Taecyeon Ages Down to Play a College Student Ghostbuster in Let’s Fight Ghost

The forehead hair up or down post from last week seems prescient when looking at the first pictures of Taecyeon filming for upcoming tvN drama Let’s Fight Ghost. At the script reading his hair was black and gelled back like a small pompadour and made him look even older than his real age, a huge visual concern when placed next to teenage Kim So Hyun who is his onscreen leading lady. That’s why I have to thank the costume and styling department for the drama, turning Taecyeon from middle-aged slick dude into plausible college-aged slacker. Old stills from a previous tvN drama Who Are You set show Taecyeon goofing around with his script, which either comes pre-doodled or it’s his handiwork, either way the cute pics are a nice way to allay some of my early reservations about his casting in this role. Look like this and I’m all good! Now onward to waiting for drama scene stills to see how he looks opposite Kim So Hyun as the teenage ghost to his college student ghostbuster.


Taecyeon Ages Down to Play a College Student Ghostbuster in Let’s Fight Ghost — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Ms Koala, is that pictures of his really came from his new drama, Let’s Fight Ghost? Because the cover of his doodled script is titled “Who Are You”, his another (past) TvN drama.

    That large-headed-cat doodle is really his doing, though, which is also known as “Okcat”

    • well koala did state that the stills is from his old drama who are you. its just that she said if he came off the drama looking and acting like this old stills of him, then that will be good enough.

    • Hi, I mistated that it was from this drama, it is from WAY and I corrected the article! Thank you for the reminder. 🙂

      • Hi Koala, I think you have to correct the title of the article also so it wouldnt be misleading. Just a suggestion (:

  2. Nope, still looks too old for her.

    And these pictures are from 3 years ago, all the hair down in the world will not make him look appropriate for romancing Kim So Hyun.

    The guy is too old for the role, a terrible actor and none of his dramas as lead have even been successful – what was tvn thinking?!

  3. I would prefer it if they just keep them as like platonic partners rather than romantic interests… the leads don’t always have to be romantic interests. Each of them can just have a separate love line of their own. but TVN said that with the exception of aging up taecyeon’s character, the drama will follow the main manhwa’s storyline so there goes that. Idk what taec or JYPE was thinking when they accepted this role. KSH confirmed weeks before and they could have just declined

    • By pairing Taec with Kim So Hyun (who is popular and more recognized in the acting field), JYPE probably thought it’ll also boost up his popularity and recognition.

  4. Really.. There are lots of younger actors, why taec? I really like him but it’s not really credible to give him the role of a teenager alongside to a real teenager :s

  5. I don’t see too much of a difference between Taec’s and So Hyun’s age. And Taec has always had a lovely a lovely head of hair no matter what. He is the weaker actor out of the two though. By a mile.

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