Lee Min Ho Exempt From Active Duty in Pending Military Enlistment Due to Prior Accident Injury

Hoo boy, this news is likely going to be polarizing so here goes – one of the top current generation Hallyu actors Lee Min Ho will be preparing for military enlistment to come either end of this year or early next year, and now his agency has revealed he will not be serving acting duty but instead public service. Lee Min Ho reportedly has a car accident injury, nature unknown, and has been exempt from active duty in the army, marines, navy, or air force. I think this also means he won’t be a conscripted police officer either, or maybe that’s one of the public service options.

This news is already being negatively received in Korea, where the norm is to serve active duty unless one is missing an arm or a leg, basically K-netizens hate it when it seems like a star gets special dispensation for military service. As Psy can attest, he who ended up serving two military services, sometimes getting an exemption is both bad for public image and ends up biting in the ass. Lots of male K-netz are commenting about their various injuries and ailments and still needing to do active duty, so whether Min Ho-sshi really can’tu do active duty or not, it’s not going to inure him to the patriotic civic crowd with this news. On the upside, he’s looking good at a recent Sina interview in China promoting Bounty Hunters!


Lee Min Ho Exempt From Active Duty in Pending Military Enlistment Due to Prior Accident Injury — 66 Comments

  1. I’m a fan of some of his dramas such as City Hunter and Faith. But I don’t think highly of his excuse for pending military service. I have many relatives who are doctors in Asia. According to them, it’s easy to fake medical evidence to dodge draft.

      • serving the army doesn’t necessarily mean being in the frontline, there are also administrative aka office works to be done and its the perfect place for those not fit enough to do the drills.

      • You talked like an angry bird with no logic nor basic manner. LOL…..Don’t get worked up before you even know me. There’re many LMH fans who have no idea what happened to him 10 years ago regarding the car accident. I was one of these fans before reading this blog. Who defines a real fan to be someone snooping around private life of a celebrity? For many drama viewers including me, we mostly only care about actors’ acting skills. So get your basic etiquette back!

    • At this point, it’s not my position to judge if LMH faked the medical evidence to be excused from regular military service like a normal korean male citizen. How a severe accident 10 years ago affects his mobility to participate in normal drills on daily basis is not in my profession to decide. Nonetheless, given how prevalent the powerful and celebrities have been trying all their means to dodge military draft in Asian countries that require mandatory military service of each grown-up male citizen, it would be hard for their countrymen to pay respect to these folks who are exempt from military services. LMH is definitely gonna have more haters bcos of that. Is it really necessary and worthy for him of doing so? Only he knows.

    • I think they are afraid he’s going to get hurt. He does bring in a lot of money – not only for himself and company – but the whole country. So, I’m not surprised. Anyways, he’d probably be a distraction in the military since he is a mega-star.

      • But I do still like him as an actor and will still check out whatever he’s in. I mean life is unfair – so whatever.

  2. he is not faking anything, he had a serious car accident that put him in the hospital for 7 months, two people died from that accident,and his fellow actor friend also got severely injured. He is right handed, but because of the accident he uses mostly his left leg for any type of impact, like fighting scenes, he broke his ankle, his femur, and torn ligaments, so he is not faking anything.

    People will hate regardless of facts, but luckily he has a devoted fanbase that will wait for him, he just needs to do his 2 yrs quietly, without any controversy, he should be fine.

    • Yea, doesn’t he still have metal rods of sort in his leg? I last read about this accident when I first started liking him back in BoF days, it’s been a while.

    • The injuries didn’t seem to bother him when he was doing all sorts of difficult stunt scenes for City Hunter and Gangnam Blues. If he’s able to do those, then he shouldn’t have a problem with active duty.

      • difficult stunt =/= active duty.

        Stunts aren’t the real action. They are all planned to not hurt the person involved, take days filming one action scene, camera angles capture the best things and make it look dangerous/difficult, most use body stunts too, so I don’t think you can compare both to active duty.

      • You’re right that stunts =/= active duty, because active duty is much easier. Stunts are difficult and dangerous, that’s why there are stuntspeople and body doubles, whereas active duty is easier. LMH had mentioned that he got injured on Gangnam Blues and City Hunter while filming action sequences, and even had to go to the emergency room several times. If he can do that, he can do active duty.

