DotS die down yet? Not so far at least in S. Korea. So many TV variety shows are still trying to take advantage of the drama by inviting someone from the cast as their guest and it all boosts their ratings. To see its popularity, just watch how many parodies are uploaded to Youtube. LOL…Now it’s on the discussion table of the production team that a movie, novel, C remake of DotS, and perhaps season 2 will be on the way.

    I’m almost sure SJK won’t get involved in season 2, however. Based on his latest interview, he hopes his next project will be about a cold personality; a thriller may be interesting. Yes, I hope to see him play a cool and stoic detective next time.

  2. Yes, truly deserving of these two to earn such accolades. They gave their best to the show. If it’s up to the Soompi DotS fans, the drama will live forever in their hearts!
    Appreciate you posting this Koala, we want more! ­čÖé

    • Yup! Most of my friends from online Kpop fanclub waited to run marathon after the drama was wrapped up. They are watching it now. A lot of them are still in school and would like to put off until summer break. Good students! XD

    • my friend just started her second run of the drama and don’t seem to move on just yet. such a fever. I wish I could get tired with her whining, but I couldn’t. LOL

  3. Haha the desert scene in the finale. It’s so surreal. Regarding some narratives gone over the top, SJK said that he would like to sit down with writer KES and talked about them when he was asked about his bulletproof. LMAO. It’s not like actors aren’t aware of the flaws. Regardless, I had a lot of fun watching DotS thanks to all the fantasy elements. After a long day of brainwork, I watch drama to temporarily get away from reality.

      • SJK was asked by the reporter what he thought about almighty, invincible, and immortal Captain Yoo’s bulletproof after he was shot in different occasions including dead man walking right after the cardiac arrest onset. LOL

  4. Those bts photos were posted by SHK herself on her public IG, exactly on the same day, hours after some lunatic fans of a certain actress (SJK’s previous leading lady) went rampage on her IG. Apparently this certain actress deleted her IG acct and her fans went crazy, some went on trashing SHK and demanded her to delete all her posts that include SJK.
    Aigoo… Fans these days are just… *speechless*

    • Heya sorry to hear about this, I’m a fan of MCW and happened to see this post. I wanted to clarify that these might be the actions of some “fans”and obviously these don’t represent the entirety of her fandom.
      On a general note to anyone who sees this, sometimes these could very well be just “shippers”, NOT MCW fans because there are times I feel it’s unfair to point towards MCW fans when there’s a lot of her fans who DON’T ship her with anyone so please don’t assume that this is the case when it might be otherwise.
      Also to be fair, from what I’ve heard, seems like the same thing happened to MCW’s instagram from SHK’s fans(?) and she received the same treatment.
      The best thing we can do is ignore this and not partake in the same behaviour.

      • Hear hear.

        Another fan here who don’t do shipping.

        Don’t know what happened other than some whispers here and there and choose to ignore. The whole things are so immature and childish from both sides of the ships. And here is also no better..obviously.

      • +1.. Fan of MCW and new fan of SHK here too. I don’t play any shipping games that are surprisingly popular among Kpop fandoms and Kdrama fans. I guess most of these shippers are just childish teens. We support our favorite entertainers’ pro activities. But to meddle in their privacy including dating life is overstepping the boundaries.

    • I don’t know why they are blaming SHK. That woman has been posting seriously weird things all month. I guess it’s easy to blame fans of someone else than worry your bias has a problem.

      • I’m a fan of MCW here too. Of course there are some fans from both sides being immature. But I’m not sure if it’ll help matters if you imply that someone has a problem. People might take offense to it. I’ve seen MCW’s posts and they’re simply philosophical quotes – nothing weird about them. Some people may think that it’s only MCW’s fans attacking SHK. But like they say there’s no smoke without fire and it didn’t come out of nowhere. SHK’s fans also attacked MCW & even created memes making fun of her. So please look at both sides and don’t blame only one side of fans. I would also like to add that SHK has said that she personally liked MCW because she has her own natural and elegant color & she also started watching the drama Nice Guy because of Moon Chae Won so I think both actresses will be sad if their fans are fighting each other. As an individual fan of MCW, I also agree with the previous posters. Please do not generalized us as one. Most of us, her individual fans, do not ship her with anyone. We even have a non shipping rule in her fan sites.

      • Well now I understand what happened with mcw ig. All I have to say is thats effed up of people. I won’t even call them fans because you’re not a fan if you harass someone. It’s an embarrassment to any fandom. And if you’re a shipper doing this you’re more than delulu but a loser who needs a life.Just stay in your soompi forum and fawn over your stupid ‘sightings’.

        Lastly, mel don’t judge ppl and imply anyone is weird.

