The Cast of tvN Drama The K2 Attend Press Conference and Release Thrilling Long Preview


Currently airing jTBC drama Fantastic hasn’t turned out to live up to its name but maybe premiering soon tvN drama The K2 can borrow it instead because the just released long 5-minute preview is as fantastic as it gets. Equal parts action and plot set up, the preview shows us how the leads relate to and connect with each other, as well as the underlying motivations. From Ji Chang Wook‘s emotionally scarred former soldier to Yoona as the hidden away angry illegitimate daughter, the drama deftly plates the pathos and leaves the audience wanting to taste the actual dish. The press conference held this week wasn’t bad either, the four leads all look their roles, from presidential hopeful looking Song Yoon Ah and Jo Sung Ha to bodyguard off duty dressed Ji Chang Wook, but it’s Yoona that steals the fashion show for her mademoiselle chic look with perfect hair and makeup. Can’t wait to check out the drama starting this Friday night.



Long preview for The K2:


The Cast of tvN Drama The K2 Attend Press Conference and Release Thrilling Long Preview — 18 Comments

  1. I really like action dramas so I will definitely give it a go. I am also really enjoying Fantastic. There is something endlessly amusing to me about a good actor acting like a bad actor.

    The writer of K2 did Yong Pal so my hope is it stays good past the 6th episode.

  2. Yoona looks Cachexic(sorry for lack of better words), I hope she puts on some weight, how old is she?? I am pretty sure she is below the level of her optimum BMI being that thin.

    • I have to look up dictionary to find meaning of cachexic… Lol…
      She’s 26 y.o international age, and 27 Korea’s age. Weight has always been her problem. But she doesn’t have eating disorder, I can make sure of this. I don’t know about BMI, yes possibly she’s below. All member in her group range from super slim to skinny, though they eat a lot. She’s been trying to gain weight for years, but crazy schedule and a lot pressure make it hard for her. She exercise with Personal trainer in between her schedule, and though she looks frail, she’s exactly very athletic and strong even among female idols.

    • Yoona just has a naturally skinny build but she’s known to eat a lot and is quite the opposite of frail in variety shows. She’s one of the more athletic members in SNSD.

  3. OMG. The trend of wearing pants an inch above the ankle and sockless seems to never end among South Korean actors. And with him being paid so much for this drama, can he not afford to pay a stylist? How’s is that possible someone as good looking as JCW looking hideous like this.

    • In addition, I stopped and looked the way JCW tugged his belt, omg.. I did it the same way when I was in high more than two decades ago!

    • You haven’t check Kpop then, if you think his outfit’s tragic here you’ll be shocked by how stylish dress those poor idols. Lol. So I find his outfit here bearable…

      • I know right! These comments are hilarious making it look like he is the worst dresser ever! Which he is not, the belt could be a miss, but I actually like the sweater on him, apparently the sweater and belt were form rhe Dries Van Noten collection, I havent heard about this designer, but seeing him don on this vs the actual runway model, wook pulled it off better.

    • Yeah… Me too…
      I admit I check this drama for the sake of YoonA long time fans. Action has never been my cup of tea. But the more I follow this drama the more I’m drawn to other casts too. Song Yun Ah character’s here is very interesting. I’m curious about her. She’s so different in drama and in real life, especially her relationship with YoonA.

  4. Based on the trailer, it seems to be a very action-packed drama although it’s looking a little too dark and twisted compared to the dramas I usually watch. But I’ll give it a try because it looks interesting despite my being wary it’ll turn out to be another Yongpal. Also, I’m actually liking Fantastic so far. It has its annoying characters but I like the lighthearted tone of the drama despite the cancer topic.

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