Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin Tie the Knot in Romantic Bali Destination Wedding


And they’re married! Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Huo, or as they are known widely in the Chinese entertainment world – Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo have tied the knot in Bali this weekend surrounded by family, friends, and a perfect summer destination wedding locale. The happy couple released official wedding pictures as beautiful as many of the star couples in recent years, confirming that they will indeed need to do another drama together to make it a trilogy and this time with an ending that mirrors their real life fairy tale romance of friends to lovers. Attending the wedding were so many close friend top stars my head spun – Zhao Wei, Fan Bing Bing, Shu Qi, Zhou Xun, Vivian Hsu, Liu Tao, Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi, Hu Ge, and the list goes on. I’m so happy for the couple and thrilled they got to share their big day with so many close friends and family. Yet another star couple makes it legal and now onwards to baby bump watch.


Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin Tie the Knot in Romantic Bali Destination Wedding — 39 Comments

  1. Congrats! By the way, Ruby Lin seems to have ambiguously admit to news of her pregnancy! It is said that a wedding guest wished (blessed?) the couple to have kids soon and Ruby had replied “Thank you, we’ll be a family of three soon.”

  2. From the pictures Wallace doesn’t seem really happy… I know he’s a little socially awkward and all, but I thought he would smile more on his wedding day? He looks a little off imo

    • Oh that’s because it’s photos. He practically glowing in the videos I saw (probably taken secretly). They looked so blissful. Happy for them. ((:

    • On his FB they said he didn’t sleep well the night before, also I think he was nervous about the wedding. He looks so handsome though, but tired. This couple is amazing. They are doing things faster than light. Within approximately 7 months they went from dating to baby and marriage. We can’t catch up fast enough with their news. LOL!!!

    • Because he was very nervous for being the groom for the first time. He was so nervous that when he kissed her his hands shaking a bit and he even tapped his finger on her cheek lol. He looks very relaxed and all smiley and happy in their second wedding party in Taipei. 🙂

  3. Omg congrats! My two favorite people finally got their fairy tale. I love the dress in the second picture.

    So the baby was the reason they got marry. It is great that Ruby to to pregnant now and hope the pregnancy will go smoothly. Baby will have those gorgeous big eyes.

  4. Congratulations to the happy couple

    Ruby is my favourite Taiwan actress. I’m so happy she’s finally found her happy ending. The pictures so so pretty and she is beautiful in all of the pictures.

    • He’s literally the only actor that I’ve ever stanned and reading your comment actually got me a little emotional lol. But I refuse to be one of those crazy fangirls lol, I hope he finds happiness soon 🙂

  5. So I love Wallce and they make an adorable couple but I realized I have never seen a Ruby Lin drama. So if anyone out there wants to recommend one to me – keeping in mind I prefer to watch something sweet, funny, and romantic – it would be greatly appreciated.

    • watch the Huang zhu ge ge (return of the pearl princess), which was the drama that made her widely popular in Asia about 20 years ago. I totally fell in love with her character after watching two episodes of the show

  6. I like their pictorials better than those of Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen. Also Ruby’s style looks more elegant too.

    • agree! actually, i think this wedding pictorial is something that we can all imagine doing, in the sense that the dressing, location and outfits are not so out of the world that it screams “celeb” or “rich and famous”. just that we’ll not be as gorgeous hahahaha

    • Me three! There’s just something so simple yet elegant and genuine about these photos, nothing too forced or over the top.

  7. I love seeing these pictures especially when there’s so many top actors and actresses I recognize; it’s lovely to see them all supporting each other as friends. Congrats and my very best wishes to these two for a happy future together! Wallace Huo is one handsome groom, I love his bromance pictures with Hu Ge.

  8. OMG I’m so happy for them!! I love them both so much so seeing them together make me so happy!! I truly hope their love will last til the end ♥ ♥

  9. Congrats to this amazing couple! Can’t wait to see their beautiful kids!

    And of course, hopefully Hu Ge will find his other half soon!

  10. Wallace Huo did uncountable of times in weddings (acting). I guess when the real wedding happened, he don’t how to be real anymore. Quite pity. I know most men find wedding ceremony are daunting.

  11. lol everyone is wearing white to her wedding? she must not mind too much. congrats to them! it’s always sweet to see best friends ending up together.

    vicki, ruby and fan bingbing omg. my childhood memories T__T

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