Ji Sung Considering SBS Mon-Tues Legal Drama Defendant

SBS is really rocking and rolling with scheduling new dramas, and hopefully the network continues to do well in either ratings or critical reception. There seems to be no end of legal dramas, ever, and another is in the works called Defendant which is along the lines of a medical drama calling itself Doctor. Turns out Ji Sung may not be nursing any bad feelings towards SBS for the low-rated Entertainer earlier this spring, a drama that didn’t really have a compelling story and saddled him with an incompatibly cast Hyeri as the leading lady. Defendant is courting Ji Sung as a prosecutor with the major crimes unit, which will be his second time playing a prosecutor after being in Royal Family. What gets me excited is that his wife Lee Bo Young is also a SBS regular and it would be amazing if the network could get her to pick this as her first post-baby drama and combine the two marrieds.


The PD of Yawang will be directing Defendant, which makes me expect twist and turns as well as lots of intensity. Defendant is slated to take over the Mon-Tues slot after Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.


Ji Sung Considering SBS Mon-Tues Legal Drama Defendant — 11 Comments

  1. I really liked the drama Enternaimnent, the friendship was more important than the love stories and it didn’t bother me. But the character of Hyeri was not really important for the story.

    I’m happy to see Ji Sung in new drama but I don’t to see him with wife, I prefer when private and professionnal life is not mixed.

  2. Soo Ae please, choose this and leave that other shit about your younger stepfather. It will be fun to have somebody around Ji Sung who can match him and complement him after Hyeri, if she wasn’t an idol and running high on Reply success, I doubt she’d be considered an actor to be cast opposite Ji Sung. Or else go get Seo Hyun Jin SBS. If you want younger cast go get Kim Ji Won or Lee Sung Kyung who I believe is stellar but gets the most cliched roles ever, she brilliant even in her cliched, predictable role in Doctors. Cast people who can act for the love of God.

  3. Dear PD nim.. Would you like to cast bae donna or gong hyo jin please? I miss them in small screen. I’m on board if you cast one of them with him.

  4. Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young acting together again…that would be perfect, indeed…
    I don’t think it will happen, though. I remember she said that she would not act with him because she wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face.

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