Lee Min Ho and Suzy Deny Latest Summer 2016 Breakup Rumor

This feels like the umpteenth time I’ve seen news articles that top Hallyu stars Lee Min Ho and Suzy have broken up. It’s not that any sort of breakup news about the couple is surprising to me – he’s going off to the military and she’s still super young, not to mention both are supremely busy it must make dating difficult. With that said, I also feels like the media is anxious for them to really breakup to have something to write about, and I’ve always felt that the intense fandom on both sides also want the same thing for their own selfish reasons. I want the two cuties to just date like normal people, who just happen to be extremely pretty and successful. According to the latest breakup rumor, the two have been over for some time due to busy schedules but remain cordial friends. Suzy’s agency JYP responded that the breakup rumor is false and the two remain happily dating.

Suzy is currently on the small screen with Uncontrollably Fond with Kim Woo Bin, while Lee Min Ho is readying to return to television in the late fall with Legend of the Blue Sea with Jeon Ji Hyun.


Lee Min Ho and Suzy Deny Latest Summer 2016 Breakup Rumor — 43 Comments

  1. Their fans are quite supportive actually from what I’ve seen. It’s just the trash journalists who start this rumor after few months just to get response from their agencies. They get thousands of clicks and comments on Naver everytime with these rumors.

    • Honestly,their fans is awesome. They make si many achievement for support their star(like collect money for save forest in the name of their star,they even defending when somebody criticize him) but yeah sorry to say they star need progress in his or her career acting. I hope somebody tell suzy for learn more.

  2. The stars do not want any attention about their personal life. It is ridiculous that those journalist release the news without even checking with their agencies?

  3. Meh, I bet reporters wanted a reaction from their agencies and so they wrote the reports of them splitting up. I kind of think they’ll last long.

    That aside, am I the only one who thinks they look a lot alike? I read somewhere that a perfect match looks alike both physically and personnality.

    • I’ve always thought that LMH and Suzy are very compatible, in more ways than one. They should act in the same drama, it will be a riot!

      • OMG! What a brilliant idea. LOL..I got a lot of fun laughing during my break from work. Thanks.

  4. Rather than break up news ai want to read more dating news. More lovebirds to cheer for.

    LMH side denied as well btw.

    For some reason I don’t find it odd that people believe they will break up. It’s not even due to the age difference because IU and her BF has a wider gap. Maybe it’s because we haven’t seen them together properly and don’t see the similarities to understand why or how they fell for each other beyond their good looks.

    Like the story of how LMH was chasing her after he saw her on TV, he was looking for ppl to introduce them. Don’t know how true that is but would that make it love at first sight? Or he just likes the way she looks?

    Suzy I can kind of understand, he wore her down with his attention and concern so she finally accepted him. According to.rumours anyway.

    And thats the problem, their whole relationship is based around rumours of how it happened. Besides the 1st evidence there has been nothing else, sightings without picture proof. There are some people out there who believes the whole relationship is a publicity stunt.

    Nothing we can do about it anyway. So every few months a break up article comes out so we can check in on them to make sure they are still together.

      • i agree with you, just look at how fast Suzy’s agency reacted, its like they are in a hurry out of desperation to save face their talent and their agency. just imagine the benefit on endorsement deals they must be getting with their own talent so-called dating the most famous Hallyu star. but you see, the people catch up, if you dont have enough talent to show, just save your dating PR strategy to yourself, there’s enough fly or insect hitchhikers on the back of the elephant for it to feel super and might lol!

  5. good if they are still together, since their fans accept it. But if they are now with someone else, will they reveal it? it will be stupid to jump ships if fans are so naïve to accept what they believe is the so-called truth… whoever they end up with, who cares, it won’t be with you!

    • @ candycane. Don’t you think it is odd or creepy, a girl just out of her teens being seen spending three days in a hotel with a male much older then her, they just being dating for a month? What should we say? Is the man a predator or the girl is fresh? This is real world not a drama.

    • hmmm… is she still “fresh”?… LOL… earning publicity by spreading dating rumors is such cheap tricks… maybe this is just an act from the agency… the artists are the victims as well? ?

    • Whenever I see news like this I think of the drama Greatest Love, when Cha Seung Won and Yoo In Na’s characters are pretending to still be dating even though they can’t stand each other. Such a hilarious drama.

      I don’t pretend to know whether these two are still dating or not, but if they are, props to them for lasting under such intense scrutiny from the public.

    • The pairing with KWB is flop. KWB even apologized. Everyone is moving one from a flop drama. Better be attached to someone else than a flop drama partner. That’s why they need to let that love affair appear again. Hello London.

    • So dining out with bf while her leading man came out to apologize for bad rating. She is the one supposed to apologize. LOL

    • That was Kim Won Bin and his girlfriend . Everytime LMH has an activity overseas, and the international media is covering his activities , they try to bring his (?) relationship (?) to the spotlight . Is this to try to affect LMH popularity in a negative way(since he never spoke about this girl,), or it is to try to bring this girl to the international spotlight ? Wrong approach. Better , tell the girl is PSH’s cousin, friend, or fan, and she will get immediately international popularity and acceptance .lol

  6. LMH almost 30s he not going find another young woman like suzy. he going get as much sweet from suzy as possible till he dump her.