        Active duty is something that every healthy person can do. Most of the time active duty is quite boring. A regular soldier spends most of their time doing work and exercise around the base. That can be physically grueling, but again, if you’re able to shoot an action drama for 20 hours a day, you should have no problem with active duty.

        I’m sick of celebrities getting special treatment. I’m Korean American and I know for a fact that if ordinary people are in LMH’s physical shape, they are sent to active duty straight away. But I guess they want to leave the little people to defend the country and let celebrities live like kings. It’s sick.

      • If you’re Korean American, doesn’t that mean you haven’t served in army yourself? And how is shooting a pre-planned action scene for several hours compared to 2 years of non-stop military active duty that requires hours of running in the summer and shoveling snow in winter on daily basis?
        If anything Lee Min Ho would’ve gotten complete exemption had he been a civilian who went through such big accident – a metal rod in your leg, man. Ever since MC Mong celebs have not been getting that special treatment people like to claim so much, if anything they really try to go active duty nowadays so people like you won’t whine about it.

  3. I was waiting for this to be posted. Well, I’m sure he has a good excuse to be assigned public service, but he’s going to get shit for it forever. A lot of celebs continue to retake the tests and get rehab etc so they won’t be assigned such a unit. But again, it’s not like he needs Korean netizens to like him given how popular he is elsewhere. Though the new crop of enlisted people other than LSG have been disappointing. First Joo Won and his promotional cop unit and now public service LMH.

    • Not biased, just stating obvious facts. Since % of K ent celebrities not serving regular military units (such as marine corp, army, or air force,etc.) or trying to dodge enlistment is pretty high, surely S. Koreans do not trust authenticity of various excuses made by these celebrities. This is also part of the reasons why they are so fond of Song Joong Ki. SJK could have chosen to be in public service unit as an option given to him. Instead, he chose to be enlisted like regular male citizens.

      • I honestly don’t even try to judge netizens who get upset about celebs getting out of their MS. I’m sure it’s a hell of a lot easier for someone like LMH to get out of it for a car accident years ago than it is for some random poor guy fresh out of high school to do so. And yes, any guy who does their MS with honor and does active duty gets praised, since they could easily get out of it.

    • We are a family that are all in military involve , my Dad is a full active in his time as a military but he did not make into his career, my two brothers but they only up to a year then they get out they said is boring I married an active American soldier and make it into his career from private to become a CW2 then he retired my son in law he is a Doctor now still active his military career and he is now a Captain I have cousin he is now in medical reason
      He is a nurse when he join in military, in my country or here in America there is no more it’s mandatory to force yourself to join the Army, before when I was a little girl I hear all male should voluntarily join the army but now it’s up to them I remember example Elvis Presley voluntArily join the Army but he did not stay long in the military.

    • Yikes, that sounds terrible! That’s the first I’ve heard of it. Maybe netizens don’t know the details, and will cut him a break when they know better.

  4. common is not only lmh both jung llwoo and lee min ho are both exempted. looking good from the outside does not mean he is not suffering inside…. and also lmh himself said it in an interview that he does not use is injured leg for actions scene… fighting lmh we your fans are always supporting you .. love u big

  5. Most people don’t know the details but it was horrible,he could not walk for almost a year and people died in that accident. I don’t think he will risk his career by lying,that guy values his job more than anything lol,public or active duty atleast he is serving his country.

  6. I read comments from Knetizens, that the most irritating thing is LMH doing action scenes in City hunter and Bounty hunters, but now he is uncapable to serve. One of both is fake and people wonder which one 🙂

      • He didn’t use stunt doubles in any of his action scenes, at least not in City Hunter, based on an interview with the drama PD.

  7. There are some ppl in korea who have made it there life along hobby and obsessed with lmh and a part of them are in the media and coming at him in a horrible ways even at the time when he was only a kid. His someone who has been given second chance in life and feel like he could have probably died in that car accident which means everything would have been different regarding hallyu today. His a very nice boy who really dosen’t warrant such bad obsession and mostly these ppl are powerful ppl and not your common trolls. they circulate bad pics, news etc etc downgrading mediaplays on him 24/7..

    they are just allover him to a extent that it’s human rights violation. they have stripped him of his humanity and I’m just wondering for how long he would still be an actor. Is it really worth of working under such scrutiny?

