Park Bo Gum Gets Hit with a Face Full of Heirs Male Lead Makeup at Jewelry Event

Saying “Poor Park Bo Gum” feels wrong even for this occasion, because the young actor is so popular and rising right now nothing can really mar his teflon appeal. With that said, this is truly one of the most unfortunately makeup outings in recent memory for any celebrity. Park Bo Gum attended a jewelry brand event on Seoul looking like he was Heir-ified, i.e. been captured and transformed by the diabolical makeup artist for the male leads in the K-drama Heirs.

I made fun of Lee Min Ho, and to a lesser but still obvious extent Kim Woo Bin, for their massive piles of foundation and super shellacked pink lipstick for the filming of Heirs, not their doing or fault but still way unattractive on the faces of naturally good looking men. Seeing the same look on Park Bo Gum feels like the worst kind of deja vu, luckily his smile is so beaming and demeanor so cheerful it’s hard to not smile back at him, all the while plotting ways to attack him with cold cream.


Park Bo Gum Gets Hit with a Face Full of Heirs Male Lead Makeup at Jewelry Event — 13 Comments

  1. Wow! You know the makeup was badly applied when the color of his face doesn’t match the color of his neck! Jeeeeeez…

    • what is up with the makeup artists? they do this a lot, in dramas, etc, and it is really unappealing – somebody needs to fire their stylist

  2. I always wonder why they don’t put makeup on the neck so that the color mismatch is not so obvious.

    Anyway, he’s still very good-looking.

  3. LOL…the obvious shade difference between his face and neck, just ruined his good-looking features. I can’t recall how tacky the Heirs makeup was done on the cast. Overall, the drama is bad in ALMOST EVERYTHING that heavy makeup didn’t even bring to my attention. LOL

  4. Wow, he’s good-looking but he looks like he’s wearing a face mask. In some shots his face is so white he looks like he’s made up to play a ghost.

  5. Why don’t they dress up as ‘boy’s which they are? These maroon pants are so hideous,can’t with PBG’s makeup artist.

  6. These pics are truly bad. I swear he is wearing something under his shirt. It looks like he has man boobs.
    Whoever dressed him and did makeup should be fired.

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