Former SNSD Member Jessica’s First Solo Korean Single “Fly” Is Awesome and a Solid Hit

I can’t believe I’m posting about this – but I really really like Jessica‘s first solo single off her comeback mini-album. Those unfamiliar with K-pop may need the background first, that Jessica was a member of top girl group SNSD (Girl’s Generation) but was kicked out a year and half ago for supposedly¬†half-assing her participating and being more into her solo designer career than the collective. I didn’t care since one less girl out of nine¬†isn’t a major ripple in the SNSD herd, not to mention she’s such a bad actress which is my only impression of her I figured her idol girl efforts weren’t much better.

In the year and half since she’s been active in China and her sunglasses and accessories design brand. That’s not a bad career trajectory, but recently she announced a comeback as a solo singer in Korea and that had her fans excited and those who loathed her frothing at the mouth. In a major reversal of expectations, for me at least, her first solo single “Fly” is simply awesome. I heart it so much, from the hook to the great empowerment message with the undercurrent of being willing to take the harder path. Good for Jessica, produce a great product to prove herself is indeed the best comeback one can hope for.

Jessica “Fly” Official MV:


Former SNSD Member Jessica’s First Solo Korean Single “Fly” Is Awesome and a Solid Hit — 20 Comments

  1. ***SNSD had 9 members and now has 8.
    The reason she was kicked out there are many stories and one really knows the truth but she was preparing to leave however the group just kicked her out before the official date she was supposed to. Her career as a designer did have alot to do with it…

    I love her album too!I hope she writes a song for Apink in the future.

  2. I really like the song! I was so shocked that she wrote the lyrics all on her own. The song is so inspiring too!

  3. I love the song, too! It’s upbeat and has a really positive message. I’m really happy for her because the whole cd is great and she deserves to be successful just like anyone else does, no matter what other people may think. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jessica used to be the 2nd-in-line main vocalist of SNSD. After she parted way from the girl group, her ex teammate Tiffany moved up to take her place. Now Tiffany is promoting her solo album that debuted just a few days ago. But Jessica’s MV views are almost on par with Tiffany’s. Is it coincident that Jessica has to come back with a solo debut this time? I don’t think so. She’s basically sending a message to SM and SNSD who betrayed her: IN YOUR FACE! I don’t need you big ass label company to be a Kpop singer.

      • There’s no 2nd and 3rd place because depending on the amount of effort and practice they put in the “ranking” can change. SHINee had a very clear Jonghyun-Onew-Key-Minho/Taemin “ranking” but Taemin practised his singing bloody hard and exploded onto the scene with his solo, putting him way ahead of Key and Minho. Neither Seohyun nor Tiffany had very many lines in their earlier albums (they more or less had around the same amount, actually). Not to mention, the number of lines you get often depends on whether you suit the song/which fans they’re reaching for for that comeback, unless you’re a clear main vocal like Taeyeon/Jessica (i.e Galaxy Supernova, i think, gave Sooyoung a lot more lines than the 1-2 she generally gets in their Korean releases) and for Tiffany and Seohyun who are so close in terms of how good they are at singing, the person with more lines often varies from comeback to comeback depending on who suits the comeback more.

  5. I’m not a fan of her voice or song, but how she’s been living her life and answering questions about SNSD so nicely makes me respect her. I know she said some things right after the fact about being pushed out, but in time she seems to realize it was probably for the best. She’s free to do what she wanted while the other 8 are nearing 30 and stuck in a girl group… I think she won in the end.

  6. I like the beat. I hate her voice as it’s vocally weak. Sounds like she’s karaoke-ing it. I wish it was a different singer and I would have love it.

  7. “Love me the same” is an amazing song too. Mad respect for her for all she’s put up with and still came out professional and strong. Initially I was indifferent towards her but then I saw her on the reality show with her sister, and I could just relate to her, especially with having a close sister of my own. Also it showed how mature and smart she is about this industry, as well as being the caring older sister which she fills to a T. Krystal couldn’t be in this business without her, mentally and physically. Anyways that show made me realize she’s nothing like her image, and not that she’s out of SNSD, she doesn’t have to anymore. Thank god she can just be herself and do what she wants. Poor Tayeon is still getting flack for dating an EXO and well Tiffany is great, but she is no Jessica no matter how much they try to push her into the second vocal spot.

    • Yup, I agree with you. I am used with Taeyeon’s and Jessica’s voice complemented each other in almost every SNSD’s songs. They often had this kind of one-two punch where they sing after each other and it was perfect (example: Gee). And you can always hear either Taeyeon’s or Jessica’s voice in every chorus of their songs.

      Even though Tiffany or Seohyun get more lines in newer singles, I think Jessica is still SNSD’s no. 2 singer after Taeyeon. It is proven from each of SNSD’s songs which was not picked as the main singles, it was always either Taeyeon or Jessica who sings the chorus or the high tones or parts where high skill is needed (example: Goodbye)

    • Listened to the whole album and all of her songs are great. She wrote them all too. I hope she also considers writing and producing for other groups.

  8. i am not being salty here because i like her song especially Golden Sky. I like that song so much. Makes me crying but tbh between Tiffany and Jessica’s solo album, i found Jessica’s song is good comparing Tiffany. Well, it’s only my opinion.

  9. I love both Fly and Love Me the Same. I’m just glad that after all the hate that she got leading up to the release of her mini-album, she was able to answer back with, not just one, but two awesome songs. Can’t wait to see her performing this live.

    It’s also great to see all 9 SNSD doing their own thing and still remaining relevant after how many years in the industry. I still remember singing and dancing along to Genie, LOL. Look at how far they’ve come.

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