Suzy and Kim Woo Bin Intensely Spark in New Teaser for Uncontrollably Fond

I was making nnnnnngggggg noises and grabbity hands at the screen all thanks to this unexpected new preview for upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs drama Uncontrollably Fond. It doesn’t arrive for another two months in early July as currently airing Master: God of Noodles is a longer run drama, so this new much too short but oh so good video preview is like getting an out of the blue flower delivery. Seeing leads Kim Woo Bin and Suzy verbally sparring and making intense staring eyes at each other is exactly what I want from them pairing up for a Lee Kyung Hee penned melodrama. I think it’s unrealistic to expect this pre-produced drama with a big name cast and an established screenwriter to reach the same heights of popularity as recently aired similar production parameters drama Descendants of the Sun, but Uncontrollably Fond definitely has the time to craft a top quality drama product and that’s what I want to see the most. A gripping romance with two leads who combust onscreen with each other.

Second teaser for Uncontrollably Fond:


Suzy and Kim Woo Bin Intensely Spark in New Teaser for Uncontrollably Fond — 41 Comments

  1. This is probably the most bland-looking Suzy has ever been lol. She still looks pretty though. Hope she can show us she can act in this. I adore her as a person but can never finish any of her drama except for Dream High and that’s more for Kim Soo Hyun than for her.

    Kim Woo Bin is still Kim Woo Bin. His acting is a hit or a miss for me. But I forever love his deep sexy voice lol.

    • Copy paste everythibg you poated cause that is exactly how I feel.

      Additionally, I am more excited with the writer for this drama.

      Crossing my fingers this would be a good drama..

  2. Usually, Suzy is really beautiful and Kim Woo Bin very charismatic but in this teaser I didn’t feel attracted to neither.

  3. Intensely spark? Really?
    It looks boring especially for a LKH’s drama.
    Suzy seems to improve and this is only teaser so I won’t judge too soon

  4. Suzy feels like hiding intense anger under that cold mask, but Woo Bin’s acting is unstable like spark.

  5. I’m just hoping that “only yooouuuuuu” song at the end wont be the ‘i love you’ to DoS, ‘you are my destiny’ to yfas, ‘only paradise’ to BoF, and ‘love is the moment’ heirs. Not every kdraama needs an overused corny love song to be good.

    Suzy is emoting here. Kim woo bin is playing his usual player, badboy type character in this teaser that relies more on his cool charisma than the emotional gravitas i connect with in actors. Here’s to hoping he can showcase something more when the show airs.

    They’re really trying to sell nations little sister as pd-nim by putting her in the most aged, god awful clothes. Still looks beautiful as always though.

  6. KWB’s character remind me of Sojisub’s cha in I’m Sorry…I hope he won’t die.

    Suzy looks so charismatic in that god awful fashion. She seems fiesty!!

    can’t wait.

  7. I always love Lee kyung hee drama, but i’m not really sure about this one because the cast are pretty weak. Yes They’re famous but not really good from acting skill.

    • then do not watch! as you are only important if you do not watch there are still many people who will be watching this drama. ah maybe you’re upset because your favorite actress is not a lead actor/actress in this drama. go watch your favorite drama actress. I feel sorry for people like you guys live just filled with jealousy

  8. Not really a fan of suzy’s acting but in this teaser i just feel like she improved, like as if she’s trying to suppress her anger and kwb’s acting is oozing with sex appeal. They look good together. I’m looking forward to this drama.

  9. I’m not feeling, but he’s doing most of the work here. I don’t really see or feel intense or anything from her.

    • This is only a teaser guys calm down ok, you can not judge just by teaser. What you’re the expert in the field of acting, so that you can judge only the teaser alone?

      • Well, I’ll say again neither are doing anything for me now that I’ve watched it again. He’s playing his normal cocky asshole character and she’s blank as usual. Plus why are her clothes so god awful.

  10. I oddly like Suzy more than KWB here. Maybe it’s because this is almost always the only type of character KWB ever plays but it’s been there done that to me.

