Suzy is Stunning in Fall 2016 Fashion for Allure Magazine

KBS Wed-Thurs melodrama Uncontrollably Fond is heading into the final arc of its run, and for the last two months watching the winter filmed drama during the hottest days of summer has felt like a throwback when I used to marathon older dramas from opposite seasons. I’m so used to seeing leading lady Suzy all bundled up so this latest fall 2016 pictorial for Allure Magazine is just an extension of her UF attire, except looking gloriously pretty in hair and makeup rather than frumpy and downtrodden as her character is styled in the drama. Suzy’s look here is such fall #goals, making even extreme print combinations work. I’m so all over the place with her role in UF, the performance is uneven but so is the character writing for Noh Eul, and ultimately I just don’t like Noh Eul very much as a fictional character even if I feel sorry for her.


Suzy is Stunning in Fall 2016 Fashion for Allure Magazine — 41 Comments

    • I cant help but notice, most of her magazine shoots are reminiscent of Yoon Eun Hye, even the choice of make-up and hairstyle and color, is that even intentional. am a fan of YEH and dont like someone copying her to be honest, and YEH happens to very much alive, that’s what sucks!

      • Exactly what i thought. Especially the 2nd photo. To be honest i’ve noticed that . Remenber the photoshoots for Joinus ! But Yoon Eun Hye photoshoots have a much more artistic vibe !

    • That’s all that needs to be said about her, really.

      Her acting projects seem more like attempts to gain more modelling work, than anything else.

    • meeh, she’s not really beautiful, its called photogenic or good looking in still photos, or printed images that can be edited or photoshopped. see her Instagram, she’s good in editing her own photos lol. you should have seen UF, her camera angles have biases, not all the way pretty in any angles or camera captures. did she undergone PS???

      • Im guessing you have met her live before to know this for sure? There is evidence all over the internet proving that she hasnt done any PS

  1. Uhnnn, I wonder if people bashing her here even took the time to watch the whole drama, bc actual followers said she improved greatly after she got used to her character. Go to any Dramabeans UF discussion post that people are nothing but praises for her improvement and emotional acting. Saying that she should stop working and be dependent on a man is so stupid and downgrading, I think that if Koala had the time she would moderate these kinds of things. Anyway, Suzy looks gorgeous with anything she’s given and these clothes are beautiful.

    • Er yes… I have watched several of the dramas she has been in. Improvement is all relative…..

      Doing what she is better at -modelling in this case will give other better actresses a chance instead of her being cast because she is the in thing at the moment.

      No one asked her to be dependent on a man. She should just concentrate on what she is better at. Not act!

    • As far as I konw, most of Dramabeans commenters avoid speaking their minds in order not to “spread negativity”.
      Anyway, I stopped watching the drama after the first two episodes, so I can’t say whether she has improved or not (I doubt, because one couldn’t even understand her words and I don’t think one can learn to speak in just a few months), but Koreans continue to praise her mostly for her beauty than for her acting. And she is, very beautiful; and another good thing about her, is that, sometimes, she seems to transmit emotions through her eyes, but then, unfortunately, she has to open her mouth…

      • I’m still following UF. I’m saying for sure her acting in general is pretty bad regardless her past performance being subpar or not. She jinxed UF, to be more precise. The worst about her is that she has never taken self reflection about her bad acting in any projects and strived for improvement like many other actors/actresses. That may be one of the reasons why she is such a flop as an actress.

        Just stay focused on modeling, Miss A! At least that can be photoshopped beautifully.

      • Yes, I also don’t think she realises how bad her performances are, and how much she needs to better herself so that it can actually be called an improvement.

      • ‘As far as I konw, most of Dramabeans commenters avoid speaking their minds in order not to ‘spread negativity’

        – nailed it. All the complaints about UF acting tend to go on the other weekly posts instead of the drama thread because

        a) people stopped watching

        b) Those who are and have something to say, prefer not to be attacked by bratty fans for speaking their minds.

      • @Sganarel – I think she does know how bad she is, it’s just that she is not invested in putting in the work to raise herself to be something beyond a pretty picture.

        I mean, why does she need to be good, when she still gets lead roles in high-profile projects like these with her shitty acting? She’s a product of successful media play, all she has to do is not get into trouble and the money will keep rolling in.

  2. ….again, that word “improved” when it comes to Suzy’s acting. She’s very pretty but I think her past terrible performances have led people to really lower the bar on what is considered a ‘decent’ performance out of her.

    I mean, even the db recaps, which are really generous in their assessment of her acting, pretty much say that her character is one-note and that is tied to her acting.

  3. so pretty on screen and on print.
    Her performance in UF is uneven but she was quite moving in the sad or crying scenes in the recent episodes, much more restrained and natural.
    Rather than saying her acting is one note, I think Noh Eul has not been written to be complex, compared to Joon Young.

    • honestly it’s much more likely the writer knew she wouldn’t be able to handle anything more than one note, so tailored the role of Noh Eul to suit her limited acting range.

