Lee Jun Ki’s Having a Bloody Good Time Along with Full Cast in Official Character Posters for K-Bu Bu Jing Xin

One of these things is not like the others is my first reaction upon seeing the just released official character posters for the Korean drama version of Bu Bu Jing Xin. The concerted effort to distinguish male lead Lee Jun Ki‘s 4th Prince, from the C-drama version’s understated steely scholar and also from the other princes in the K-version called Bobogyunsim: Ryeo (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo), is going overboard in the character poster that has him covered in blood like he’s in a sageuk version of a slasher movie. Whereas his costars IU, Kang Ha Neul, Ji Soo, Nam Joo Hyuk. Hong Jong Hyun, and Baekhyun are all looking tidy and quietly regal. I don’t have a problem with intense guyliner Jun Ki slashing and stabbing his way to the throne except that wasn’t 4th Prince in the original novel so I’m starting to be angsty for what the K-version has in store. Other than the wholesale visual differentiation of 4th Prince, everyone is looking softly pretty.


Lee Jun Ki’s Having a Bloody Good Time Along with Full Cast in Official Character Posters for K-Bu Bu Jing Xin — 34 Comments

  1. I think the official title has been changed to “Moon Lovers-Scarlet Heart: Ryeo”.

    Ya, I would prefer if they toned down the poster with just Jun Ki looking steely and melancholy and let him do the slashing in the drama but who cares? I have so much love for this man that I dont mind however way they put him up to be… he is still super gorgeous.

    The drama is trending in Korea now and am anticipating so much as I have a good feeling that this one will deliver. Dear August 29, please come early.

  2. Aww LEE JUN KI ????.
    How is that possible a man can look so sexy covered in blood? Only Lee Jun Ki can pull off that look.

    I totally understand why the K-version of 4th Prince appears to be diffferent than the one in the novel as this drama is set during the early years of Goryeo where power struggle still on the high. Unlike the C-version where it is set later in the dynasty and the kings are more of a scholar than a warrior.

    Wang So is known to be among the princes who assist his father to establish the dynasty much like Yi Bang Won in Six Flying Dragon. But I agree with @Del they could perhaps let the poster showing Jun Ki looking forlorn and cold and let him do the killing and cover in blood in the drama.

    I love love love Jun Ki to pieces. I pray this drama will be bigger than Dots and I want my Jun Ki to finally equals his talent as an actor with a highly rated drama. Its been too long a time since Iljimae.

  3. After watching Shine and Go Crazy, I kind of get the poster. The dude was a bad—. I agree they could of gone a different route with the poster but posters don’t make a drama so I will just wait and see. I doubt this drama will even touch DOTS ratings but am hopeful it can hit and hold double digit ratings and do well in China.

    The director is truly very good so it goes to the writing as it always does. Since Korea has a different history, it will be interesting to see how the writer weaves the story from the book into Goryeo time.

  4. Woah!!! Jun Ki looks so gorgeous. Hope he finally gets the recognition he deserves for this role since his last 2 were such a letdown though no fault of his. I hope the writing equates to the original. It was also awesome in every other aspect from directing, cinematography, to editing, pacing, the cast, the beautiful costumes, etc. Ok, it’s making wanna rematch the original before I watch the Korean version.

  5. I like the poster, and find the bloodthirsty LJK refreshing and different when compared with the c-drama 4th prince.I am trying to keep an open mind about the Korean version. Honestly I like everything I’ve seen so far and I am awaiting August 29th with anticipation.

  6. Lee Jun Ki RAWKS. I have seen him in so many saeguks but this one took the cake. Probably because he lose weight to play Wang So and visually he is stunning. Is there any other K-actors more handsome and beautiful than Lee Jun Ki? Hell, no.

    I love what I have seen so far, either the trailer or the posters or the stills. Judging from the director’s previous works, I am confident the cinematography and direction would be good except the screenwriter concerns me a lot and IU’s chemistry with LJK. LJK is a charismatic actor and it is very hard to find an actress who could match his caliber. I am not expecting IU to be on par with LJK as she is a decent actress in her own rights but their chemistry is important so that the love story can resonate with us the audience.

    I did managed to see the “almost kiss” photo between LJK and IU before it got deleted off. Oh my, I am spazzing even though god knows how jealous I am that she is so lucky to get to kiss my LJK when he looks so smoking hot badass smexy in this drama.