  7. I can understand Suzy needing a publicity relationship but why woulf LMH? Why would he choose an idol for a fake relationship over an actress? Koreans respect actresses over idols. What is he lacking that he even needs to go to the length of faking a relationship when it potentially could have pissed off his fandom?
    I can understand why people who say that they broke up but are pretending to still be together because it may seem that everything is going wrong in Suzy’s life right now. But regardless everything said is just assumption until proven with evidence

    • Dont think LMH needs publicity, he is all famous. He just probably want to share his fame who knows, or he could be close friends with JYP the President of Suzy’s agency, they might have some different kind of arrangements just between them. but you see in showbizness, its rare for real love to bloom, mostly its about PR strategy and money making, so dont be gullible, dating is just dating, its different when they end up marrying that’s when we know its for real!

      • I know that entertainment industry has fake relationships all the time. However usually there is always something to gain for both parties. In LMH and Suzy’s case only one person benefits. In fact LMH loses more. HE has more fans than her. Whats worse is that he has fan girls who want Oppa to be theirs forever.I just think its a big risk for him to make for a favor if lets say he was doing it for JYP as a favor. More importantly there were rumors about them being in hotesl etc. when dispatch first outted them. Those rumors if they were not handled carefully could have ended Suzy’s nation’s first love image. The whole thing is just risky and the reason to fake a relationship in the first place makes no sense.

  8. I have no idea what really is going on nor do I care much. However, it does kinda remind me of the SHK HB breakup that they didn’t officially announce after he went to the army. Timing is a PR thing.

    If they are happy together and it works, awesome for Suzy and LMH… It’d be nice to see high profile young folks still working things out – it’s not easy. And if not, they move on… All the best to them.

  9. Media play big time. It is disgusting . So many articles to bring the girl to spotlight And make people feel sorry, so they can watch the drama. However can sale. W is the best, that is a reality.i try to watch UF , and that girl Suzy should stick with cf, it is a shame for real actors.

    • agree, agree totally… why generate more publicity when the talent is non-existent?! who cares who they are with?! we want to watch real dramas, good acting… that’s what actors & actresses are paid to do, not for dating!!

    • quite the opposite of Suzy ha, she’s only pretty on printed photoshopped pictures, but the reality is revealed on moving cameras or on screen, not that charming, big cheekbones and unflattering teeth, to be honest. why is she given much exposure by the way, is Suzy the only left idol, the best S.Korea can offer the world?? time to think about that for sure.

  10. So, what should i do? Make a pom pom or start learn dance hula-hula. Pffft… Why everytime their movie or drama not success,their dating news out in public?

  11. Poor this Suzy girl. When it turns flop, most of the blame is put on her. This is the very first drama project of KWB as the main lead, isn’t it? From the beginning, haven’t people have put too much expectation on a model-turned actor who hasn’t got much experience as drama main leads, and so far has just starred in some movies of modest box office results? Then, of course, it should be KWB who makes this apology. Suzy fans could have the same right to blame the flop with the same reasons: bad co-star, bad plot. Don’t tell me it would be better if it wasn’t her as his costar, lol.
    By the way, making an apology for the flop when the filming is still going on is something not right unless apology for a related controversy/ scandal. It couldn’t make things better. Should have kept his mouth shut and kept going to the end, then he could confess anything he wished.

  12. Opps, sorry, just double checked and this drama was finished filming. Apology for KWB fans for my opinion on his apology thingy. Other comments of mine remain the same.

  13. By far I still see the fault on Suzy’s uncontrollably bad acting to blame. LOL…Don’t think anyone else or anything else is justifiable for her way below-par acting. KWB has been doing well. I’m not a fan of KWB or Suzy nor do I have any emotional attachment to either one. So I can speak fairly. I can’t say UF would have been doing better with another leading lady but definitely wouldn’t have been worse. LOL

    • LoL, I fail to find what you rely on to justify your opinion that “KWB has been doing well” and “wouldn’t have been better and definitely wouldn’t have been worse”. How well? To your own standards? Or better than Suzy means well? And “Not better not worse” means similar, dear. Based on what you say, I can see that even a more recognised actress wouldn’t have made it better than Suzy if given that role. Then why does Suzy get blame? Sorry, your opinion just doesn’t make sense to me at all.

  14. This guys are not into any relationship it so obvious why are people like kwb and sma not being plagued with breakup rumors because it obvious they are dating i think it a matter of time when suzy was asked about lmh during the presscon she kept mum she even said i av a personal xperience of her character p.s fake dating between her character and kwb

  15. would be funny if suzy company media play for people to watch her drama cuz they know more people are leaving to watch W

  16. The amount of bitter people in this comment section is unbelievable. They said the world is coming to end. It must be true then. I pity all of u. Life must be hard nowadays.

  17. I don’t think it is so much he bad acting – she just doesn’t have stage presence. I am not a fan of KWB but I like to watch him on screen. I don’t think he is doing too bad in UF but Suzy is just plain boring. She should stick to being an idol and do her song and dance.

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