  4. Suzy is just a very bland actress. I can’t seem to relate to her characters because they always lack that oomph. I don’t know if it’s just the way she acts/portrays her characters or if she just chooses those kind of roles, but she never shines. Even in UF, she was so bland. There were moments when I thought she was bearable, but most of the time, she’s just boring.

  5. I gave up watching UF after episode 8 despite how much I adore Kim Woo Bin. Suzy still has a lot of improvement to do with regard to her acting. But she’s least of the problem yet she is the one receiving the most blames for the drama not doing well. It is the writing that really annoyed me. Not only her character was badly written, others’ characters as well and the plot is all over the place. But really, Suzy is a stunner and so engaging in stills.

  6. UF writer’s past works mostly have downtrodden, depressing, and pitiful main characters. Think about it, it’s not that the writing style of the writer has changed or she has lost her signature skills to connect a classical melodrama. Rather in her past works, there were those extremely talented main casts to carry the plots along and make those supposedly unlikable heroes/heroines alive and charismatic. Surely Suzy should be the one to blame for ruining a classic melo. She just doesn’t have the equal acting chops as LKH’s prior leading casts, not even up to par with the 2nd leads in those melo stories. She may be ok to stay with school dramas like Dream High, but never ever classic melo with complex narratives.

  7. I think Suzy looks fantastic and I like the fall fashion. I’m ready for autumn.

    I have never seen any Suzy dramas at all, but I have seen several of the writer’s other dramas. Some were hugely successful, others were not. A Love To Kill had Rain and Shin Mina, and I thought the actors were fine but the story was confusing as all get out, especially in the beginning and it didn’t fare well in ratings either. From reading other comments, it sounds like this story was a bit of a muddle and then Suzy’s acting didn’t help. I think putting her in a serious melo might be a bridge too far when she could do something lighter much better…or be a secondary character instead of the lead.

  8. I totally agree. I don’t know why people can be satisfied with a lead that is improving vs. another actress who is already good at acting. It’s not like it’s her first lead role either. If she really is serious and sincere about her acting career she should leave the music industry and fully focus on acting.

  9. Haters will be haters till the very end – don’t comment if you haven’t checked the drama or melo is not ur cup of tea. Gosh!!! You are really MEAN! If I don’t like someone I don’t even bother to read or check an article on that persona, but I guess you all here love badmouthing her. Why are you here??? Please go and watch some other interesting drama; it’s true that one is entitled to his/her own opinion, but you should have [ at least] solid arguments – not the same old story. And no, I’m not her fan, I am just someone who is watching UF.

    • umm I think its what they call Democracy, in case you’ve been living in communism or if this site is made in China, then we can all just agree like zombies and robots hahaha lol

      • @Blueberry: Sorry but I find your comment rather offensive. There are people living in communist countries generally and China particularly who are as critical thinkers as others around the world. There are on the other hand people living under democracy who are super sensitive to negative feedback and are easily offended so please don’t make a sweeping generalisation.
        @merix: I wouldn’t label the commenters with negative feedback ‘haters’ if they keep it civil and don’t attack Suzy personally. I don’t know what would count as ‘solid arguments’ from your perspective but many people criticise her acting with regard to certain scenes or skills so how do they not count as ‘solid’ arguments? While I agree with you that dropping a half-hearted comment such as ‘Suzy sucks at acting’ or ‘Suzy is bad acting wise’ does not look very nice indeed many people who are still watching UF either want to get into melo or genuinely like the drama but keep being distracted by a certain actor’s/ actress’s acting and I think they can compliment or criticise his/ her acting with every episode, again, as long as they keep it civil. They are as entitled to voice their concerns or critiques as fans are entitled to express their love or nothing but praise for the cast. At the end of the day, people can agree to disagree.
        Though I would find it very childish too for one to drop a drama at episode 2 but keep coming back to whine about it until episode 14-15 or so, but they’re just wasting their time and they’re making themselves into trolls and all we need to do is just to not feed them either with support or opposition. Without more oil to their started flame they won’t keep coming back.

      • @Hye Mi, I’m replying to you because I have a strange feeling that your last paragraph makes a sort of reference to me. It’s good to know there is someone mature around here who practically didn’t say anything relevant to this topic but kept expressing opinions only about the commenters.
        If I am to give an explanation, I would say that I love Korean melodramas too much and I simply hate it when I can’t watch one because of a certain actress/actor.

    • Meant no offense. I clicked on this thread because it was about fashion, which I love. I learned while watching Scholar Who Walks The Night to stay away from kdrama threads about that drama because there was so much snark and I liked it though I recognize it was flawed. That is pretty much my game plan in the future.

      • haha…you’re on point. I wonder if the PD ever coached her to tone down bleating voice and why not otherwise. Isn’t the PD said to be a decent and experienced pro?

  10. wow, this site has become a safe haven for haters and trolls. Suzy is not much better or worse than many many many actresses who get lead roles. Miss the times where commenters actually stopped to think before posting nonsense stuff here. Sure I won’t come back.

    • Her acting certainly isn’t better than most actresses who get lead roles, you got that much correct.

      She lived this long on media play, now her lack of acting talent is catching up to her.

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