    Suzy is generally bland tho. The only thing I’ve ever finished with her in it is Dream High and that was absolutely because of the brilliant writing and the fantastic Kim Soo Hyun. Big was godawful, and Gu Family Book wasn’t any better. This is Lee Kyung Hee however, so maybe it will turn out better.

  11. Suzy gave me chills with her staring. Like she’s about to cry or really fucking angry with KWB. Anticipating. hope it’s good.

  12. So far the teaser has not drawn me in. I don’t know how people can tell that Suzy has improved by a 30 second video of her spewing a few lines. Literally anybody can do that. Kim Woo Bin is also a hit or miss for me. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what else they will throw at us before it actually airs.

  13. LOL @ all the indifferent comments that also reminded me of those comments bashing DotS OTP before it’s aired. Not a fan of the two leads though. But their stares at each other looked interesting in the teaser. Totally agree with Koala. Pre production is the bet I would place on this drama.

  14. If these were some lesser known actors nobody would even talk about these teasers, they are so boring and predictable. It`s only couse of Suzy and KWB hype that this is even being mentioned. They both look like cosplay of their previous drama characters, especially KWB. Suzy at least changed her hairstyle.

  15. Top quality drama product, intensely spark???

    Did we watch the same teaser or did you watch an amazing one that wasn’t available for the rest of us mere mortals because this has got the be the most chemistry void and boring teaser I’ve seen in a long time.

  16. Wow! this unexpected teaser made me more excited!

    Kim woo bin’s line “date me for 3 months” in korean sounds so wild! im excited to see more of him teasing (and low-key seducing) Suzy. Since this is his first lead role in korean drama im excited how he will charm us.

    And im quite surprised how great improvement Suzy’s acting has become. Her stare and suppressed emotions is like when you’re mom is trying to reprimand you in front of your homeroom teacher.

    July please come faster! Truly a must see!!!

  17. I was not really looking forward to this drama because I am not a fan of melodrama but this was quiet interesting.

    I read the synopsis previously that basically said they dated as children and parted ways due to a misunderstanding and met years later all grown up.

    This teaser however, with her suppressed emotions, seem to hint that the misunderstanding is on his side but she chooses to remain silent about it and let it lie. Which begs the question of why?

    The other teaser already shows us she runs after him and gets into an accident, so would explain why she never came for him that first time round, but what stops her from going to him again, or trying to resolve the issue now, he is obviously still hurt over it and she with her red eyes with ushered tears doesn’t seem to be fairing much better.

  18. They seem to have tried very hard to copy Descendants of the Sun’s first teaser. The problem is that unlike Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki who are very good at acting (they managed to convey different emotions only by using their eyes or the tone of their voice; that is the reason why DoTS was a hit despite the lack of plot), Suzy and Kim Woo Bin lack talent so using their eyes and voice is not working (the former, let’s say, is acceptable while the latter managed to look monstrous). However, if the plot is good the drama may be able to get decent to high ratings. If not, Uncontrollably Fond will flop. Just an opinion.

      • My opinion doesn’t have to be important. It’s just real and it won’t change. I wish you good luck with your opinion. 🙂

  19. lol anit these two have bf&gf? suzy will never have spark with any guy.

    dont have to worry about rating for this drama. suzy uncle/FB will be glue to their tv. KWB GM/FG will be glue to their tv. will be surprise if this drama dont hit 20s in rating.

  20. preference. respect.
    one dislikes it. other love it. sooo… why so serious.
    i like KWB. not so into suzy’s acting. so what? can’t i watch this just bcuz i say Suzy is acting is so-so or bad??? no. perhaps, after watching this, i’ll find out that she can act. who knows.

    so just bcuz one said they dislike her acting, doesn’t mean they wont give it a try.
    some suzy fans need to calm down.

    i keep my expectation as lower as possible. even dots, i started with super low expectation. even with big names with great acting skills… so.. fighting for this drama!!!

  21. Sorry but Uncontrollably Fond has been and is the best drama of 2016: it’s not only a simple romance story between a “rich boy and poor girl” but about Shin Joon Young dying..

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