Park Shin Hye Tries Out Being a High School Gangster in New Flashback Stills for Doctors

Park Shin Hye can’t quite leave high school behind yet, at least not onscreen when it comes to her drama roles. For her last few dramas she’s had a high school flashback section and/or actually played a high school student, even though being in her mid-20s she is now ready for adult roles all the time. Context is important and other than her role in Heirs, which sucked regardless of what age the character was written as, all her recent roles were lovely ranging from the shut in editor in Flower Boy Next Door to the feisty ethical reporter in Pinocchio. That’s why her return yet again to high school lane for upcoming SBS drama Doctors is fine by me, as seen in the new official drama stills above, she can still visually pass for a high school student and playing a former bad girl high school gangster is something new for her to tackle. Looking good all around and hoping the drama as a whole ends up amazing.


Park Shin Hye Tries Out Being a High School Gangster in New Flashback Stills for Doctors — 21 Comments

  1. Yeah, KRW and PSH makes my heart flutter in their latest BTS Trailer Making…I hope the story wont mess up…DOCTORS FIGHTING…

  2. She seems to have lost quite abit of weight. Looking thin now.

    I like her in her younger days when she was acting and still in school.

    • Park Shin Hye is first and foremost an actress, if she forever have chubby cheeks and look cute how will she be able to act more mature and as professional roles??? I know she has lost her weight for this drama and I respect her more for it.

  3. @Minttu. I understand you. Me too, i miss, but luckly I can go back and watch her previous projects. It is all for good. Our baby girl has grown, she is a mature woman now. She looks soooo fabulous beautiful, feminine, sexy. And can not forget charismatic as always.I am glad she is challenging herself taking mature roles. Looking forward to see and enjoy Doctors.Fighting.

  4. Did you see their teaser making? It was KRW’s 1st shoot but they were already cute….
    I think their chemistry will be great

  5. I can’t wait for the drama.It been like ages for PSH to do comeback after Pinochio. About more than 1 year right. Hoping that the drama become daebakkkk *cross finger

  6. That BTS trailer had me grinning from ear to ear! Their chemistry is soooooo good together! I really can’t wait! KRW is so affectionate and his smile is contagious! I also really love PSH’s playfulness and silliness! Looks like it’ll be a fun ride!

    • You haven’t even watched the drama yet and already you’ve decided that. KRW is one of the most diverse actors in K-dramaland. This kind of ignorant comment just shows you are ageist.

  7. For me definitely no age gap…both PSH and KRW look perfectly match and compatible with each other.
    PSH eager to make change and try diff role…fighting my girl ?

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