    I am not expecting this drama to draw so many similarities with the C-version or the novel for I believe they adapt the core and essence of the story only and do their own interpretation to suit Korea’s history.

    I have faith that this drama will be a success and most of all, I have faith in my darling Jun Ki.

  7. The pic reminds me of his scholar who walks the night movie look lol. But I think he looks awesome in any picture since he’s just so pretty.
    I’m looking forward to watching this drama.

  8. He doesn’t look flattering in that getup. I can’t believe they turned 4th prince into this guyliner crazy hair show.

    • You are one of the two on this planet who thinks this way about LJK’s look and styling in this drama. The other person is me.

      The 4th prince in this remake is intended to be different from the one in BBJX. However, I think the reason why he’s styled in this manner, with eyeliner and all is because it’s Lee Jun Ki.

      The only prince I am watching for is Kang Ha Neul. I didn’t like the actor who played 8th Prince in BBJX so my sympathies were lessen somewhat. I think KHN will break hearts in this one.

    • This 4th Korean prince Wang So had the same hairstyle in SOGC, so maybe the production wants to stick with the Goryeo “fashion” style since the show is set in Goryeo, not Qing dynasty. Wang So is really very different from Yinzhen, the former a warrior, and the latter a scholar. So differences are to be expected.

      These are just posters, and all the guys in the posters including KHN are wearing eyeliner! So not all because its LJK…

  9. He looks more like a warrior than a prince but I don’t care I’m not a big of the Flower Boy thing so I’m happy 🙂 (by example I really don’t like the haircut of Nam Joo Huyk)

  10. To be honest, I hope this K version will deviate from the original as much as possible as long as the new one is well executed. It would be boring to watch a re-make when you already know all the bits and pieces of the plot. Repetition is the major reason I got bored quickly of K remakes of Fated to Love You and Boys over Flower.

  11. only one that worth watching is LJK. IU going sux like she always does.
    they should have pick a actress that can show emotion. not an actress that only look pretty for the camera only.

    • I remember you. This is not the first time you sneaking in to diss her up. You’re definitely an IU anti. If I were you, I wouldn’t waste my time to watch the drama since IU is gonna be the pivotal role in the plot and you absolutely have no way to get rid of her from your view. LOL. There are plenty of dramas out there without her or blogs without her mention. Just peace out to have good time watching your faves.

    • IU is not bad as an actress. Only that we are yet to see how her chemistry is with Lee Jun Ki. I think should be ok since her boyfriend is same age with Jun Ki and she has the experience of interacting with someone with that age gap.

    • You are so pressed about IU lol. Like Drama2016 said, IU’s role in this is pivotal considering she’s the only female and the story revolves around her relationship with the princes. It’s best you not watch lol.
      IU is actually a decent actress and known to have great chemistry with her co-actors. Umbrella couple (Kim Soo Hyun-IU) and Milky Couple (Wooyoung-IU) anyone? 😉

    • Call me old fashioned but I have this impression that guys who like eyeliners are vain. But the eyeliner isn’t always a staple in saeguks. If I am not wrong, it’s only the fushion ones. If a drama wants to be taken seriously, they won’t use eyeliners. The only eyeliner I approve a hundred times was the one worn by Gil Tae Mi in Six Flying Dragons. Oh, I love that man! In case, you get the wrong impression of 6FD, it’s the serious type of saeguk, no pretty boys strutting around.

      • Scarlet Heart is a fusion saeguk and it’s not like LJK likes guyliners, he was styled that way for this drama and he rawks it like no other. This man is beyond beautiful and a chameleon. He can fit in any skin and still appear gorgeous. And his voice can melt an iceberg.

  12. LJK is the most beautiful for sageuks, he is absolutely stunning! Eyeliners or not, I don’t care. He is a great actor. And his voice… swoon swoon…

  13. I dont like the female lead,sure i’ll skip this one. Jun ki..jun ki..i hope see you next time with better co star 🙂

  14. My lovely IU has been refraining from everything else and putting so much effort in order to shoot this drama, so I am anticipating her acting and expecting high quality performances from eveyone. Hopefully the story will not be too cliche or cheesy or unrealistic like most of K-dramas are. The story plot from BBJX is a gold so I hope that IU and LJK will deliver us an awesome performance and chemistry of the century.

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