Ha Suk Jin and Jeon So Min Headlining K-drama Remake of 1% of Anything

What’s old is new again as remakes continue to get churned out by the drama industry, and in this case it’s got a very important original element back.  MBC has scooped up the K-drama refresh/remake of early Hallyu drama 1% of Anything which aired in 2003 and is most notable for starring then rising actor Kang Dong Won who grew into a top Korean movie star who hasn’t touched a K-drama in well over a decade. The 2016 version is now confirmed to star Ha Suk Jin and Jeon So Min, both having headlined K-dramas already but not big enough Hallyu names to make me think it’s a good idea to pre-produce this drama with an eye towards simultaneous airing in Korea, China, Japan, and US. I suppose airing also means online streaming portals so that makes more sense, but either way the big draw for me is that the remake is being written by the original screenwriter who also wrote the source internet novel for this story. 


1% of Anything actually is credited for spawning similar cousin Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance. In 1%, the rich chaebol grandpa likes poor plucky teacher leading lady and tells his spoiled grandson that he’s giving his inheritance to said teacher and the man who marries her. Bickering and falling in love ensues, along with the hero growing a conscious and a heart, not to mention earning back his inheritance. It really is a classic and trite K-drama set up but a fresh coat of paint might lure me back just to check out if the story stands up to scrutiny thirteen years later.


Ha Suk Jin and Jeon So Min Headlining K-drama Remake of 1% of Anything — 20 Comments

  1. Like, literally who are these people to warrant a pre produced drama aiming for the Chinese, Korean, American, and Japanese markets all at the same time…LMAO. I mean, yes, I know of them in passing, but….

    I didn’t even think IU and LJK were big enough names for Moon Lovers, much less these two.

  2. I might have checked this out but the casting is so blah. Those are 2nd lead actors. I don’t get it? A retread with 2nd tier actors. No thanks.

  3. We’re all the relevant actors and actresses busy or something? Lmao, the shade is too strong, I need to stop ??

    • So…because they’re actors / actress you don’t really pay attention to ,they aren’t relevant? Don’t act like these two talented people don’t have any fans because they do,yall so damn annoying .

      • damn, chill lmao.
        i’ve seen this actress in maids and despised her character. i’ve also seen the actor in a drama (can’t remember the name) OR his role for that matter so it says something about the drama AND his acting.

        anyway, why you policing what i say anyway? it’s my opinion just move on, goddayum.

    • She played multiple second lead characters before ,just because you disliked her character in on drama ,you’re going to dislike her character in all her future shows ?I disliked her character in endless love and that’s not going to stop me from watching any of her future dramas .

      • WHEN did i say i was going to dislike all her future characters? stop projecting what you thought was said onto me and being so defensive for no damn reason.

  4. Jeon So Min is a good actress, I don’t get the shade being thrown her way as she has good acting capability and screen presence. Ha Suk Jin, never watched him in anything but I’ll tune in for Jeon So Min.

  5. Well god forbid 2nd lead actors advance to main leads, who cares if they’re good at acting, huh? Once a 2nd lead always a 2nd lead? Not sure about the marketability of the drama and the story is beyond dated, but I don’t see the need to put down the actors who are just doing their jobs that they are fairly good at. They might not be popular enough for the ambitions MBC has for this drama, but it’s petty and juvenile to ridicule them. There have been good dramas starring no-names before. No one started famous from the get-go anyway.

    • Well said! They are both solid in their own right regardless of who knows or has seen them before. And it is certainly the drama itself that needs the concern. The original was just “okay” even with liking the practically “no-name” leads, at the time. Truly hope Writer-nim gives us something fresh, lovable and strong this time around.

  6. KDW was like a stiff wooden brat except his raspy yelling was noticeable in 1% of Anything. I did not watch any of his films so have no idea how he’s transformed into a top star.

  7. lol people whine when they cast the same faces over and over, whine when they cast popular idols and whine when less popular acts get lead roles idk what they want??

  8. I vaguely remember this drama and I think I liked it… I might watch if it’s good but yeah, it will be harder to market this drama outside without any “staring hallyu stars” tag.

    • Stranger things have worked because of the OTP chemistry and good story. This might work if the network seems confident, there must be something good about it.

  9. I couldn’t finish 1% because even though the chemistry was good, they draaaaaaaaaagggged the middle part forever and second leads were just about as annoyingly annoying as possible – for that time.
    I’d give this a shot, but I would like to know how they make it work for today’s audiences.

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