Posters and New Stills Hint at the Romance Between Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Sae Ron in Mirror of the Witch


I may find upcoming cable network jTBC supernatural tinged sageuk Mirror of the Witch pretty as a picture in all the promos, but it’s still a tad nerve wracking to anticipate it knowing the big age gap between the leads who are likely to be playing romantic love interest rather than narrative leads. My charming cutie Yoon Si Yoon has returned from military service looking mighty fine and ready to dive back into his acting career by choosing to do his first sageuk role, and he’s getting a leading lady in Kim Sae Ron who has zero detractors in assessing her acting talent. But she’s still 16 years old and Yoon Si Yoon is 30 years, both in Korean age, and in the newly released posters and stills she reminds me of a teenage Sleeping Beauty in the forest aura rather than a woman who could be romancing Yoon Si Yoon in a drama. I really want to watch this drama and hope my reservations won’t hamper my enjoyment should the quality and story line turn out to hook my interest.

New preview for Mirror of the Witch:


Posters and New Stills Hint at the Romance Between Yoon Si Yoon and Kim Sae Ron in Mirror of the Witch — 18 Comments

  1. i really adore YSY and they both have baby faces but i (unfortunately) have to pass on this one. my inner morality dictate i do not watch this. if i do & others do as well, it is essentially us telling the casting directors that this kind of casting choice is okay and it IS NOT.

    in no way is it okay to have a 16 year old romance a 30 year old. I CANNOT WITH THIS BS.

    • July 31st, 2000…..3 months to 16…
      Feel a little better after thinking she was 13….
      A lot will depend on the story and how it is executed …
      Still I don’t think I will be able to watch it and feel this fact hinder my watching…
      Surely they/she could have waited a little more?

  2. In the “good old days” :-

    1. marriageable age for females was much lower than what’s legal in most countries today eg (from memory) Juliet was 13.

    2. many men married wives much younger then themselves, esp secondary wives

    so the drama is not historically inaccurate.

    Even so, I do wish the lead actress was someone older.

  3. The promos do look gorgeous! And it will be wonderful to see YSY back on the screen again. I am a bit concerned about the age gap, but surely the production was aware of this when they cast their leads? I have a hard time believing that a kdrama, which by nature are generally more chaste than the American fare I’m used to, would but the leads in situations where the audience would be squicked out by their relationship.

    On the other hand, the age gap is probably fairly normal for the time period being portrayed in the drama. My biggest objection to the casting is that kdramas are notorious for overworking their stars, especially big, flashy sageuks, and I can’t love that someone as young as KSR is working those kinds of hours.

  4. I actually have exactly the same concern. She will reach 16 in July 31st.
    I am already feeling myself like an awful person just in being interested in this drama. I don’t think I could watch it.

  5. It does look beautiful but there’s no way a 30 year old should be paired up with a 16 year old as his love interest.
    They should have paired him or her up with a co-actor more closer to their own age in this case.
    Also it might possibly be very uncomfortable for both actors to portray lovers when Kim Sae Ron is paired up with someone who is aaalmost old enough to be her dad.

    • “almost old enough to be her dad.”

      That’s a bit exaggerating. It’s way too young for a 14 years old to be a father from the modern standard.

    • I agree and the above images are very disturbing. She looks her age 15/16 and he looks his age 30.
      Those images are sending the wrong message to the public . This should not just be a western culture concern . There are human rights group world wide that look at these type of issues all of the time.

  6. When is the premiere? I’m looking forward to this drama along with the one with OTP Park Bo Gum/Kim Yoo Jung mainly b/c of the leading cast and sageuk fantasy that I always love. Both KSR and KYJ are acting talents who look extremely elegant in hanbok. I’m not concerned about the age gap scrutinized by the modern western standard. Isn’t it a common practice in the ancient time that young teens marrying much older grownups? It’s just by our contemporary ethical values that it’s inappropriate for a 16-yr-old minor to romance a grownup. I’m not sure about legal implication. But could it legally subject the grownup liable to child molestation in case the teen’s guardians sue him?

    I saw a bit of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds teaser snapshots yesterday on K e-today. PBG and KYJ looked really adorable in the teaser. I’m so excited about MDbC but it won’t premiere until August.

  7. I don’t mind age gaps (reel/real) if it’s believable and both have chemistry but here she’s too young… I don’t want to expect chemistry or anything romantic.

    How come korean audiences are fine with it when they freak out over idols dating someone 10 yr older?

  8. not like he look dont match her. if yay want to see creeking man with young woman go watch i have a lover. dude look old like hell with that young woman.

  9. It’s acting. I doubt they will do anything beyond hold hands/a quick peck. Heck even older Korean actresses only do this much(see park shin Hye). I get people think statutory rape or something but they’re not doing anything close to that (come on). It looks like an interesting drama with good actors. I’m in.

  10. My grandma got married when she was 16, deemed mature to wed.
    My grandpa was 32, a swinging bachelor ready to settle down.
    So the age gap isn’t all that shocking by standards in the days of yore.

  11. Me too, I wish the lead actress was someone older..Not sure I’ll be able to watch the two leads together..Sorry just me:(

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