    • lol what are you talking about? He’s a handsome young guy so that gets him a pass for most things from everyone. Female idols and actresses deal with things a million times worse than he does.

      • Don’t get carried way by his success and fame which actully hides the campaign against and it’s a vicious and it’s underneath everything you have to follow him around to understand. there is powerful ppl who wants to destroy him. ever since bof-days.

        I have seen celebrities and stuff but I have never seen anything like the tensions and rabid campaign against anyone like lmh that alone needs a chapter in history. I tell you what it’s more curious case then benjamin butter literally.

        Is he worldwide loved yes but the campaign is coming from ppl with money and power imo

  8. I knew this was coming. No judgement but Jay Chou exempted also form MS in Taiwan and it never affected his popularity

    • And your point is?I can’t remember when anyone viewed him as ‘city hunter’ in real life a fictional character he played in a drama,if you view an actor based on his drama characters that is your problem. and is not like he is not doing his military cut him some slack antis others can go public service but not a guy who almost died and also thought he won’t be able to walk again.

      • My point is it is hilarious to think of LMH so highly from his fans. He is human after all.

  9. Lol why are some people always trying to find a way to hate on lmh,funny thing is that he is not the only korean star to go public service park yoo chun is currently on public service and an actor forgotten his name is also enlisting on public service soon but everyone wished them goodluck lol…he has a good reason and if military checked him and found him unfit,who are you to judge?

  10. I don’t know. He did had a very bad accidentally but…
    My view is if you can do your stunts, you can very well go to the army.
    Like you said, it doesn’t endear him to the masses.

  11. I don’t care about this but I feel the need to add something here. The health requirements for MS are different from a film set (I’m from Turkey and we also have mandatory MS for men – 18 months). My cousin – who is not famous or rich or anything like that- was found exempt because of his eye sight. He wears glasses yes, but not bottle like ones and he leads a normal life without any eye problems. However something in his eye did not fit for MS requirements and he was exempt.

    Regardless of whether he can perform stunts or not, army requirements and expectations are different, one seemingly doesn’t have a problem running or exercising but sometimes is exempt due to a bone shape or something like that.

    So him doing stunts (or jumping up and down) in films doesn’t automatically mean that he is fit for MS.

    My appreciation on MS matters goes to Hyun Bin. God that guy did it the hardest way.

    • Yes, the stunts are all planned to make it not hurt themselves, they take days filming one scene, so I don’t think you can compare to active army.

      stunt action scene =/= real action, active duty

  12. well said @ Eliza bennet acting is quite different from millitary even if he does all the action himself he has to rest and sleep when doing that but in millitary nobody cares it different so if you are not physically fit u dont do it

  13. I suppose now K actors learn from certain Taiwan actors how to skirt conscription. But it’s okay if K-netizen hate it because they can just perform in China. Who care about duty and responsibility

    Respect for people who did their duty and responsibility without excuse

  14. I knew it!! Lee Min Ho is the face of the Hallyu Wave. There was no way that Korean government was going to let their golden boy be out of commission for 2 years.

    • He’s still out of commission for two years – he’s doing public service instead of active duty, meaning he still won’t be able to act or be on tv.

    • Lmao you just hate him that’s all,cos this not even a valid reason. He still going to military but serving public duty which is proven by an accident,so learn to let go of your bitterness this celebrities are living their lives while people are dedicating their’s looking for reasons to hate lol.

      • I hate him, too. And I have tons of reasons. So I am not surprised at all with this news. What can people expect from this hen? Fugly in look and crappy in actions. I still remember those days of the tragic Sewol ferry tragedy back in April 2014 when Korean celebs were supposed to keep low profiles and limited public activities. When his so-called rival KSH still decided to head China to attend a world class car show in Beijing where he was emdorser of a korean brand car for china market there, this LMH hen (who was also endorser of a korean brand car for china market) hided himself somewhere in his homeland, relying on a shitty reason: busy filming his movie. This hen’s fans went to the show and he was nowhere to be seen except his standees there. Busy filming? Lol. For a guy who went back and forth China like daily routine like him, he couldn’t have just one day off for that big event at that moment? Later, in some promotion of his gangnam blue movie, this guy even revealed that during filming, he once went overseas for his event without even informing GB’s director. Such an attitude. His company later gave a nonsense accuse that he wasn’t invited by the show organiser, and they didn’t even inform his chinese fans on his chinese fanbase network.

