First Look at Second Leads Lee Soo Hyun and Lee Chung Ah in Lucky Romance


All the attention around the next MBC Wed-Thurs drama Lucky Romance have been on the two main leads Hwang Jung Eum and Ryu Jun Yeol. That’s par for the course, and especially so when the leads in question are coming off buzzy or successful prior dramas. In Hwang Jung Eum’s case it was last fall’s surprise hit She Was Pretty while Ryu Jun Yeol went from unknown to leading man status after Answer Me 1988. Now they’re paired up for LR and I’m as curious as their fans to see if they have chemistry with each other, and whether lightning will continue to hit for them in picking yet another winning drama and/or role.

With that said, the LR second leads are interesting commodities in their own right and now it’s time to check out Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Chung Ah in first stills from the drama. The whiplash is greatest for Lee Soo Hyuk since I last saw him biting anything in sight and being the most entertaining vampire baddie ever in a K-drama. Here he looks quirky and boyish as Hwang Jung Eum’s first love, and likely the comedy guy element to Ryu Jun Yeol’s straight man. Lee Chung Ah always seems a tad low energy to me┬áso he’s hoping her character is edgy and is integral to the story.


First Look at Second Leads Lee Soo Hyun and Lee Chung Ah in Lucky Romance — 7 Comments

  1. He looks kind of weird with this haircut, but I like the first pic. The giant doing its best to not look imposing and hear the tiny writer. LOL

  2. Lee soo hyuk vs ryu jun yeol? Lee soo hyuk lah, I don’t know why everytime I saw him. He like the vampire from the other star lol… And ryu jun yeol please don’t break you heart anymore… Lol. Both of them master of breaking they heart. But yeah they have so much potential to become big actor. I hope they get more and more good movie.

  3. “Low energy” would be the last thing I’d use to describe Lee Chung Ah especially after Flower Boy Ramyun Shop… or was she not that good at first?

  4. OK now I’m really thinking LSH did something to his face. I’m just really hoping it is just weight gain because he just looks off and it’s not the haircut *sigh* Anyway, looking forward to this! I’m also happy he’s getting more and more exposure.

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