Official Poster and First Exciting Teaser Video for K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin

The K-drama world of Bu Bu Jing Xin (Bobogyungsim: Ryeo) took a big step forward this week with the Chinese released the first poster and video teaser for the drama. It looks good, people, legit does not look like a hot mess off the bat. The Korean version of the many princes are all shining in their own way and doesn’t bring back any similarities or references to their C-drama counterparts, which is a major relief in both narrative freshness and not trying to copy something that is hard to pull off.

Lee Jun Ki does the eye patch dangerous hottie in black look perfectly, in fact he could be the time traveling rock star from the present gone back to be a Goryeo prince, lol. Kang Ha Neul doesn’t grab me as much as 8, but Baekhyun is harmless as 10, while I’m super adoring Nam Joo Hyuk‘s 13 and Ji Soo‘s 14 already.ย IU is the one who looks and feels very much like Liu Shi Shi‘s take on the leading lady, all perky girl-next-door. The drama looks to be done with filming now and headed into post-production for a simultaneous airing in Korea and Chinese this fall.

Teaser for K-Bu Bu Jing Xin:


Official Poster and First Exciting Teaser Video for K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin — 78 Comments

    • Now isn’t that the truth. I will admit, I was on the fence about the drama. The initial outings were fraught with concern, but this teaser – well it looks good. So maybe the costumes were terrible, because they spent their budget on the outdoor sets. Hopefully, the teaser didn’t just show all the good parts, and the drama is indeed as good as it shows it to be.

  1. IU actually does remind of Liu Shi Shi for some reason.
    Looks interesting, doesn’t feel like a remake at all which is great!
    Will be looking out for this one.

  2. Omg…Lee Jun Ki is smoooking hot. Totally looks like the mysterious smexy badass prince. IU startles everytime in the same scene with him so no wonder he got the girl. I am signing up to watch this drama.

  3. Lee jun ki! Omo omo omoim spazzing right now!!! This seems pretty legit! So many to look forward to not only the main leads, the flower boys cast but also the story music and cinematography. Daebak.

  4. OMG, definitely looks way better than expected. I haven’t seen a really good segeuk storyline with a female heroine lead since Dong Yi. I am so excited for this!

  5. Most importantly… I see a scene between NJH and Ji Soo at 4:22! Haha I kid, not actually that important, but it is at least a little exciting that the real-life bromance may share some time together onscreen.

    That character map is helpful to get a sense of how all of the characters are oriented. I actually completely forgot Seohyun was cast in this – as a princess if I recall correctly? It seems like she’s in a side loveline with NJH, hopefully she’s either a small role or a decent actor (although I’m a tad doubtful considering how she’s well known for being robotic.)

    • actually, they have a pretty legit bromance in BBJX. 13th is like the community brother, he maintains a good (ish) relationship with most the brothers even up to the end. for instance, he remained in contact with 8th although they were on opposite sides (fighting for the throne) for the majority of the drama.

      • That’s good to know! I’ve only just barely started BBJX, so I’m not clear on how the relationships between the princes work quite yet. The fangirl heart in me is quite excited for all the possibilities for bromance, however!

  6. Not too satisfied with Lee Jun Ki’s looks. I just thought his outfit is tooo black emo. Maybe give him something dark but not completely black. He looks like an assassin to me rather than a prince with mysterious/majestic aura around him like how they described Si Ye. :/

  7. I thought that IU is with Lee Junki . Why does she have so many scenes with Kang Haneul especially that forehead kiss ? Do IU is with him first before romancing Lee Junki ? I’m a bit confused since I never watch the C-drama .

      • Thank you . I was confused bcs of the trailer . I have read the synopsis before but it was too confusing bcs there are too many princes .

