Wallace Chung and Angelababy Effortlessly Pull off the Period Look in Character Stills for C-drama General and I

The visual hallmark of period dramas is that the entire cast appears to be cosplaying, but in ways that is a feast for the eyes even if lacking in historical accuracy. With that said, sometimes the cosplaying seems to get more attention than the script and one never knows what to expect until the drama airs. Filming has wrapped for period C-drama General and I, adapted from the popular romance period novel A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated, and with it comes the official character posters with leads Wallace Chung and Angelababy leading the way. They look beautiful in character, with him believable as the smart capable princely general and her as the even smarter and just as capable female consigliere to rulers of kingdoms. I enjoyed the novel but not enough to finish reading it after setting it down midway through, which I hope won’t be the same with the drama because I’m in a mood for a sultry intense romance.


Wallace Chung and Angelababy Effortlessly Pull off the Period Look in Character Stills for C-drama General and I — 12 Comments

  1. I hope they cut short the middle part of the novel. Man it makes a frustrating read when your OTP is separated for half the length of the book.

  2. I watched quite a few dramas of Wallace Chung. He’s a fine actor with knacks to convey passionate emotions. But AB disappointed me A LOT in the movie version of One Smile Is Very Alluring. It wasn’t about whether movie was too short to adapt even a mid-length novel. I just found her acting lacking and she had trouble understanding the character of the novel. I was very interested in this C historical of WC and AB bcos the plot sounded interesting and who would want to miss WC? He is so hot in everything. LOL… But now, I kinda have reserve thanks to Angelababy.

    • I feel the same, Angelababy’s acting leaves a lot to desire. I haven’t watch the movie version of One Smile is Very Alluring, but is currently hooked on the drama version. Even though Zheng Shuang loses to AB in terms of matching the appearance of the female lead in the novel, her acting is tons better and managed to pull off the character in the end. Yang Yang is a 100% match with the male lead as well and it’s safe to say that I’ve already made my mind up on which version is better.

      • Hahaha…I’m so glad to find a pal who’s also addicted to the drama version of OSIVA. I enjoyed the drama so much and 4 eps in one week is a feast. Definitely agree with you about the drama. I’ve long bet on Yang Yang since he still took minor roles in dramas. He hasn’t disappointed me yet as leading men in his recent projects. I just feel that this guy has ability to interpret novels’ characters on point.

    • I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not, but if you are, then the the second picture is Angelababy alright. She is just credited under her Chinese name Yang Ying.

      • Actually, ANGELABABY appears just to the right of 杨颖 on the poster (both are oriented vertically).

  3. The begining of the story is great. I like CBJ and BPT ship but the middle if the story is torturing, so i skip. The last part, i jump into another ship. The love story of the female doctor and the manhunter. I am excited to see who is the actor and actress. Lol

  4. Yup! The 1/2 half of the novel was great, filled with CJB & BPT goodies. But then they got separated, and it’s way too long in the novel, hopefully it won’t be long in the dramas. Can you imagine 20 eps w/o them together? It’s scheduled for 62 eps afterall…

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