Gong Yoo’s Hit Movie Train to Busan Crosses 10 Million Moviegoers in South Korea in Milestone Succcess

The last month couldn’t have gone any better for K-actor Gong Yoo as he just netted the biggest career success of his already impressively popular achievements. The hit zombie on trains movie Train to Busan just crossed the 10 million viewer mark in South Korea, making it only the 14th movie in the history of South Korean box office to do so, as well as the first movie in 2016 to rake in such success. It’s done more than 2015’s two 10 million plus viewer box office winner A Violent Prosecutor, and can possibly surpass Assassination as Train has only been in the theaters since July 20th and still has a few week legs to go. This summer has been full of big name and/or big budget K-movies and the runway success of Train is truly an achievement, especially as the movie is also doing well overseas and building on its buzz.

The Korean production company is now in talks with over a dozen Western movie companies to remake the movie, which isn’t a terrible idea since Train is a mashup of Western upgrades to the zombie genre and the Korean hit train circling the globe movie Snowpiercer. This one actually can work in a remake setting, just maybe don’t transplant it onto a plane or boat.


Gong Yoo’s Hit Movie Train to Busan Crosses 10 Million Moviegoers in South Korea in Milestone Succcess — 14 Comments

    • I saw the movie twice cause it was amazing. Not going to spoil, but this movie is not just about zombie, whereby a heroic main character fights off the zombies using all sorts of machinery weapons to save everyone. This movie is about humanity, and how different people react, in order to survive.

      • @Hu, you should watch the movie. I’m not a fan of zombie movie, but this one is about survival. It’s really good. @Celine,I don’t remember they use machinery weapons, they mainly use baseball bats and fist. Only at the end the soldiers use guns.

      • I thought the movie really enjoyable too. The suspense, the horror and the heart-wrenching moments (not that I shed any tears). It has all the makings of a hit film and unsurprisingly it’s doing extremely well. I think it is pretty good material for a remake too.

  1. Watched it yesterday. A beautifully made film. Superb acting. Brilliantly executed. Considering this is the first entry into the movie industry by writer-director Yeon Sang-ho, whose field is animation, this is a masterpiece.

  2. Where can I watch the movie online with Eng sub? I had failing experience watching Gong Yoo’s dramas even so many fans raved about him. Want to give a shot to his hit movie.

  3. Not too sure if this movie can be remade by Hollywood since there are no high-speed trains in America. 😛

    Nice to see him find some success in movies. Unfortunately, his most of his recent TV shows have been utterly forgettable. Hope “Goblin” will turn things around.

  4. Saw Train to Busan twice. Not into zombie anything but any movie that can convey that there’s hope for humanity, be it zombies or any adversity… must be something.

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