  8. If I had absolutely no idea what bu bu jing xin was I would assume right off the bat that Lee jun ki was playing the second male lead and IU was going to end up with Kang ha neul. Let’s hope this isn’t the case. I’m still wondering why Lee jun ki’s character looks so dark? Did the Chinese version portray his character different from the book? Or did the Koreans portray his character similar to the book? So confused. Is there is an English version of the book? Lol

    Also, Lee Jun Ki’s character, costumes and portrayal reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki’s Howls Moving Castle. If you have seen this animated film, LJK’s outfit reminds me of when Howl transforms into a bird looking demon, draped in black.

      that’s a link for the novel but it isn’t complete. they stopped translating after a few chapters which was disappointing. The Chinese drama stayed pretty close to the novel though. They seemed to have made Jun Ki’s version even more darker than in the novel although the 4th prince in the novel was pretty cruel too. Maybe it’s because they’re adapting the drama to Korean history,I suppose. Hope this helps.

  9. I think the K drama version is more like “being inspired by BBJX”. In the original, 4th prince didn’t know martial arts, correct me with I’m wrong. With Lee Jun Ki in sageuks, there’s no way that there won’t have any action scenes for him. He looks more like an assassin than a Prince! Why is he wearing an eye patch? Is he blind in one eye?

    I still have a problem with the styling, especially Kang Na Neul, he just looks weird with that hairstyle. Nam Joo Hyuk looks too “modern”. But overall, better than expected.

    Sorry for being a broken record, I think Park Bo Young or Park Min Young would have been better in the lead role. I hope IU proves me wrong.

    • I don’t think either actress would’ve taken it if (and probably were) they were offered the scripts.

      A lot of details are gonna be changed because they do have to adapt to Korean history.

    • The K drama version supposedly took the best parts from the BBJX novel and adapted the story to Korean history and real Korean princes, so we should not expect exactly the same setup as the Chinese BBJX, which is loosely based on Chinese history. The K BBJX is not a remake of the Chinese drama.

      Lee Jun Ki’s character is the Prince Wang So, who was played by Jang Hyuk in Shine Or Go Crazy. If you watched SOGC, then you will know that this character knows martial arts, there are fighting scenes, assassins, etc. So, it looks like the K drama version will follow SOGC’s version of Korean history rather than BBJX’s version of Chinese history, which will make greater sense to the Korean viewers. After all, the K drama version is about the Korean 4th prince Wang So and not the Chinese 4th prince Yin Zhen.

      As to why he looks more like an assassin, watch SOGC and you will understand why.

      From the first picture, you can see that he is wearing a mask, not an eye-patch. And it has been mentioned in earlier posts that the mask is to cover a scar.

      • Ahhhh..who cares about the mask or the eye patch….he looks sizzling hot and his presence just burned down the screen.

        I love that they make Lee Jun Ki’s character so dark and mysterious. I couldn’t find a better actor who could pulled off that look and description other than LJK.

        So far his chemistry witb IU is right off the bat and I’m hoping that this drama will be a real good one.

        Plus accordingly, LJK embodies more of the 4th prince description comparatively with Nicky Wu. It’s just that Nicky successfully brought the character to life in his own version despite him not really meeting the description of the 4th prince.

        I am spazzing and can’t wait to feast on the good looks of LJK.

  10. omg HJH’s look kills me, he looks like a character from soul calibur LMAO. & they aged KHN sooooo much omg. IU. JS & NJH be looking so cute tho ^^

  11. I’m surprised that IU did well on emotional scenes. She looked believable. LoL. So far the teaser made me expect better story plot than what most k-netz and i-netz prophesied. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. The preview looks exciting; what i’m concerned is the otp chemistry.. for some reason i can’t get into it yet with IU and Junki. It reminds me of Junki and Yubi in SWWTN.. and it’s not a good thing. To me if i can’t feel and believe in the otp romance then it won’t work.

  13. It looks so GOOD! I didn’t expect IU will do well but she did! She remind me of Liu Shi Shi for some reason. The cinematography looks amazing and beautiful, as expected from Kim Kyu Tae PD. Can’t wait to watch Moon Lovers ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Entire Set and filming style looks like cinema film flick. awfully impress, hope the trailer are not just the only good part from the entire series.