      • Exactly even if you don’t like the actress, just simply show some respect by not saying anything at all instead of implying that they have a problem. Also I would like to point out that there are some shippers who are rational and aren’t rude or delusional to the point where they would want to attack others, but then again there are always these little trouble makers that likes to start something with their bashing/indirect comments and say these stupid things to cause this so called “fan war” which makes the whole fandom a laugh stock and earn more haters for their actress. So I would like to say to these little trouble makers that are reading this now to stop this silly nonsense so both mcw and shk’s fandom can finally have some peace and move on !

      • Listen I like MCW, but the fans who go on hate on SHK or SS fans are seriously off base. MCW seems to be going through some issues judging by the things she was posting (very surprised to see her post those things). Even her fans were worried about her and wondered what was up. Then she deletes her IG and suddenly it’s some random SS shipper fault? Nah, I don’t think so. Maybe she needed a break. Maybe she’s going through a hard time because of her drama failure, but don’t blame other people and then hate on SHK for it. That’s just silly.

      • All I was saying is that you should have some respect and not say she has a problem or “that woman” has been posting weird stuff when nobody knows what is going on. And the way you said that the “fans” shouldn’t blame ss shippers or shk for her problems is like generalizing our whole fandom put the blame on you guys when that isn’t true at all. There are many of us who think she may just need a break also so I suggest you stop being silly and make those kinds of assumptions and hunny the hate that mcw and her shippers received is off base too that’s why I said whoever is starting these stupid little fan wars needs to stop so both of these talented actresses and their fandoms can finally have some peace.

      • @mel

        Who is blaming SHK? MCW fans? For what? Why?

        Every action has a cause. If it weren’t for the crazy, delusional Song2 fans who had to make a point and harass MCW, would the situation result in this? And who is equating Song2 fans as SHK fans? Chaeki does not equal MCW fans, nor does Song2 = SHK fans. Both actresses have relatively quiet and rational fans over the years, so the people who are using these generalizations obviously haven’t been their fans for long and don’t know the actresses well.

        To say MCW “has a problem” b/c she posts sentimental/philosophical writings is not a judgement on MCW’s emotional state, but your own narrow mindset. MCW has for years been posting writings like those to share her insights on life after watching or reading sentimental works. Anyone who’s paid attention to her for a few years would know this. Instead showcasing you are just another rash judgemental netizen, garner a bit of good will and don’t badmouth someone you haven’t even followed.

        It doesn’t look good for SHK fans to badmouth the other actress. I never understood why such simple logic seems to escape fans. Do SHK a favor, and don’t ruin her image for your own personal gratification. You may not care about SHK’s image, but I don’t want her to get a bad rep from fans like you. I’ve liked her since she was 18, so don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

  5. Yes it is really amazing on how SHK maintain her popularity & beauty for 20years! Hope to continue watching her drama & movie for another 20years!

  6. I’m still not over it. Nothing really compares to it for me. I can’t get over seeing SHK and SJK together on my screen. I think a lot of people feel the same judging by drama ratings now…

  7. And I think hype will continue for awhile… especially with award season coming up. Song Song could also milk their popularity, but they won’t do CFs or anything else together that they’ve obviously been offered. So it might die quicker than it could have if they really did that. And baring any major upset, I expect it to own everything at the KBS awards at the end of the year. So yep, DoTS lives.

  8. I liked DotS very much. I haven’t gone back to rewatch it which I thought I was going to do. The hype is still going on whether it’s good bad or indifferent. I was surprised at all the nasty and ugly comments about the actors, storyline and those of us that liked the drama. I was also surprised at all the rumors about the ending. I can’t remember a drama that had this much hype going on, before, during or after.
    Can anyone think of another Kdrama with this much hype?

  9. I don’t get all these disputes of MCW and SHK IG thingys. Are those their individual IG accounts or just set up by their fans? There’re always what I call rabid fans following any celebrities including my favorite actors/actresses such as SJK, MCW, Park Bo Young, Kim Soo Hyun,and Jang Hyuk,etc..But some celebrities appear to have more vocal and annoyingly lunatic fans following. There is a blacklist of these notorious fandoms in my mind thanks to their over-defensive/offensive zealous towards other drama fans, but not including MCW or SHK’s fan clubs since they’ve been quiet most of the time until now. Rotten apples always stand out in the whole basket all the time. I hope this IG rift is just one single incident. It’s wise for SJK not to be active in social media.

  10. Ooops forgot there was a special. The first 2 peeved me off because it was nothing new. Hope the Wed episode had BTS. I did enjoy the show irregardless of the OTT scenes.But the 2 leads were luminous in it. Will probably ask my mum to watch it.

    However the hype has died down for me and real life goes on. Like my Korean spelling test come Monday. This has been one of the prettiest drama I’ve ever watched though.

    And all this talk about MCW has reminded me I haven’t caught up on Mr Black this week. Hahaha.

  11. DOTS started out as a crack drama that ended up kind of boring me toward the end; however, I find that a lot of people are binge watching it right now so it definitely has some legs.

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