Yoochun’s Younger Brother Park Yoo Hwan Sued for Ending a Common Law Marriage

Bad news is coming in waves for this particular Park family of South Korea, and maybe the parents ought to be relieved that they only have two sons so no more scandal may be forthcoming. While older brother Park Yoochun‘s sexual assault allegation investigation continues, going on two months now, younger brother Park Yoo Hwan has also been thrust into the limelight this week for his own legal owes. Park Yoo Hwan is being sued in civil court by a woman claiming rights over a common law marriage. Turns out 26 year old Park Yoo Hwan has been in a long term relationship for the past four years with this woman, living together and presenting her as his fiancee/wife, so when he ended the relationship recently she sued him for breaking a common law marriage and asking for compensation.


The scale and severity of the allegations facing each brother is significantly different, one being a criminal case and the other a civil matter akin to breach of contract. Korea has common law marriage rights which afford partners certain financial protections even without the legality of a marriage certificate. It all comes down to money and whether the requirements for a common law marriage were met in the cohabitation relationship of Park Yoo Hwan and his now ex-girlfriend. Looks like the summer of K-ent male actor scandals isn’t abating in the least.


Yoochun’s Younger Brother Park Yoo Hwan Sued for Ending a Common Law Marriage — 14 Comments

  1. He’s not even a celebrity. People go through divorces and breakups all the time. Why is this news? PYC’s actions are disgusting, and he gets what he deserves, but don’t drag other people into his mess.

  2. I don’t see the big deal here; basically they’ll reach a financial settlement and it will be done. Had no idea they had common law marriage in Korea so that’s kind of interesting.

  3. If he presented her as his fiancee/wife are these time, I wonder why it never hit the news before. Even if he’s not that known, as PYC brother it would made some noise if he have this kind of relationship.

    • Seo Taiji, even bigger star, married for 9 years (97-06), and nobody knows until his now ex-wife (who now an established actress herself) sued him for divorce.

      Often celebrities are that clever to hide a relationship.

      • Isn’t she live outside of Korea during their marriage? And she really minimize her appearence outside, even with her own family in Korea. So that no one could assume their relationship. She’s completely hidden at that time.

        Whereas in this case, he need to present her as his fiancee/wife to other people to be considered under common law marriage. If he hide her or their relationship completely, she can’t sue him with common law marriage if that’s not the case.

    • Probably because he’s not that famous so his relationships were probably not scrutinized as much and people didn’t care to go digging. Plus agencies are also good at keeping things hidden unless it helps them in some way. Plus the whole deal with this particular case is that she is claiming to have been in a common law marriage and wants compensation now that it’s over while his side counters that it was just a live in relationship. I think the former is possible because they probably didn’t register their marriage because he didn’t want people to know because it might not help his career if people find out. On the other hand, the fact that she chose to sue now of all times kinda makes it seem fishy on her part.

  4. Miss Koala fyi Yoochun & Yoohwan’s father passed away 4 years ago. So their mother has since then been their only living parent.

  5. Hardly a culture shock @Asta they moved back to Korea a loong time ago. About a year or so before DBSK even debuted.Yu-hawn is not well known in SK because he made his acting debut first in China, most of his work is therefor in China.

    About Yoochun, Women can lie, police proved it and revealed the extortion that was planned. It was just about money, And He is getting what he deserves, Acquittal and his name finally cleared. I hate that everyone sees him as guilty without evidence. Don’t do that, especially with celebrities.Innocent until PROVEN guilty. SK’s justice system is messed up like usa’s. At least it worked this time. Unfortunately these lying women make it extremely hard for ACTUAL victims to come forward. It’s sad.

    • Yah and OJ Simpson is innocent too. Being acquitted doesn’t mean innocent, just means not enough evidence. 4 women came forward. Bill Cosby might get acquitted too. Even if unforced, unprotected sex with 4 adult entertainment workers in toilets. Will any self respecting actress act loveydovey on screen with him ever again?

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