Lee Young Ae Prepares Comeback with JLook Pictorial While Drama Saimdang May Not Get Chinese Simulcast Approval

There’s good and potentially bad news around K-actress Lee Young Ae‘s comeback drama Saimdang: Light’s Story. SBS scooped up the drama and scheduled it for October, with an eye towards the drama getting a simultaneous airing in China much like Descendants of the Sun, Uncontrollably Fond, and Moon Lovers. Saimdang wrapped filming in June and is now finished with post-production and the drama is before the Chinese regulatory authorities for approval.

Production insiders are unsure if approval will be given due to the unofficial Chinese THAAD-related ban on Hallyu, which may affect whether SBS will air the drama in October as scheduled. This sounds like a case of unfortunate timing for Saimdang when the other three pre-produced simulcast dramas named above all got through approval before the THAAD kerfluffle. Lee Young Ae is certainly worth waiting for and she’s dropped another beautifully elegant pictorial for JLook Magazine¬†along with a new drama character poster.


Lee Young Ae Prepares Comeback with JLook Pictorial While Drama Saimdang May Not Get Chinese Simulcast Approval — 18 Comments

  1. Lee young ae really stunnningly beautiful even i found her prettier than song hye kyo…..
    I anticipated Saimdang but male lead cast turned me off a bit…………..

  2. I don’t get the hype about her being natural beauty. Just a pancake face who underwent countless jawbone restructuring! That cheesy Andy Lau video with her in it years ago, UGH!

    • So, forget about her face and focus on her talent. And by that I mean more than her old dramas and videos. Her films were outstanding. Her performances still are among the very best in cinema. She has really, really made her coffee (with or without the jawbone restructuring, which by the way countless, untalented actors/idols/celebrities have already undergone).

  3. Yes, she is beautiful. She has German blood in her, not 100% Korean so she is beautiful in half-mix terms. She is older than SHK so why compare?

    • Really? That’s why whenever I looking at her, I feel that she’s a bit like western. She’s so beautiful. For me, she’s the most beautiful korean actress.

  4. She looks graceful and beautiful in these pics, but not with astounding beauty that stands out at the first sight. Her sageuk makeup doesn’t make her alluring either if not with her disciplined acting. I live nearby a Korean town. Tbh, I saw a lot of similar faces like her an Korean grocery stores and restaurants here. I don’t think her beauty is unique to be raved about particularly. But she does look very graceful.

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