Drama Filming Starts for MBC’s Shopping King Louie with Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun

K-actor Seo In Guk really is quite prolific, averaging about two dramas a year and even doing a fair amount of cameos. He’s currently starring in cable drama Squad 38 but is also diving into filming for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Shopping King Louie. I’m not a Seo In Guk fan so his pervasiveness in so many dramas doesn’t do any favors for me, but this particular drama sounds rather promising and will costar the delightful Nam Ji Hyun has his leading lady. Seo In Guk plays a rich chaebol heir who has no memory of his past so is a shopaholic to assuage his feels of emptiness. He crosses paths with country girl sweet angel archetype played by Nam Ji Hyun and sparks fly along with plenty of warm and fuzzy growth. Yoon Sang Hyun and Im Se Mi round out the cast as the second leads.

Young rom-com drama Shopping King Louie is slated to premiere in mid-September following the surging W which has been getting buzz and great audience feedback. The cast gathered for script reading last week and look rather thrilled to tackle this new drama.


Drama Filming Starts for MBC’s Shopping King Louie with Seo In Guk and Nam Ji Hyun — 15 Comments

  1. I really love him. He has such a natural acting style and can handle both drama and comedy. He is one of the few actors, that I watch whatever drama he does. I may not always love the drama he does, but he never disappoints. Right now Squad 38 is my weekly highlight.

  2. WOHOOO SIG <3

    Isn't the female lead the one who played the younger version of Goo Hye Sun's character in Angel Eyes alongside Kang Ha Neul?? She's stunning and a damn good actress

  3. Wow, Koala, there are very few things I disagree with you on when it comes to kdramas/actors…very few, But I’m surprised you don’t find Seo In Guk to be a very good and versatile actor. He’s in my top faves.
    If you have a moment, I’d love to hear why you don’t care for him. I always appreciate your take on things.

    • Yeah I’m really surprised too. I’m generally unmoved by 90% of popular male korean actors but SIG has won me over through the years. He’s a charismatic actor on and off screen and I really appreciate that he picks versatile roles. You can tell he really enjoys acting!

  4. I’m a pretty big fan of his and loving watching all of his dramas, but sometimes it drives me crazy when they do show after show, when other great actors might get one every year or 2

  5. I like Seo In Guk. He is not super hot but I found him hardworking, and continue to improve his skills. I hope someday if he hits a homerun, creating halyu waves, he still continues to be this way. Most of actors once they hit big, they don’t go on TV that often, and fly away to China.

  6. I like Seo In Guk hardworking, and a charismatic actor Yay! I can never get enough of Seo In Guk I really appreciate that he picks versatile roles

  7. I’m happy a new drama with Seo In Guk and I love the lead actress ! It’s frustrating in his last drama to see Soo Young so bland when he’s so charismatic ! (and I can’t find her beautiful or pretty… )

  8. im a big fan of Seo In Guk eversince he did Reply 1997. he plays his roles well and i almost forget that he’s actually a great singer before becoming the great actor that he is. Remember Me (Hello Monster) and Reply 1997 are my favorites.

  9. when it is Seo In Guk, this role neither will be just some silly fluff. I am sure he can give many layers to this shopaholic amnesiac.
    38 Task Force was a total crack for me and damn his protrayal of Jung Do was good, from the wit and snarkyness, the cool and slick con plans, to the anxious self confidence … he was completely submerged into the character. of course having stellar partners helped. it felt like when SIG and MDS were together in any scene, you could sense their brains communicating through air. I will miss Jung Do much more than I missed Lee Hyun.

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