The Happy Hardworking Cast of Cinderella and Four Knights Attend Drama Wrap Party


I’m finding the low key casual vibe of the cast and filming of Cinderella and Four Knights exceedingly pleasant, like a warm casual breeze on a summery day. Everything about this drama so far is so under the radar and I love it that way, let it surprise me and audiences if it turns out to be awesomely addicting in ways that only a well adapted manhwa/manga to drama story can yield.

The cast attending the drama filming wrap party this week and it was a menagerie of shabbily dressed happy folks, the type of occasion where dressing up isn’t important but comfortably celebrating an accomplishment is. In attendance were leads Jung Il Woo, Park So Dam, and Ahn Jae Hyun, looking every bit capable of delivering a love triangle onscreen with visual compatibility. Joining them were the supporting cast of Lee Jung Shin, Son Na Eun, and Go Bo Gyul, completing the youthful tableau. The drama has been picked up by tvN for later 2016 airing.



The Happy Hardworking Cast of Cinderella and Four Knights Attend Drama Wrap Party — 10 Comments

  1. it give me feel of F4, looking forward to it. Ahn jae hyun you have kind and pure heart really wishing you best of luck 🙂

  2. Become fan of Ahn jae hyun after watching him in NJTW. i hope he do well in this drama as i found him really a hard working…

  3. i heard this show will onair in August (tvn). story really sound interesting i like lead actress, Ahn jae hyun is really handsome hehhe so will watch for both of them

  4. Jung ill woo forever has my heart ,first drama I ever watched was him in 49 days ,but he haven’t picked good dramas since that ( I really enjoyed HIC tho ) hopefully this drama is good ,but is it a Web drama also ? Or short series?

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