Kim So Hyun and Taecyeon in Talks for Supernatural Rom-com Bring it On, Ghost


There’s likely going to be whiplash reactions of yay and nay with this casting decision for upcoming tvN supernatural drama Bring it On, Ghost, and it’s funny how the news came first with the sweet and then with the salty. Growing up fast teen actress Kim So Hyun is in talks to headline the K-drama adaptation of a webtoon about the cohabitation hijinks of a high school girl ghost and the high school human boy exorcist. It’s got all the elements of teen manhwa cuteness what with bickering and living together and the inevitable angst of human-ghost romance to come.

Kim So Hyun played older last year as a high school senior in Who Are You: School 2015, but now she’s 17 going on 18 years old (Korean age) so this casting hit the sweet spot in character appropriate along with mega talented. Her costar is not nearly as age appropriate or acting talented as Kim So Hyun – 28 year old idol-actor Taecyeon has been offered the leading man role to reverse age himself to play a high school boy. I like Taecyeon for his earnestness but quite a few excellent younger actors around I’m a bit perplexed by his selection by the production team.

Bring It On, Ghost is written by one of the writers on I Live in Cheongdamdong and Producer, this time paired with the PD from the Let’s Eat dramas. It will air during July which is ghost month in the lunar calendar, making it a chilly yet funny offering on tvN Mon-Tues following Oh Hae Young Again.


Kim So Hyun and Taecyeon in Talks for Supernatural Rom-com Bring it On, Ghost — 20 Comments

  1. I love kim so hyun but taecyeon is a big NO,he is 27 years old man that looks nothing like a 17 years old high schooler and his acting is nothing to write home about…. My sohyunie deserves better *please PDnim* don’t do this to her.

  2. If he’s confirmed then I’m skipping it ,what’s with dramas lately and casting older men with hardly legal girls ?

    • She’s not hardly legal, hardly legal means she recently turned 18, this girl is still 2 years from accomplishing that. It’s just gross to have a teen living with a grown up in a “romantic” scenario. Those scenes will be really uncomfortable to watch..for those who are planning on doing that, that is. I’m not in for the cringe-worthy stuff at all.

  3. Nooooooooo…….wth, there’s so many more suitable younger actors who can ACT! JYP must have arm wrestled the production team. It’s not even a second lead but THE lead. Come on, he is a man and looks like a man. There’s no way he’s gonna look like a 17 year old!!!! Even if they age him up in the drama, there’s such a great disparity in their acting talents. He can’t even act his way out of a paper bag, he’s gonna look really bad next to her both in the looks and acting dept. I hope he says no. Otherwise it’s gonna end up being the next epic failure like Blood….

  4. A BIG NO!!!

    Can these not talented idol actors/ress say No for once? and acknowledge their limits and let other take their deserve spot? He looking like a good man, he should know better.

  5. wtf. He is way too old to be paired with a 16/17 year old and his acting sucks.

    And isn’t the hero of the webtoon a high schooler, from what angle does he look like a teenager except through an Instagram filter?

    TvN better wake up and cancel this casting, he is inappropriate for it in every way whether it’s age or talent.

  6. Waah! I don’t have against T but I just saw page turner and am Ji Soo obsessed. Can’t we have another with more scenes of Ji Soo and th lead actress

  7. NOOO please..please choose younger idols like Seventeen’s Mingyu or from other groups. It will be so much better if the leading man is around her age. Please choose wisely, Kim So Hyun is a great actress she deserves more. Please freshen this up..

  8. If they can’t find anyone famous enough at that age range I think they should try someone new rather than go for older. My suggestion would be Lee Tae Hwan (95). I like him since High School King of Savvy. Haven’t seen him in Hwajung but he was good in Pride and Prejudice and I like him in Come Back Ajusshi. With less experience is My Love Eun Dong’s cute youngster Park Jin Young (94).

    If they want someone famous Yeo Jin Goo (97) would be age appropriate if he wasn’t otherwise occupied. And even though they have been paired recently there’s always Nam Joo Hyuk (94) or Ji Soo (93).

  9. I don’t understand why he would get cast for this as a lead. He looks like her uncle tbh. And even though the kdrama scene is lacking a lot of talented female actresses, there are plenty of talented and YOUNG actors that they can choose from. I’m really, really hoping that he passes on this.. they can cast someone like yoo seung ho or lee hyun woo although I doubt that they would be taking on this drama.

  10. Y in Gods name is this guy still getting drama offers?? I rly like KSH n she rocks every role she has been given. It does nt make sense dont they hv age appropriate idols they can cast??

  11. the title of the webtoon is 싸우자귀신아 and while i’m not questioning anyone’s translating skills isn’t a more accurate translation “let’s fight ghost” versus “bring it on ghost”?
    my vote goes to kwak dong yeon for the male lead he’d be good at playing a petty loserish type character like bong pal. he was really good in puberty medley a couple of years back too


  13. I researched both taecyeon and sohyun photos ang i think, there’s nothing wrong with them, tvn chosen them for good and for them and for the fans…just support sohyun and taecyeon and please…just be happy for them.. sohyun is lucky because taecyeon is such a handsome and cool guy..he’s also gentleman as i watched him..BUT…taeyeon is more lucky ofcourse..sohyun is very talented girl, beautiful ofcourse, and such a wonderful teen idol..

    KwonYul oppa..Taeyeon oppa…Sohyun unnie..(wrong spelling)


    Kim So Hyun FIGHTING!


  14. you ‘re the best Kim So Hyun…. you ‘ll make this drama great. But why this male lead?? A younger actor would have been better, nothing against Taecyeon…. Kim So Hyun Fighting!!!!!

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