tvN’s The K2 Releases Sleek Drama Teaser with Sneak Peeks at Ji Chang Wook, Yoona, and Song Yoon Ah


Looks like upcoming tvN drama The K2 really will be an potentially upgraded version of last year’s hit SBS drama Yongpal. Coming from the same screenwriter, the first teaser has the same sleek mood and ambiance, showing only seconds long snippets of leads Ji Chang Wook, Yoona, and Song Yoon Ah. At least the audience sees Ji Chang Wook’s face albeit with sunglasses, Song Yoon Ah shows from behind sitting in a chair and Yoona is a lovely silhouette against a cityscape but the camera cuts away right when she’s about the turn around. This is definitely a teaser all right but one that teases in all the right ways, I’m definitely even more interested now.

Teaser for The K2:


tvN’s The K2 Releases Sleek Drama Teaser with Sneak Peeks at Ji Chang Wook, Yoona, and Song Yoon Ah — 21 Comments

  1. JCW’s drama! Whatever it is, I’m gonna check it out and stay through the end as long as it’s not worse than Whirlwind Girl 2. LOL

    • Well I can stand it as long as it’s not cheesy like DOTS or Heirs, or total makjang like Yongpal, hoping it’ll be good since I quite like the guy on empress Ki.

    • He made some bad choices after he seemed he was on the precipice of becoming a bigger star. He chose quick money by going to China, rather than looking for a meaty project, or even a fluff but popular drama, like Heirs.

      It feels like all that buzz he had last year has faded a bit, and Whirl Wind 2, like Yoona’s God of War, were both duds – poorly written dramas, hoping the Korean cast will carry the drama to popularity.

      For his sake, maybe this drama will be more IRIS rather than IRIS 2 or worse the latter part of Yong Pal.

      • Not a fan of his but are you sure he did it for money? Healer was a hit among international fans or rather it spun crazy number of pages for each recap on Dramabeans. However, it wasn’t a domestic success, it averaged only 8.6% in ratings. He might not have good offers coming to him and so China could have been a better choice. The window of opportunity is small, at least he made hay while the sun shone. Now, no one is talking about making money in China, at least not for a while.

        I heard that WW2 is a hit in China, no? Poorly written, yes but doens’t mean it’s a dud. Why do one get figures from China? There’s a rating but without comparison, it’s quite meaningless.

        Can’t say for IRIS2 but at least Yong Pal was a hit. If JCW wants a hit, Yong Pal’s numbers aren’t bad. I don’t know what it will do for his career though. I don’t know what YP did for Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee except an award and another hit for Joo Won and a mix bag for KTH? As usual, many said she can’t act but I think she did get some favorable reviews. I am quite curious about how Yoona will fare. Looks wise, she fits the part, girl looks so frail.

  2. Please let this be better than Yongpal. That became utterly unwatchable and had one of the most unlikeable and just flat out awful female lead characters ever. I don’t want Ji Chang Wook to suffer that fate.

    • He isn’t the tallest but is 1.82m short?

      He’s not the most impressive actor but surely his height is the least of his shortcomings? This shouldn’t be difficult for him, he’s just reprising his role from Healer. But I am going to give it a try because it’s tvN, I think they make good thrillers. Yong Pal was good for the first six episodes then it spiraled into revenge melo. Who knows? tvN might just let the writer go as dark and thrilling as he wants.

    • Yeah, JCW is short.. I wonder if Yoona will be taller than him when they stand next to each other? His profile says 6’0″ but he looks more like 5’8″. It’s a pity, God gave him everything but height

  3. Cool! Another drama with JCW! I don’t particularly like Whirlwind Girl 2, but it’s not that bad. As for the making money part, I’m thinking it’s because he hasn’t found a project that he likes doing in Korea yet, so he took a few roles in China. He has to make money for himself somehow. He can’t just sit and wait for a role that he likes come to him. What is he going to eat off of?

    I wouldn’t say he is extremely tall or short. To me, he is leaning on the tall end. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me.

    I can’t wait to watch this drama. It looks suspenseful. I love suspense genres. I loved Healer, so I would be so tuning into this.

  4. I will definitely watch this for JCW. Actually I have no problem with the cast although I am not a fan of Yoona.
    Btw JCW is not short. I was lucky to have met him in person ( he was in sneakers then same with me) I stand at 5’5 and he is way taller than I am. Maybe he stands at 5’10 or 5’11 which is not short by Asian standards or any standard for that matter.
    I don’t care about his height. What is more important is that he can act. He’s not a “boring” actor. And gosh! He is even way more handsome in person!!!?

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