Countdown to Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen’s July Wedding with Romantic and Cheeky Wedding Pictorial


A big hearty congrats to engaged and soon to be married star couple Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen, marking yet another cross-strait couple with the C-actor and the TW-actress tying the knot on July 19th. It’s been three years since they met on the set of Romance of the Condor Heroes, the much maligned drama adaptation by trolly producer Yu Zheng of the popular wuxia novel Return of the Condor Heroes. Since then the couple couldn’t defy the odds to make the drama a good quality product with them playing the OTP since Michelle remains so miscast as Xiaolongnu, but they have defied the odds on the naysayers who didn’t think their real life romance would be as long lasting as the fictional lovers they played in RoCH. The couple’s wedding pictorial was published by Marie Claire China this month and is alternatively swoomy romance and cheeky fun, just the way I like it. Can’t wait to see pictures from their nuptials and all the star studded friends in attendance.


Countdown to Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen’s July Wedding with Romantic and Cheeky Wedding Pictorial — 40 Comments

  1. Is it just me? I don’t find them compatible at all. Maybe it’s the biased talking because of her miscast as xiaolongnu. Tons of prettier co stars he had worked with would have matched him better. Anyway, congrats to them.

      • That’s rather rude. Do we have to like all married OTPs, that we have to find them all compatible? I didn’t wish them any harm, just my thoughts. I’m not the only one that felt the same way anyway. Despite not finding them compatible, I still wish them all the best in the marriage. So you should just chill….

    • I also don’t see any chemistry there. Even Goo Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun looked great together despite the failure that was Blood. I do wish Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen a long and happy marriage though.

      • Yeah I get what you mean. I have nothing against this couple but I felt that the pictorial did nothing to bring out their chemistry or love for one another. For one, I felt that Michelle was conscious of the camera and not really in the moment, for most of the pictures above.

    • It’s not our business as drama viewers to judge whether they are compatible in real life or not. Your feelings about their real life relationship are beyond comprehension.

      • Please identify the difference between judging and having a different opinion. Is there no freedom of speech? Does it mean that you love everybody in the world? I understand your attitude if I had come across as being mean or used derogatory terms, which I didn’t. So please grow up. There is no law or conditions that states that we have to like all OTPs who got married.

      • Yeah, I have no idea how we who have never met these people and only know their public images can judge whether or not they are compatible? Very confused as to what people are basing their opinions on. Anyway, I think the pictorial looks great and I wish them happiness.

      • @juliesean Yes, you have the freedom to state your opinion, and others have the freedom to say your opinion is wrong. That’s what freedom of speech means. And surely the couple themselves are in a better position to judge who they are compatible with than you are, so I do think it is more polite to respect their decision and defer to their superior knowledge of what will make them happy. And that is my opinion, which I am also free to state.

      • Your comment did indeed come across as mean. You are in no place to say that he matched better with other costars and insinuate that he could have done better with a “prettier” actress, as someone who only knows his public persona and has no knowledge of his private life.

        You indeed do have freedom of speech, but that does not give you freedom from criticism. Just as you are allowed to express your frankly rude opinion, other commenters are allowed to call you out on it. Perhaps you should be the one growing up.

    • Well how would you feel if someone told you your bf/gf is too pretty for you and he/she would be more compatible with someone just as pretty and not you? Do you think starting a relationship is like flipping the pages of a catalogue and choosing the prettiest face on there? This belief that a couple works only if they are equally pretty/famous/successful is just mind-boggling to me. They don’t need to be compatible visually, it’s completely irrelevant for a relationship if they are or not. And it’s especially rude that you try to pass it off as an innocent inoffensive comment on their compatibility when in fact you’re obviously putting her down for not being good-looking enough for him. Talk about being shallow and rude.

    • I think if you had said you don’t find them compatible in looks, you will get much less flak.

      In real life, compatibility in looks is hardly important in marriage. There’s so much more to marriage compatibility and not forgetting important factors which have nothing to do with compatibility.

      • agree… please comment in their looks… this is what pictorials are about. They want to bank on their faces, the first pic looks like a movie poster. I don’t like that red dress, who wants to take a wet wet wedding pic… LOL… but I think they look ok together.

    • No I don’t think you’re alone. But it doesn’t matter what people think who he matches with cause they’re not him and it’s his life. Maybe there’re many prettier co-stars/women out there but to him Michelle might just be the prettiest 😉 but again maybe it’s only one of many things, their personalities might just match well and that nobody could tell but themselves.

    • I dont know how you define compatible? By age , looks or character/personality. Unless you know them personally, base on your comments. I only guess, you are using their looks to judge their compatibility. I think she is a very beautiful girl with a know good character. She has been a Taiwanese actress for over 10yrs. She is a extremely good, grounded, amazing, mature person. Chen Xiao is very blessed to pick a good girl to marry. So I dont now agree with your comment as it is just so one dimension. And she is three dimension., not one.

  2. The pic in bride/groom dresses on the 3rd row from the bottom is really beautiful and classy. Congrats to the newly wed to be.

  3. I completely understand that EVERYONE is “entitled to their own opinion,” so everyone just need to calm there a** down, why so F***ing sensitive. LMAO !!!

  4. if only she look this good in condor hero. she was still fat when doing condor hero. her acting didnt help too.

    these two are the same as blood lead. they all fall in love& married after the drama.

  5. When a couple chooses to show their wedding pictorials on a magazine, they are open to criticism. Whether it is good or bad, they got paid already. They just want to bank for their own benefit. So what if people criticize if they are not compatible or choose not to buy that magazine… Do we all have to give them praises? Jeez…

  6. I dunno why they say she isnt pretty. Just because she not d typical sharp chin small face type. I thk she has her own beauty. And alnaturel. They may seem like an unlikely pair but good for them both to have found love together. Congrats to them and hope bai nien hao he.

  7. So pretty! And whatever anyone else thinks of them as a couple is irrelevant. Why? Because it’s their life and they look so damn happy. Everyone can have opinions of course, but it really doesn’t count so…

  8. I actually kinda warmed up to this pictorial over their first one. Idk the bride but I love groom. With that being said people need to chill and not feel the need to be insulted every time someone shoots a criticism. So what if other people think he looks better with someone else? What does that comment have anything in relation to you? It not disrespecting her because clearly he thinks she is the prettiest enough to be his bride.
    It’s a comment section for a blog. People are allowed to be freely critical without having to be antagonized about it.

    • Equally ppl don’t have to get worked up for different opinions than their remakrs. Opinions are opinions as long as the comments are not meant to attack the commenters. So it’s pretty rude to call other ppl “grow up” something like that. Exactly this kind of language of personal attack triggers war of words.

  9. Has it been three years already since RoCH? Gosh time flies. But anyway, another happy couple (and a cute pictorial). Wishing them the best! I recall their interactions on a Happy Camp promoting RoCH and before they were publicly dating…super cute lol

      • Well, I probably wouldn’t say no to sponsored Dresses, but I still think that 8 it too much especially the ones which are not wedding themed at all. But hey – congrats and have a blast!

  10. Why do people say she isn’t pretty? She is very pretty to me.alot of those so called pretty actresses are fake anyways .plastic surgery beauty not natural.

    Good luck to the couple.

  11. The top picture reminds me of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in that Nicholas Sparks movie…name escapes me. They had that great kiss scene.

    Anyway, I wish them the best.

  12. These pictures… A connection is missing. Both very beautiful in their own right. But it felt like they were photoshopped from different frames into the same frame in some pictures.

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