MBC Schedules Choi Ji Woo and Joo Jin Mo Drama Woman with a Suitcase on Mon-Tues After Monster

Veteran K-actress Choi Ji Woo is no stranger to suitcases, adorably packing for her trip on variety show Grandpas Over Flowers two years ago, and last year packed up metaphorically to go back to her college days with Second Time Twenty Again. Now she becomes the titular Woman with a Suitcase, having confirmed her casting as the female lead for the upcoming MBC Mon-Tues drama after long running revenge saga Monster wraps up. Choi Ji Woo plays a fallen law firm office manager who re-creates her new identity as a dogged lawyer who carries around all her documents in a suitcase to solve crime and punish the criminals. The role sounds quirky even if it’s a turnaround from the set up of Divorce Lawyers in Love.  Joo Jin Mo has signed on to play her daddy long legs, a media company president who helps Choi Ji Woo behind the scenes, and obviously stewing up romance on the side.

Rounding out the cast as seconds leads will be idol-turned-actor Lee Joon and singer-turned-actress Jeon Hye Bin, both of whom have shined more as actors than during their singing-dancing previous life. The drama will be penned by the writer of Gapdong and Royal Family.


MBC Schedules Choi Ji Woo and Joo Jin Mo Drama Woman with a Suitcase on Mon-Tues After Monster — 13 Comments

  1. I’m pretty excited for this one. I like all four leads! I hope the writing will be good, too, to make use of the excellent cast.

  2. I like choi ji woo, but honestly her acting never really great in my eyes, she is decent, watchable but she don’t have broad acting range. I just hope one day she can find another jackpot since winter sonata since she role seems limited to rom com or melo.

  3. So MBC is going with this drama against Moon Lovers? And Moonlight?
    It won’t be easy.
    But the writer is good, the cast is top notch, I hope the director too. Fingers crossed that it’s able to compete as I love both CJW and JJM, as well as LJ and JHB, and don’t want them all to be wasted on this.

  4. I was never a fan of JJM until “My Love Eun Dong”; He was fantastic in that drama!

    Choi Ji Woo, while not a great actress, has such a charm that’s hard to resist.

    Will definitely check this out.

  5. Yunno .. I m quite sure she prob will have Mr grumpy pants to help her out in real life too sorry his name slips my mind now something seo . The guy who s bossy and with dimples that can be considered craters I can t even tell whether you re being jokingly sarcastic by not remembering his name or not, ahaha!

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