First Look at Park Seo Joon and Go Ara in Shilla Styling as the Leads of Hwarang: The Beginning

I’ll assume that KBS is trying to out-flower boy SBS with its sageuk Hwarang: The Beginning versus the K-version of Bu Bu Jing Xin that is Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. Moon Lovers will be all done airing by the time Hwarang arrives at the end of December, so for audiences there is simply more pretty to be had, and good lordy are Hwarang leads Go Ara and Park Seo Joon incredibly pretty in costume as Shilla era nobles. KBS released a promo video featuring leads of it’s buzziest dramas and included are Park Seo Joon and Go Ara in costume for the first time, smiling and dazzling with their combined cheekbones and beaming visuals. Park Seo Joon looks believable as the pretty boy Hwarang scholar warrior and Go Ara rocks the simple effortless lady styling. The entire cast script reading stills below also promise to exponentially add to the looks department, nicely done KBS.

Park Seo Joon and Go Ara for Hwarang: The Beginning:


First Look at Park Seo Joon and Go Ara in Shilla Styling as the Leads of Hwarang: The Beginning — 12 Comments

    • Bahahaha, spot on about that. I love Park Seo Joon, but that red headband looks terrible on him. Someone needs to fire the costumer and find him a better color palette.

      I’m a little nervous about this drama. I want it to be good for the sake of the leads, but I have a bad feeling about it in general. This one is pre produced, right? Why are we still hearing so little about it?

  1. Is this drama far enough along in filming? I just noticed that everyone was wearing a coat or jacket in the script-reading. Or is summer gone in Korea?

    • the script reading was held like 2-3 months ago and they have been shooting since long too. the drama’ll be completely pre-produced and iirc it’s remake rights have been sold to china already too (can’t rem correctly). The cast even learnt horse-riding and some of them got hurt 😐

      • Being a shinee/minho fan, i kept track of this drama lol they really hav been shooting since long lol i think they started shooting ep 16 recently (someone uploaded a script pic on their insta 1-2 days ago)

  2. Is it Go Ara’s hair or something? She’s beautiful but somehow she looked strange in this costume. It’s like she looks too modern? I can’t pinpoint it.

    As for Park Seo Joon, I can’t never get the raves over his looks. Handsome and pretty would be words I would use liberally on the men from Scarlet Ryeo and Park Bo Gum(by the way, his bodyguard is smokin HAWT!)

  3. PSJ is very handsome and he has a beautiful smile. I enjoy his acting in “She is Pretty”… I will watch his first sageuk 🙂

  4. Only watching this drama for the hwarang part. I have notice reply series writers or PD are good at making the actress look like they have good acting chops in reality they are just okay.

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