  15. Thanks for the teaser, esp the English sub HD version, IU’s fans are awesome!

    Based on the teaser, it looks like the show is going to be quite exciting and hopefully epic! The cinematography is beautiful and the music is great. IU’s lovely and her acting looks good to me. The princes are absolute eye candy and I love badass LJK! Looking forward to August!

  16. LEE JUN KI!!!!!!! I can always count on him. But this looks quite wonderful….IU seems to be great and the acting of the other princes is all great. I’m hyped!!!

  17. I think it looks and sounds glorious!
    I just melted hearing 14 promising to be a man for her, Ji Soo was already the best part for me. No surprise.
    LJK with the aggressive possessiveness? Not OK for today, but from a bad ass prince somewhere in line to be King in ancient days, well, it is all right with me.
    IU looks like she belongs in the era, and her present day Korean fits the role well. I can’t wait for her to become more formal as she matures as the character does.

  18. I’m looking forward to see the main cast : IU, LJK and KHN. I like those three actors. I’m not a big fan of the others, they’re tall and pretty but not really charismatic (I liked Ji Soo in Angry Mum but not so much in the other drama/movie). I didn’t watch the chinese drama, so it’ll be new for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. this looks GREAT!!! I was in since the second Lee Jun Ki was confirmed but now the entire drama looks interesting and I’m so happy to see that!! and Lee Jun Ki looks flawless and perfect in/for this role, I really missed him!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m so excited and can’t wait for the drama to start airing!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Oh my! I’m normally not into historical kdramas but this one looks so good I may just have to watch it. I love LJK!

  21. Aw so many comments already. But I will come back later. Now I’m too busy watching 6 sexy flying dragons. LMAO. Finally yawned through Lee Bang Won’s childhood and now start having fun. Jun Ki and IU, wait for me. hahahahaha

  22. I’m in love. There’s so much to love. Not only does the trailer look good, the actors are absolutely adorable (Baekhyun! Ji Soo! Nam Joo Hyuk!) and somehow Lee Jun Ki managed to make an eyepatch look sexy. Also his 4th looks way nicer than icy block face. BBJX is my favourite drama but this one looks to be promising!

    Also, why does it look like Nam Joo Hyuk’s 13th is going after Haesu as well? 13th is meant to be a BFF to her, girl’s got enough princes in love with her already, lol

  23. I’m worried if IU’s acting skills will be able to cope as the drama progresses, having watched the Chinese, things get pretty heavy as the plot moves along and everybody matures so….

  24. I think the reason BBJX was so good was because Liu Shi Shi grew from girl next door to acting with this heavy weight, her acting gets a lot more calm and powerful as the drama progresses and that’s what makes BBJX great. I hope IU can do that too, to grew in her actor as she gains more and more power.

  25. Don’t worry about IU. Not her fan, but I fairly consider her acting very decent in You are the best Lee Soon Shin and Producer as well. YAtBLSH is the only family drama I was able to stick through the end so far, thanks to her impressive performance and chemistry with Jo Jung-suk.

  26. Who are the screenplay writer and the PD? What are their prior works?

    Once again I bet on pre production for its rating success besides that both Lee Jun Ki and IU have their solid fanbases in China. Also a huge cohort of exo-l in China will definitely tune in to watch their main vocalist’s first drama. I hope the K version story deviates largely from the original BBJX. LJK doesn’t have the same aura as Nicky Wu anyway. I wasn’t so much for Nicky Wu’s 4th prince. Hopefully LJK’s portrayal has more selling points to me.

    So much looking forward to the premiere. Fall will be coming very soon.

    • Director : Kim Gyu Tae (A Love to Kill, Worlds Within, IRIS, Padam Padam, The Winter The Winds Blow, It’s Okay It’s Love)

      Writer : Jo Yoon Young (Cinderella Man)

  27. One thing is for sure in this drama, is that IU will be the envy of every girl/lady/woman for being the center of attention of the princes here.:) She’s so damned lucky.:)???

  28. this will be LJK third drama were he have to carry the show. IU ging sux with her acting. only reason LJK do this drama is he hoping this drama will be a big hit in china. IU is only good for looking pretty like suzy.

