Shin Mina and Lee Je Hoon Confirmed as a Married Couple for Time-traveling tvN Drama Tomorrow With You

It’ll be interesting to see if cable network tvN can hit ratings and buzz magic with yet another time-traveling drama so many years after Queen In Hyun’s Man and Nine: Nine Times Time Travel. Lead casting is done and production will soon be underway for tvN’s next time-travel themed drama Tomorrow With You, slated to air in January 2017 but filming now to be fully pre-produced. Starring Shin Mina and Lee Je Hoon, the drama is billed as a romantic sweet version of the conceit behind The Time-Traveler’s Wife, with the leads playing a married couple where Lee Je Hoon’s husband can time travel via a train time machine. It sounds fine and dandy except the script is being penned by screenwriter Heo Sung Hye who did Beyond the Clouds and Dream High 2, and both are very big narrative disappointments. Oy vey. Only upside is that Lee Je Hoon is coming off a very stellar drama with Signal so that might lend positive vibes that he picked this project next.


Directing will be PD Yoo who did Oh My Ghost and High School King of Savvy, both solid tvN dramas that continue to bring freshness to the network’s roster of dramas. I like this casting even though I don’t love either overly much, I think it’s an upgrade from when the role was offered to Han Ji Min, and Lee Min Ki passing due to his earlier scandal is probably a good thing for the drama not to get distracted by bad buzz later on. This drama will take over the time slot that was slated for Kim Eun Sook‘s Goblin with Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook, with that drama getting pushed back.


Shin Mina and Lee Je Hoon Confirmed as a Married Couple for Time-traveling tvN Drama Tomorrow With You — 26 Comments

  1. The story of Dream High 2 was really bad. But I really love the both actors so I will try this drama. But I would like a Signal 2 with Lee Je Hoon >_<

  2. there are 2 reasons why i would watch this drama.first,time traveler’s wife is one of the most beautiful love movie i ever watch though the end is heartbroken and second, i love both leads.LJH is too cute.cant wait!!

  3. Back in my younger days I used to think that good acting is what makes a good drama. It turns out that I was very wrong, good script is absolutely crucial and a talanted director can make even bad actors shine ( e.g Reply series, Miss Korea). I like both leads, but even great actors need some substance to work with. Dream High 2? Bleh.

    • Yes, writing is the most important thing. Beyond the Clouds had a good premise that was squandered as the drama went on. Hope this works out better.

  4. I love the casting. Praying for the writing!!! Please do not disappoitnted.
    With a better working environment, pre-produce and it’s Tvn , hopefully the writing will be at its best.

    I find something quite funny coincidence haha
    Kim Woo Bin and Suzy as a couple in UF
    Suzy and Lee Je Hoon as couple in Architecture 101
    Suzy and Lee Seung Gi as couple in Gu Family Book
    Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi as couple in My girlfriend is Gulmiho
    Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin are real couple

  5. Out of subject : Where is YOON EUN HYE ? Even Shin min Ah is making a drama less than a year after ” Oh my Venus”. Everyone is making comebacks after long hiatus. We french fans , we are more than depressed.

    • She’s hiding b/c of her massive scandal in Korea. She was in China but with this whole THAAD thing I doubt she’s going to be there longer.

      A lot of Koreans don’t like her so for a drama to cast her would be pretty risky.
      I miss her also!

      • Her scandal isn’t as massive as you said. If you’re talking about massive scandald those more likely are SHK’s or KMH’s. If SHK still get acting offers so why YEH didn’t, especially since she still has many fans (I fans).
        You know it’s funny that many people (not her fans) making so many speculation about her and her career lately just because she didn’t take any project yet. While she & her agency keep silent (or hiding just like you said) that doesn’t mean it’s true. Her loyal fans know it better…

      • What about Song hye kyo taxes scandal, Han hyo joo brother’s behavior, Lee byung hun, Iu , and the list goes on…

  6. I too want, YEH to come back to us. She is so multitalented and needs to come back and show some of the young stars, who do not have the diversity or intense acting ability, how it is done. Just saying.

    • “Multi talented” that’s the keyword. Many of her fans are always complaining that her other talents has occupied her, making her acting talent got wasted therefore make her less visible onscreen. Especially since she’s after her post graduate degree (on directing). So for some people who said she’s always acted like a celebrity instead of an actress, you should check out your info again…

      • True. When she has already graduated from another university during “coffee prince” . I don’t understand why koreans doesn’t love her. IFans love her. I know it for sure.

  7. Question, who would be a good male lead actor for Yoon Eun Hye to star in a drama with, any ideas? She seems to have had chemistry with several of her previous male leads, or maybe she is just that good of an actress?

    • I want her to act opposite good actors like Eric Mun, Joo In Sung, Lee Jun Ki, Jang Hyuk, Ji Sung and reunite with Gong Yo. But younger actors like Jowon & Yoo Ah In are also good 😉

      • Wow, those are great options and I agree with all of them. I don’t necessarily like every single drama she’s been in, but she generally has solid chemistry with her co-stars.

      • With Eric. I’m waiting since forever. The guy is sure getting hot as he’s older while uri Eun Hye become more and more sexy.

        However, I do not mind to see her with any actors. The girl can look so good with anyone.

    • What her acting has to do with having projects ? A lot of actresses with bad acting are working curently . And her acting wasn’t bad . the script was !

      • I don’t know why korean hate YEH and love suzy, suzy acting and charisma never beat YEH. YEH is the top of the top among idol turn actress.

        SHK’ & HHJ past scandal is bigger than YEH, they should give her a chance, she really good actor

      • Korean fans doesn’t too much into her lately because of her ‘plagiat’ scandal which is not as big as scandal of Song Hye Kyo or Han Hyo Joo. So, if they can make a successful comeback, why not her too? I hope she’ll back soon.

    • @sus actually not really. I still read news about YEH at Korean portal recently, it means that she’s still newsworthy. The commens are also positive. So IMO not all of Korean people hate her. The thing is not all of English blogs/sites translate the news which give impression she’s hated by Korean viewers. Especially when some blogs just translated the negative responses (like NB for example)
      And both YEH & her agency never did media play like some celebs you’ve mentioned

      @cahill so true lol

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