TW-drama Marry Me or Not Nets Six Golden Bell Awards Nominations Including Best Acting Nods

It’s been so long since TW-drama Marry Me or Not finished airing in February of 2016, with the drama going into my keep forever pile with lingering fond memories of how incredibly satisfying it was from start to finish. Now the cast is getting rewarded big time as the drama has garnered six nominations at the just released nominations list for the Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan’s top television awards show. MMoN is nominated for Best Drama, Best Actor for Roy Qiu, Best Actress for Alice Ke, Joanne Tseng for Best Supporting Actress, Best Direct for Yu Zhong Zhong, and joint scriptwriters Jian Qi Feng and Lin Xin Hui for best script. The drama only trails period drama A Touch of Green which got twelve nominations. Roy Qiu is also getting a second acting nomination for his work in the one episode special in the Rock of Love series. A big congrats to the fantastic cast and crew of this amazing drama!


TW-drama Marry Me or Not Nets Six Golden Bell Awards Nominations Including Best Acting Nods — 22 Comments

      • You just repeat my comments. Dont think there is a need for that. I am Chinese, I definitely know the difference between the two. Are you teaching me geography of my own Country?

      • @kpp, “prejudiceor oversensitive” You read too much into things. Dont be over dramatic here. I made a simply comment, someone repeat with a lesson I dont need about Roy nationality and geography. I gave my reply.
        You nose about my comment and preach to me too. Goodmess, there is a term. Dont poke your nose where it does not belong. It will just get bruised.

      • I’m sure Becky isn’t referring to geographical differences between Taiwan and China but the entertainment scence per se. Roy Qui is TW so his TV projects will always be welcome in TW while it may not get as much recognition in China, not because he’s taiwanese but he’ll be competing with lots CH actors as well.

    • @mikgoo, there is a very good reason why he was out of flavour in China. And it happened when he was very popular. No need to go into details.
      It is good his career is able to continue building when he left to join the China market.
      Goodness, you guys really think I dont know who Roy is? And need a lesson in who he is and where he is from. I just made a simple comment. Not interested in gather so many nosy pokers on my comment and lessons on China/Taiwan difference and Roy’s past. Honestly, I am not his fan at all but he is talented. So good that he can do well in Taiwan.

  1. This was such a good show. Koala, any update on Aaron Yan. He went completely silent after Refresh Man, I shipped him with all my heart with Joanne Tseng on and off screen after Refresh Man.

    • Joanne Tseng is not a good actress, she is pretty, but from her supporting role in MMON, and to her leading role turn on Refresh Man, she just can’t carry her scenes. Refresh Man ended up tanking, and derailed into boringness as Taiwanese dramas are wont to do lately.

      Mini Rant -@ockoala, I wonder if you will cover the dearth in Taiwanese Drama world.

      There was a time T-dramas were the star of Asia, even beating out K-dramas and their hallyu wave. But somewhere along the line, maybe the blame is on Meteor Garden, the focus became on casting for looks, and not actual talents. Idol dramas pretty much took over the scene. It’s so hard to find a good T-drama lately. So many boring dramas, with way too many episodes, and if you find a decent one, it starts of well, then it starts to drag, or more episodes are added if it is a ratings success, and then ends badly. meh.

      And what happened to other genres, why is everything a romance drama. Were are the Taiwanese period dramas and historical dramas. I mean one understands the sensitive nature of the subject, but for an entire industry to just focus solely on one style… Maybe not even period dramas, were are the medical dramas, the mystery or action dramas. Even K-dramas manage to coat their love-triangle cliche, by making it a love-triangle in a hospital, love-triangle in a war zone, etc.

      Sorry, mini rant over. Just unfortunate that Taiwanese Dramas have fallen so much in recent years.

      • I can feel your frustration. I used to crazy over T-drama especially with Rainie Yang casting. Taiwan has improved so much in music over the years but dra they are lacking behind chinese amd korean. I have stop watching T-drama because C-drama in period time are doing too well and over shadowed them.

      • Poor Aaron always has the worst luck with female leads. Hope he can make better choices in the future.

      • There are still different theme drama besides love story. Period ones such as A Touch Of Green (story set in the time after WWII), Haru(story set in Japan colonized time), La Grande Chaumiere(story set in JP time, talking about several taiwan art masters), and The Best of Youth(story set in White Terror time). Modern drama with special theme such as Wake Up (mini drama that focus on anesthesia and dilemma of taiwan medical environment), Days We Stared At the Sun(mini drama that talks about youth and social probelm), Long Days Journey into Light(talking about funeral industry and lesson of life and death), Crime Scene Investigation Center, Youth Power (talking about politics and social movement)… I am not try to blame anyone, just share some inf. Many good dramas that weren’t translated into English due to language(Taiwan dramas tend to have multiple languages, Mandarin is the most, but there are still JP most for period drama, Taiwanese, Hakka and Aboriginal) and the TV station that buy the drama.

    • He’s filming a drama in China as the second male lead behind Wallace Chung and Jiang Shu Ying. Afterwards in October, he will be heading to California to study at UCLA.

      And @modpria’s comment, Aaron also made a post lamenting the bad state of the Taiwanese drama industry today.

      • Did Arron really do that? He is so popular in Taiwan and stars in so many drama recent years. But he is known to be very straight forward.
        There are cycles for dramas too. Started with Hongkong dramas, next was Japan, then it was Taiwan, next Korea and now China productions are hugely popular. I wonder who will be next?

    • I actually liked Joanna in Refresh Man, she did well. It started good but fizzled by the end due to bad writing but I genuinely liked their pairing and chemistry and her acting. To each their own I guess. I don’t watch so many Taiwanese so can’t comment on the overall rise or decline but I guess it couldn’t hurt if they could focus on quality more.

  2. I love this drama,that cunning couple is so sweet,if one day korea remake this ,I am not surprise. If you like josei drama like jealousy incarnate,style,pasta,kim sam soon etc, I recommend this. Roy qiu, That man is so handsome in this drama.

  3. I have seen some dramas that are ok and outside the idol drama realm but they aren’t mainstream popular. I think it all comes down the money. And Chinese productions have way more money. So the talent is going to go there- they get paid so much more. Period drama and such are all filmed over there anyways.

    The problem is the younger actors ok but what happens when you get to upper 30s and 40s. Not many dramas for them to do in Taiwan.

    I watched a few Taiwanese language dramas and a few other random ones that I liked. But idol ones are kinda dull nowadays. I liked the rock records one. Also writing is a big problem.

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