  29. The Chinese version made me smile and even cry a lot, especially at the end T.T
    I hope this version could be as impressive and touching. So far, the teaser seems interesting ๐Ÿ˜€

    • That’s honestly so strange to hear because IU’s chemistry with all her co-stars have been off-the-charts and people have shipped the couples for years, like Wooyoung/IU was ridiculously popular, Jung Seok/IU was surprisingly popular as well (I’ve never seen the drama, but everyone who has does tend to say it was the lead chemistry that kept them going), and Kim Soo Hyun/IU was absolutely amazing, their scenes really showcased some intense chemistry. The only drama where she didn’t have great chemistry with a co-star was Pretty Man and that was because she barely had any scenes at all with Jang Geun Suk. But even then in that she had great chemistry with the second lead with whom she had most of her scenes.

      • You are so right. The only reason I even finished Producer was because of IU’s character Cindy and her chemistry with Kim Soo Hyun. Otherwise, the plot was horrible lol. Moon Lovers will be a success if the scriptwriter delivers. I had zero expectations for this drama before the trailer, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Hope it’s good.

        Lmao IU and Wooyoung in Dream High is like a legendary OTP among Kpop fans. They were adorable.

      • Yes! Like all the IU ships have definitely been v. popular, Wooyoung/IU (/Milky Couple) was all over the place back in the day. I never shipped them much, but they were super cute and I wouldn’t deny their popularity.

        And Cindy’s completely unrequited love made Cindy/Seung-chan the most popular Producers ship (in a show that had quite a lot of ships), as all the shipping polls conducted at the end showed. And most of that was because IU was so believable as a girl in love that people rooted for her even though it went directly against what Seung-chan himself wanted. Like, in my opinion, it’s no easy feat to make people root for your ship over that which Kim Soo Hyun’s character wanted to sail!

      • @Zoe, Producers has such great cast even the storyline, mainly the love line between KSH and my favorite veteran actress GHJ, wasn’t really down my alley. I actually shipped IU so hard with KSH to the extent that I hated KSH’s character being so stupid in his choice. LOL

      • @Drama2016

        Haha, same. Like no one would deny Gong Hyo Jin’s rom-com/chemistry chops, she’s aces at both. But Cindy was the only character in the entire show who made me root for her. And while part of that was because Cindy was extremely well-written- and by the end, the denouement of the show was centered around her- part of it was also because IU brought her A-game. To the extent that I’m almost disappointed that we’ll never see IU in that role again. I can’t help but wish that all her future characters have an element of Cindy (and give her a chance to get her bitch-face on, because that side-eye was a thing of beauty.)

        I have never watched a sageuk before, so I’m conflicted about starting this one, but it has all my favorites! However, what I like about this is that it seems to be centered on the female lead and her will to stay alive. Her interactions with the male leads is great and I’ll probably ship all of them (it also has my crack!ship which is Baekhyun/IU, lol. I’ve always low-key shipped them for no conceivable reason and it’s crazy to me that they’re doing a drama together), but I love how the teaser established that her interaction with them is informed by their personalities and hierarchies. In that she’s navigating her way through according to each personality type; she knows who to steer clear of, who to go for help, who to be playful with.

        I know most people don’t like their female leads to be calculating, but I definitely do and I honestly hope that Hae Soo is the kind of character who is nice, and warm-hearted, innocent, etc., but not above being Machiavellian or playing the people around her in order to survive because, in the end, survival is what matters, and even more so in a highly politicized setting where Hae Soo herself has no hard power or claim and thus can only survive through an exercise of soft power (like getting the right people on her side, etc.) I loved how that was a running thematic throughout, and I hope it stands true for the actual drama as well.

      • @Zoe, since you have never watched C BBJX, you should watch this K remake. BBJX can be considered the best romantic C historical drama among all. The plot was intriguing and unexpected enough to get me hooked for so many episodes.

        BTW, you should know Bacon has been dating SNSD Taeyeon, right?

      • Besides, most C drama heroines including the girl in BBJX are smarter than K drama heroines. So you can expect IU’s character to be much more intelligent than average K heroines.

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