        The recent dating scandal with Suzy: while knets was buzzing about the rumored 3 hotel night of him and Suzy, he was no where to be heard about. It was Suzy who faced media’s questions during new album promotion and clarified about that.

        Exempt from active duties thanks to the sequence of an accident 10 yrs ago??all right, had a good excuse, but you have been lossing your influence on knetz and media anyway.

      • LMAO!!!@Tamarine Chill you have so much bitterness in you lol,for someone who actually hate him you spend so much time researching about him…funny how kdramas should make people relax and happy but it actually brings out the worst in people,to much hate(which is a strong world tho)for someone who does not know about your existence or mine,the ‘my fav/oppa is better than yours syndrome” there are lots of evil and wickedness in the world for you to channel your hate on not on some korean actor you don’t fancy!laugh is too short promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate…

    • @Candy, Hate is too strong a word for someone who personally does not know the guy. the jealousy is real girl…

      and @Tamarine, you have gall. so full of insinuations but don’t actually know the facts.. you sound so sure of yourself smh…

      Does it make sense to compare grueling active duty to action scenes? more common sense please…do not belittle the armed forces.

      You have serious issues people, do putting others down make you feel better? you need loads of attention i guess.

      LMH, together with JIW, were deemed unfit to serve active duty by the Ministry of Defense due to their history of accidents.


      • I was gonna say: Birds of a feather flock together when I read LMH-JIL are both exempt from active duty thanks to the same accident they got. But You know what? your statement is even more hilariously right to this situation of LMH-JLW.So let’s see: if LMH is exempt from this, then JLW must be exempt, too, to be fair. If LMH is exempt but JIW decided to serve active duty when LMH was exempt, then LMH would be a dead meat, and vise versa. I guess they must have some secret deal with each other before they made this news public. Such a mutual benefit between, well, the so-called two cowards?

  15. Do you my man lee minho,whatever makes you comfortable be it active or public service as long as you are serving your country that’s cool.
    Still Lmao reading this comments,how do you guys do this the hate on actors/idols you don’t like still amazes me being bitter over an actor’s existence just for fact that you don’t like his/her acting or personality and giving flimsy excuses to justify your hate. Spend the energy on better things.

  16. People need to go read up on Choi Jin Hyuk who had a problem knee and was given the option of something like Lee Min Ho and Jung Il Woo. He refused and insisted on full service. Seven months later he’s released with his knee an absolute disaster. He should not even have been given the option. So CJH could have done his time and served his country well within the capability of his body but because of stigma this situation arose.

    The actors should not be given a choice; it should be 100% totally up to docs. And – it should go without saying – this is true for celebrities and non-celebrities and that might indeed be the issue. I take it that everyday Koreans feel their sons don’t get this exemption enough. However, this isn’t like the trio of actors back in the day that cheated on a lab test to get out of service.

    As long as they put in their time, every one should chill but, even the actors themselves have to know there is going to be people mentioning action scenes as if they don’t choreograph them out and spend days filming those scenes. I mean they spend hours on kiss scenes for heaven sake.

    Anyway, I think out of sight, out of mind and it will blow over.

  17. Now, the reason to go public with his relationship with miss A Suzy, regardless the consequences, has come to light. Understandable, but not smart. Given and take.

  18. Very well calculated. Now we can put the puzzle together, the pieces fit perfectly. It is a shame, because Innocent people were dragged into the situation causing much suffering , the statement they made at that time and all along, became meaningful now. Really need to do hell many charities to clean your spirit , because it was pure evil.

  19. I often read here “he can do action scenes. why can`t he do active duty?”

    During filming if his body hurts, he can call someone to massage him. Can he call his trainer or someone else to massage him during military duty out on the field?? NO!
    After action scenes when is body hurt, he can get immediate treatment like massage, hot long bath or from doctor (if worst).

    During military duty he will not get to soak in hot bath or get massage. If he`ll get it, then this is special treatment because the others serving in his group will not get it.

    Also after all the military entlistment scandal with former celebrities, the government and agencies will take double care to not risking any scandales with special treatments again.

    That is my reply to all the discussion here.

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